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Study on Synthesis and Catalytic Performance of Supported Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Catalysts

Author: LiChunSheng
Tutor: GeZhongHua
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Industrial Catalysis
Keywords: Mesoporous molecular sieve Supported reagents Catalyst Characterization Alkylation reaction Dynamics Reaction Mechanism
CLC: O643.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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Paper as the carrier mesoporous molecular sieve Si-MCM-41 and HMS 2 and INCl 3 Preparation of new environmentally friendly catalyst of ZnCl the evaporation method load of ZnCl impregnated 2 < / sub> / Si-MCM-41 and the InCl 3 / HMS, using X-ray diffraction (XRD), thermal gravimetric analysis (TG-DTA), Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) N 2 adsorption - desorption modern analytical tools to characterize the structure of the supported catalyst carrier and under different preparation conditions, and to evaluate the activity of the supported catalyst in the alkylation of benzene with benzyl chloride supported catalyst preparation conditions on the catalytic activity, preliminary exploration InCl 3 / HMS catalyst on the reaction of benzene with benzyl chloride kinetics and mechanism. Thesis ZnCl 2 / Si-MCM-41 catalyst preparation conditions and supported catalyst structure. Through the study found: 2 / Si-MCM-41 catalyst of ZnCl 2 load for 4mmol / g, the activation temperature of 150 ° C, activation time of 5h, ZnCl the The best activity of benzyl chloride conversion rate of up to 90.59%, the selectivity of 92.08%. Of ZnCl 2 / Si-MCM-41 benzene with benzyl chloride Friedel-Crafts reaction, with higher catalytic activity may be on the surface of mesoporous molecular sieves load structure is completely different from the crystal of ZnCl < sub> 2 amorphous ZnCl 2 species, the surface of the carrier is present in the form of segregation. Due to a large specific surface area of ??the mesoporous molecular sieve, so of ZnCl 2 at low load, ZnCl 2 can be fully dispersed within the pores of the carrier, while on the carrier in the hole The structure did not produce a significant impact, but then the crystalline form of the carrier have a greater impact. The papers also study the structure of the catalyst changes in the the InCl 3 / HMS catalyst preparation conditions and under different preparation conditions. The study found that: ethanol 3 / HMS Catalysts suitable impregnating solvent for the preparation of InCl in INCl 3 load to 1.41 mmol / g, activation temperature of 200 ° C Preferably, the activity of the catalyst, the InCl 3 / HMS catalyst is a class excellent catalyst activity in the reaction of benzene and benzyl chloride, benzyl, benzyl chloride conversion rate of up to 90 in 7min % or more and diphenyl methane selectivity can reach more than 98%; the impregnated evaporation method InCl 3 / HMS activity of the catalyst component InCl 3 is not simple by physically adsorbed on the surface of the carrier, but to the carrier surface by a certain chemical action, so that the active component incl 3 relatively strong load on the carrier surface; InCl 3 / HMS catalysts reused five times still have a good catalytic activity, when compared with the traditional Lewis acid catalyst, its greatest advantage is that this catalyst in the reaction system there is water in the case, the catalyst Activity Zhejiang University Abstracts PHASE still under anhydrous conditions for the activity is not significantly reduced, the wet steam of this catalyst is not sensitive is extremely important. The paper studies on benzene and hiC13 old MS catalyst section chlorine alkylation reaction kinetics and mechanism. The study found that: benzene section yl reaction hiC13 processing MS catalyst (in the the benzene case of excess) are first order kinetics. Section chlorine conversion rate of 10 9 0%, the reaction can be a good line with a rate law, * port, two, two: << / sub> sub > I ka the net production seventy-one Yan-yee State ZJ the total liters knife only king: the IU 匕 two hundred eleven. = succinic sigh two l X name. jUj (t t). HMS the load different active component ZnC12 and InC13 of activity in of benzene and section chlorine reaction sequence for: InC13/HMs gt;-order rate constant of the the ZnC12 ship MS InC13 ju MS catalyst on benzene and substituted benzenes section base reaction order as follows: benzene gt; toluene gt; paraxylene. This is contrary to the order of typical acid-catalyzed Friede BU Crafts Festival based reaction. Therefore, these catalysts in the Friedel the one CraftS reaction may be the active component of the redox dominant role to play a catalytic role in the acidity of the carrier, while the reaction process may be mainly carried out in accordance with the oxidation-reduction mechanism.

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