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Studies on Growth and Modeling with Proportionally Fertilized Strawberry in Pot

Author: HanAiHua
Tutor: YinKeLin
School: Southwest Agricultural University
Course: Pomology
Keywords: Strawberries Soilless potting Proportioning Fertilization Mathematical model
CLC: S668.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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For testing varieties introduced from France for the first time in 1997 达赛莱克特 (Darselect). The variety is in early maturing varieties, plants stout, strong adaptability and resistance to diseases and pests. Fruit shape as a standard conical fruit surface is dark red shiny, all-red flesh, hard texture, storage and transportation, the fruit tastes good, sweet and sour taste, rich aroma, 9-12% of the soluble solids, the first level inflorescence fruit average weight of 26g, the largest fruit weight 65g, yield 2000-3500kg/667m 2 . Soilless cultivation and fertilizer formulation potted strawberry plants beautiful shape, floral long growing season, located in the city, creating a quality strawberries brand, will substantially achieve the the postpartum value-added of the strawberry. Strawberry blossom, flowering is a great crop nutrient requirement the current strawberry cultivation, the prevalent emphasis fertilizers, blind fertilization not only resulted in a the fertilizer waste of resources, reduced the ratio of output to input in the production and will cause a decline in the quality of the strawberries, or even result in the deterioration of the ecological environment. With modern and intensive cultivation of strawberries, the development of modern efficient sustainable agriculture, improve the ecological quality of the environment, it is essential to improve the ecological, economic and social benefits, scientific, economic and fertilizer. Fertilization fertilizer efficiency is good or bad, first of all depend on the ratio between the three elements of N, P, K content. Trial 达赛莱克特 and ghost anger Gan two excellent strawberry varieties, with three factors, five levels of secondary orthogonal regressive design, selected the three elements of N, P, K, to r, 1,0, - 1-r five levels (each pot dosage range were: the the N :1.0-8 .0 mmol / L, P 2 O 5 :0.5-4 .0 mmol / L, K 2 O :3.0-20 .0 mmol / L) for test design concentration of 15 combinations. Periodic measurements of the growth of plants and the result of the growth indicators. Yield per plant as the basis to determine the optimal treatment combinations (for 9), combined with the lowest yield (3) under the conditions of this experiment, intermediate production (for 6) and control (CK) processing mapping conducted growth development law analysis and come to different N, P, K ratio under strawberry plants vegetative and reproductive growth correlation matrix between the various indicators: analysis of variance with the STAT and STATG software, linear regression analysis, the establishment of N, P, K with a function of the growth index the model simulation strawberry plants growth, results mode, and finally to Excel programming optimization, to seek the best agronomic efficient production fertilization formula combinations to explore N, P and K fertilizer on strawberry growth and seed the impact to provide a scientific basis for the pollution-free cultivation of strawberries and factory production, guiding production, reduce fertilization Southwest Agricultural University, a master's degree thesis cost, pollution-free production of strawberry. The test results are as follows: the new varieties to a soilless potting the grass tomb - 达赛莱克特 carry out the tests, the best fertilizer obtained under the existing production conditions and species characteristics, that is, N, P, K ratio the amount of 0.23:0 .186:0.36 young, or application ratio l: 0 8:1.60 in the Chongqing region select superior varieties in soilless potted production grade grass tomb, is not only beautiful but also cultivated strawberry fruit pollution shape and quality are good, and has broad market prospects. tests the correlation coefficient between the vegetative and reproductive growth indicators matrix between vegetative and reproductive growth is closely related to mutual restraint, only the two growth Metabolic achieve coordination, in order to demonstrate the characteristics of varieties should be. The trial process (high N, of P, in K) recipe most conducive to the growth and development of the grass then coming, the indicators are good, to handle 9 vegetative growth and reproductive growth more balanced and reach the highest of the trial yield, but also that the proportion of the three elements of N, P, K fertilizer have a very important role in the growth of the grass curtain plants. The various indicators of N, P and K fertilizer efficiency reaction mathematical model to analyze the impact of the three elements of N, P, K on the growth and yield of the grass tomb. The grass each pair of N, P and K response relationship in line with the ternary quadratic regression model, but the parameters of the model may be due to the differences between the different climate, different varieties, soil fertility level larger changes, therefore remains to be in doing further research. mathematical model to simulate most of the typical parabolic equation. Therefore, not more fertilizer leather carpet plants have a long development is more favorable. The test results show that: the existing production conditions and species characteristics, the optimum fertilization for high N, P blade 5 and the K edge level, its plants to achieve optimum growth and results need crop nutrients demand within the N has the most direct impact on the growth results, no serious restrictions in other elements, N prime dominated carbohydrates contribute to vegetative and reproductive growth. Test with three factors, five levels of secondary orthogonal combination a multifactorial the regression design grass tomb fertilization test, pilot scale, and is conducive to environmental factors uniform control, reduce experimental error, suitable for multi-factorial carry out other crops cultivation experiment and explore standardization cultivation techniques applied. Strawberry is continuous fruit, multiple harvest crops, the entire growth period segment to explore optimum fertilization and other best parameters of the various stages, and then a comprehensive analysis, we can draw a more rational fertilization program worthy of further study.

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