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The Development and Initial Pharmacological Experimental Research on Diadermic Preparation of Chinese Medicine with Acaricidal Activity

Author: MaYueXia
Tutor: ZengZhongLiang
School: Southwestern University
Course: Basic Veterinary Science
Keywords: Clove Acaricidal activity Transdermal drug delivery systems Evaluate
CLC: S853.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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In recent years, the widespread use of chemical insecticide miticide bring serious \As people's awareness of environmental health, relatively safe for humans, animals and the environment, low toxicity, without residue, easy to produce drug natural source drugs become the main direction of the development of acaricide. In this paper, 23 flavor commonly used in Chinese medicine for acaricidal acaricidal activity screening, and extracts of clove effectively treated, the development of a green and efficient transdermal formulations. The research includes: preliminary screening approximately acaricidal activity, cloves active site screening, extracts of clove effective transdermal formulations and in vitro permeability evaluation, clove extract effective part of the stability of transdermal formulations, skin toxicity and evaluation and the preparation irritation rabbit mites kill Comparison. Following results were obtained: 1, Chinese acaricidal activity preliminary screening: the use of drip method vitro acaricidal experimental observation of 23 herbs Alcohol Soxhlet extract on rabbits itch mite (P.communis cuniculi) to kill adult activity. The results showed that 50% of the concentration of clove extract has significant acaricidal activity, in less than 20min to kill mites tested all the rest acaricidal activity was not significant, including citrus aurantium, a large maple, Digupi seven flavor Chinese medical alcohol Soxhlet extract no acaricidal activity. 2, the effective part of cloves Filter: petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, ethanol, distilled water for five kinds of clove area extracting solvent, using in vitro test mites observed extracts of acaricidal activity. Test established HPLC-UV method to determine the content of eugenol in clove, using L 6 (3 4 ) orthogonal experimental design to study the extraction time, the amount of solvent, solvent concentration of three factors on clove and eugenol content of the extraction process to judge better. The results showed that: clove ethanol extract 14.3min, petroleum ether extract 115min, the chloroform extract 82min, 53min or so ethyl acetate extract can kill all the mites tested, and distilled water extract does not have acaricidal activity. Ethanol extract of clove which acaricidal activity most prominent is the main cloves acaricidal active site. The ethanol extract of eugenol in clove optimum conditions are: ethanol concentration was 85%, solid-liquid ratio of 1:15 and extraction time was 6 hours, the results also indicate that acaricidal effect of ethanol extract of clove eugenol were positively related. 3, extracts of clove effective transdermal formulations and in vitro permeability assessment: Tests to establish a HPLC-UV method to determine the solution of transdermal drug delivery systems clove eugenol content. Using the established HPLC-UV method and the classical method of in vitro permeation experiments carried out in vitro screening and promoting penetrant permeability test. Test uses orthogonal design, single-chamber Franz diffusion cell, the pool temperature was 37 ± 0.5 ℃, magnetic stirring speed of about 200r.min -1 , mice in vitro skin for transdermal media. Results: 2% borneol, 4% propylene glycol mixed with 1% Azone cooperation of the preparation ternary penetration enhancers, the highest penetration rate in vitro, and its permeation rate 19.874gg/h.cm 2 . By 10cm 2 of the skin area administered 1.0mL, 16h after permeation amount of eugenol 807.694μg, able to meet the needs of clinical doses. 4, extracts of clove effective transdermal formulation stability, skin irritation and acute toxicity evaluation: a classic study of the constant acceleration test transdermal drug delivery system stability, according to initial average rate method to calculate the initial main drug degradation reactions average rate. Experimental investigation transdermal drug delivery systems outside the intact skin and broken for rabbit skin irritation and acute toxicity. Tests showed that the transdermal drug delivery system at ambient conditions is valid for 26 months, to meet the basic production, storage, transport and use needs. Outside for rabbits intact skin irritation, skin damage with only mild irritation, no acute toxicity. 5, extracts of clove effective killing rabbit mite transdermal formulations Comparison: clinical evaluation using the natural mite disease in rabbits infected in vitro experiments and rabbits acaricidal acaricidal effects observed during the test, the test solution of transdermal investigated cloves drug delivery system (high, medium and low dose) transdermal administration and the positive control group (10mg/mL Avi bacteria injection) to compare. Experimental results show that the solution of the transdermal drug delivery system clove (high dose) on isolated rabbit body acaricidal and acaricidal effects and 10mg/mL Avi bacteria injection acaricidal quite efficient, both in 92.6% more , no adverse reactions during the test.

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