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Characteristic Creation and Art Design of Water Environment of Tourism

Author: ZhuHouHua
Tutor: WuXingKuan
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Art of Design
Keywords: Tourism Environment Water Environment Environmental Art Water Culture Characteristics of Innovative Features Art and Design
CLC: J504
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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With economic development, social progress and people's living standards improve, increasing tourism flourished, becoming a new economic growth point, but also become continuously meet the people's spiritual and cultural needs of the green consumer industries. Thriving tourism industry to promote the development of tourism resources, tourism landscape resources planning, tourism system by leaps and bounds. Development of tourism resources from the past number of type native to the characteristics and ecological change. Ecological, green type, features, personalized travel is becoming a tourism development theme of the times. This paper presents innovative features waters of the tourism environment is also based on this change in the status quo and the requisite age is our specialty type of tourism resources toward depth of excavation, deep promote a positive attempt. In order to ensure a systematic and depth of research, I started to water-based tourism environment as a model, and a model for the study, trying to pass on this model multi-faceted, multi-level analysis, extraction, fabric, in order to achieve some Issues with regularity, featuring based tourism resources (especially in the waters of sex tourism characteristic resources) developed to provide guidance on the theory and practice. In this thesis, first on paper model of the scope and range to make some necessary instructions and defined. Water-based tourism environmental research scope mainly includes the following aspects: First, the main river waters or natural conditions (edge ??condition) and potentially develop (or have developed) value of the tourism environment for the study. This situation of water environment as a tourist development of the main characteristics of resources, so the water environment in the development of tourist attractions, has a significant meaning. Two natural resources in tourism, water or water area, location and other natural material conditions is not outstanding, but rich with strong water culture, water culture has a unique style, unique location. The development of tourism resources tend to be in the form of special or individual characteristics of water resources planning, in order to fully exploit the tourism potential. Third, in a lot of sex tourism resource development or other types of special resources development, water or water natural conditions, cultural conditions are very common, and we mainly for water or water environment situation analysis, development of tourism resources in the rationalization of the structure has made exploration, will enhance the overall development of the water environment featured as one of the highlights of tourism resources, to make features innovative strategies theory. Since the first and second two ranges, the waters are developed as a tourist resource characteristics of the core part has a pivotal role, and because of its inherently typical, representative, it became the focus of this research. This thesis is based closely around the waters of the tourism environment, starting from the water culture, in order to feature as the core, to environmental innovation as the goal, environmental art and design as a means to geography, tourism, planning, landscape and environmental art theoretical knowledge The theoretical basis for the study, combined Huangshi Town, fish and water also to the concrete practice of tourism development projects expand layers of analysis for this thesis rigorous, systematic research. This paper discusses the chapter structure taken roughly as follows: Chapter waters based tourism Environment and Water Culture: The main system for tourism development involves a deep water environment, cultural phenomena, from a cultural perspective dialysis water with various human dependencies, particularly prominent thin layer on the water culture research, behind tourism resources development and innovation, art and design lay its objective basis and theoretical premise. Chapter waters within the rhyme-based tourism environmental features: emphasis on the natural water bodies in the tourism environment for system solutions Wuhan University master's degree thesis analyzes, from physics, chemistry, composition, history, social and other aspects of aesthetic discussed one by one, for the back artistic design features, innovative features provide the basis for a feasibility study theoretical and scientific basis. Chapter waters characteristic resource-based tourism environment art design and development: In the first two chapters of the concrete results, based on the way in environmental design cut into tourism resources and the development of the research. This was the thesis of tourism resources for mining an important measure, but also the key topics discussed herein. Art and design systems approach is built on tourism planning platform design, characteristics of tourism resources development means. Chapter waters based innovation strategy brigade environmental characteristics: type of environment in the waters of the basic characteristics of the premise, to highlight the tourism environment distinctive, unique architecture, resource scarce for the planning objectives, the water-based tourism resources development with urban planning, tourism planning, environmental art combine to propose tapping innovative, pioneering new ways feasibility of strategies for innovation and other types of special resources to provide reference. Jane also attached to Huangshi Town fish and water tourism Environmental Art Development Case Summary: The specific projects to practice our water-based tourism development and environmental characteristics of innovative art and design theory, this paper further demonstrate and deepen some regularity studies, in order to explore a more operational, concrete measures to improve the model. In this thesis, research methods, and strive to uphold the principles of dialectical materialism to cultural theory, system theory, aesthetics, geography and other multi-dimensional perspective to analyzing contemporary is in the ascendant, the growing prosperity of the characteristics of tourism resources development. To environmental art design theory developed as a tourist resource characteristics of the core methods and theoretical foundation to explore the feasibility of its practical extent. In addition, this extensive use of natural sciences, social sciences, arts disciplines diverse cross, comparative research methods, and strive to find out the water environment as the main characteristics of tourism resources development of some rules, will be a feature article. Tourism development of innovative environmental features are still under development as a novel research across many disciplines, the authors feel deeply research is very difficult, but as a strong sense of current research topics, only motivate themselves, and for the efforts.

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