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Study on Sectional Mechanism of Rumen Nutrition Manipulation and Control--The Effect of Supplemental Niacin and Ca-LCFA in Diet on Cattle Nutrition Metabolism

Author: ZhaoFeng
Tutor: YiJianMing
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
Keywords: Niacin Fatty acid calcium Rumen Protozoan Degradation rate Nutritional and metabolic
CLC: S816
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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In this study, three (test for two) with permanent rumen fistula of the local cattle as experimental animals, diet Niacin, cattle nutrition metabolism of fatty acid calcium. The experiment is divided into two parts: the test is a test for niacin group; tests for fatty acid calcium test group. Each test is divided into three phases, is designed as follows: Test 1: The first phase of the control group, dietary concentrate plus straw, metabolic 5.35Mcal/Kg, crude protein level of 16.78% for the second phase; processing Group Ⅰ, diet for the fine material plus straw plus 6g / d niacin, nutrient levels unchanged; Phase III for the treatment group II diets concentrate plus straw plus 12g / d niacin, nutrient levels unchanged. Trials: Phase IV for the control group, dietary concentrate plus straw, metabolic 5.35Mcal/Kg, crude protein level of 16.78%; fifth treatment group Ⅲ, dietary concentrate plus straw plus 8 % fatty acid calcium (fatty acid calcium accounted for 8% of the concentrate), nutrient levels unchanged; sixth treatment group Ⅳ, diets concentrate plus the straw plus 8% of fatty acid calcium (fatty acid calcium accounted for 8% of concentrate) plus 20g / d niacin. The nutrient levels unchanged; findings are as follows: add 6g / d niacin very significantly increased 24h, 36h, 48h soybean meal DM degradation rate (P <0.01), significantly improves the dynamic of alfalfa DM degradation rate (P <0.05 ), significantly increase the 2h, 36h, 48h (P <0.05), very significantly improve the 6h, 12h, 24h (P <0.01) concentrate CP's degradation rate and dynamic degradation rate (P <0.01), significantly with land improved 12h, 48h straw CP degradation rate (P <0.05), and significantly improved the 24h (P <0.05) and highly significant to 36h (P <0.01) increase in the degradation rate of the soybean meal and NDF. Add 12g / d niacin significantly reduces the degradation rate of 48h straw CP and dynamic degradation rate of (P <0.05); significantly reduced 24h, 36h alfalfa NDF degradation rate (P <0.05). Add 8% fatty acid calcium extremely significant significantly to improve the 24h (P <0.01), and significantly improve 36h SBM the CP degradation rate (P <0.05); significantly improve the 36h, 48h SBM NDF the degradation rate (P0.05) ; extremely significant with improved 6h (P <0.01), and significantly improve the 12h (P <0.05) straw CP degradation rate, significantly reducing the 6h, 36h straw DM 36h, 48h, 72h straw NDF's degradation rate ( P <0.05); add 8% fatty acid calcium plus 20g / d niacin promotes the degradation of concentrate DM, and further promote the degradation of straw CP, the lifting of the fatty acids in the treatment groups III calcium straw DM and NDF degradation of the inhibitory effect. But significantly reduces the degradation rate of 24h corn NDF. Treatment groups I, II protozoa number of significantly higher than that in the control group (P <0.05). Treatment group III so that the of protozoa number of drop trend (P <0.10), the treatment group Ⅳ protozoa number significantly lower than the control group (P <0.05). Treatment group Ⅰ, Ⅱ hair are number of trends higher than that in the control group (P <0.10), the the double wool genus quantity of the treatment group Ⅱ significantly higher than that of the control error (P <0.05), the number of such wool genus treatment Ⅰ was significantly ground higher than those in the control group (P <0.01), significantly The ground high Huazhong Agricultural Human Shuo Bu dissertation in 2003 in the treatment group 11 (P (0.05). treatment group of 11 average PH value significantly lower than the control group (P lt; 0.05). treatment group 111 average NH3-N concentration higher than the treatment group IV (P lt; 0.10). nicotinic acid, fatty acids, calcium diets digestion the metabolism of view, the treatment group I dietary CP digestion rate trend higher than the treatment group (P lt; 0.10). treatment group I dietary NDF digestibility lower than the control group (P lt; 0.10). treatment group I treated W lipid concentrations higher than The trend of the control group (P lt; 0.10), treated with 111 blood glucose levels trend higher than that in the control group (P lt; 0 .10).

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