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The Active Compositions of Lowering Blood Sugar in Panax Ginseng

Author: LuWeiWei
Tutor: ZhengYiNan
School: Jilin Agricultural University
Course: Of Pharmacy
Keywords: Ginseng Hypoglycemic Ginsenoside Re Ginsenoside Rd Ginseng fruit extract
CLC: R284
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, diabetes gradually become a major health problem facing modern humans. The World Health Organization and the tumor with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease as a worldwide three difficult disease. According to statistics, 3% of the world population suffers from diabetes, of which more than 90% of patients with type Ⅱ diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Active prevention and treatment of diabetes is imminent. According to historical records, the ginseng over the years by traditional Chinese medicine as a valuable tonic, the treatment of a variety of weak disease, first aid for shock, blood, and clinical treatment of diabetes, has a more significant effect. The chemical composition of the ginseng is relatively complex, wherein one of the main active ingredient of the ginsenoside as ginseng. Has been ginsenoside extraction methods are based on the classic method used in many kinds of chemical reagents, consumption, high cost, is not conducive to industrial production. This experiment ginsenoside extraction methods have been improved on the basis of previous studies. Experiments with a macroporous resin NKA-12 to separate ginsenosides, not only to achieve the purpose of the ginsenoside packet separation, breaking the tradition of the people only application of macroporous resin D101 separation ginsenoside and; also been a lot of ginseng single body saponins Re, the method is simple, non-toxic, good reproducibility, and provide a theoretical basis for the production of the ginseng the monomer saponins Re industrialized. Conducting the the ginseng the monomer saponins separation experiments, the first time using ODS filler separation ginsenoside. The filler only as the analytical column packing applications in high performance liquid chromatography and its application in the atmospheric column chromatography has not been reported, so the present study was designed to explore the separation conditions ODS the filler separation ginseng monomer saponins. After repeated experiments to prove: the ODS packing Saponins of ginseng monomer separation. In this experiment, the separation a total of eight kinds of ginseng monomer saponin. Ginsenoside Rd, is now touched shaped separation conditions. The separation conditions are relatively simple, only after two gradient elution, and the short cycle. Better purity of the resulting Rd, up to about 99.32%, and the yield is about 56%. This separation conditions reproducible, simple operation, and is also suitable for industrial production. More pharmacological activity of ginseng has reported anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-radiation, improve microcirculation, improve organizational anti-hypoxia ability to inhibit platelet aggregation, affecting prostaglandin, but ginseng hypoglycemic activity The few studies. Therefore, in this experiment ginseng monomer saponin hypoglycemic activity screening. Successively conducted pharmacological experiments of ginseng monomer saponins on small intestinal α-glucosidase enzyme and the α-amylase enzyme inhibition. Experimental results show that ginseng monomer saponins α-glucosidase has to a certain extent, but not significantly. But during ginsenoside Re has a strong inhibitory effect on α-amylase α-amylase inhibitory pharmacological experiments. Followed by extracts of ginseng fruit experiment found that ginseng fruit extract compared ginsenoside Re has a stronger inhibitory effect on alpha-amylase, compared with the same concentration of Jilin Agricultural University, a master's degree thesis ginseng lowering blood sugar studies of the active ingredient Ginseng monomer soap Pu Re strong 12%; under the conditions of a concentration of 1 Omgl Hill l, a-amylase activity inhibition rate reached 98.4%, almost completely inhibited. Amylase activity, showing a very strong inhibitory effect. The hyperglycemic activity more than ginseng the monomer soap Heavy pharmacological experiments have so far not been reported. Therefore, this experiment provides a theoretical basis for further study of ginseng hypoglycemic activity. Ginseng monomer the soap \u0026 P Re and ginseng fruit extract in vitro. An amylase has a strong inhibitory effect, the experimental separation and extraction of a large amount of ginseng monomer soap \u0026 P Re and ginseng fruit extract, and the animal in vivo experiments, the present experiments underway.

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