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Zhou Naiyu academic thinking and clinical experience and the Qi of the spleen and clinical studies for the treatment of Sjogren's syndrome

Author: ChenAiPing
Tutor: ZhouNaiYu
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: Rheumatism SS Old Chinese medical theoretical thought Chinese medical heritage Pro. Naiyu Zhou
CLC: R249.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background:Pro. Naiyu Zhou is a famous Chinese medical specialist on rheumatism. She learnt from the famous specialist Mr. Wang Dajing in 1970’s, and is now the director professor of the fourth ’Chinese medical expert experience succession class’. Pro. Zhou has been working in Beijing Chinese Medical Hospital for more than 40 years. She has plenty of experiences and unique theories on rheumatism field. She is especially good at Chinese medical treatment on Rheumatoid arthritis, SS, Gouty arthritis, Postpartum rheumatism, Psoriatic arthritis.Now government stresses and supports greatly on Chinese medical succession project, and tries to summarize and protect Chinese medical theories and experiences, and make better use of them for the patients and next generation. But till now, there is not yet an overall and deep analysis and summary on Pro. Zhou’s theory and experience. There is only a little and partial study works on that. So it is the responsibility of us to study and summarize systematically about Pro. Zhou’s theory and experience.SS (Sjogren syndrome) is a kind of disease of self-immunity of overall exocrine glands, especially salivary and lachrymal gland. Clinical manifestations are dry mouth and dry eyes etc. for outside features, it may also affect internal organism diseases, like blood circulation problem, IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), RTA (renal tubular acidosis), self-immunity hepatitis. We are not very clear now about these diseases’ causes, and have no special treat method. So this disease is now with long treatment time, easy recurrence, and expensive etc. But Chinese medical treatment could deal with this disease by overall improvement with liable effect, low opposite impact, low cost etc. Pro. Zhou has her own unique understanding and experience on SS disease cause analysis and Chinese treatment methodology. She is respected and admitted with good treatment effects. So it is definitely necessary to study and summarize her thoughts, methodology, and experiences on SS.Objective:Comprehensively and systematically summarize Pro. Zhou’s academic thought and clinical experience.Content: Analyze Pro. Zhou’s academic thoughts; study and summarize Pro. Zhou’s clinical experience on the treatment of SS diseases; and conclude her academic thoughts; use modern information techniques to investigate Pro. Zhou’s specialty on the treatment of SS, and summarize its medication regulation, so as to further understand her academic thoughts and clinical experience. Method:The study includes three parts.1. Academic ideological origins:By investigating the academic thought of Mr. Wang Dajing who is the tutor of Pro. Zhou, and searching Chinese medicine books and analyzing famous Chinese medicine academic thoughts which greatly influenced Pro. Zhou, I explore further Pro. Zhou’s academic ideological origins.2. Summary on academic thought and clinical experience:there are 4 sessions totally to summarize Pro. Zhou’s thoughts, including’integral thought guiding clinics’,’Chinese differentiation and Western symptoms’,’reinforcing Yang theory in rheumatism’,’strengthening the body resistance and eliminating evil’ ; combined with some cases, I discuss respectively about differential treatment rules and drugs’s application for clinical experience on rheumatism.3. Clinical research:Apply Microsoft Excel 2007 to establish datasheet, and use SPSS statistic system to analyze with 60 cases of SS diseases, and 240 pieces of prescriptions by Pro. Zhou. All cases are analyzed with symptom and tongue status, and top 10 cased are selected for comparison and analysis between before and after treatment. Especially for analysis on single ingredient effects, to summarize Pro. Zhou’s drug’s application.Conclusion:1. Academic thought Origin:Pro. Zhou’s academic thought originate mainly from her tutor Mr. Wang Dajing. She investigated deeply the classical medical books, and learnt from each expert’s advantages. Pro. Zhou summarized these theories and used them in actual clinical practice, and developed into her own unique academic thought.2. Academic thought and clinical experience:Pro. Zhou’s academic thought includes following points, like’emphasize integral thought and use them in actual clinics’,’Chinese differentiation and Western symptoms’,’reinforcing Yang theory in rheumatism’,’strengthening the body resistance and eliminating evil’. Pro. Zhou’s clinical experience can be grouped into 3 sections,1) Characteristic of drug application, including Fu Zi, Worms, and usual ingredients.2) Usual prescriptions, like Guizhi Soup, Huangshi Guizhi 5 ingredients Soup, Duhuo Jisheng Soup, Chaihu Soup etc.3) Summary on a few normal types of rheumatism:Ankylosing spondylitis with Strengthening and tonifying the kidney methodology, periodically treatment on Gout with Purging turbid and removing blood stasis methodology through whole process, SS with methodology of Strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi based on Si Junzi Soup recipe. For rheumatoid arthritis, we think the cause is weakness of Yang with Kidney, so we should take Warmly Invigorating Spleen Yang as a basic method, for emergency case of heat-toxicity we need take cold-featured medicine, for Arthritis we need apply blood stimulating medicine. For long term cases, we need take the method of Dissipating phlegm and removing blood stasis, and also attention to fulfill body Qi. For the rheumatism after baby delivery, we emphasize on "Xu" and "Yu" treatment, and also consider mood/emotion influence. For PsA (Psoriatic arthritis), based on treatment of resolving poison by releasing heat, cooling blood etc, we should also suggest to use fine-tuning Qi and milding Yang methodology considering disease has already been influencing joints and got into bones and kidney. And apply Chaihu Guizhi Soup to adjust Qi and Blood for PMR disease. For RP (relapsing polychondritis), the cause are evils with Qi and Wei, weak lung and kidney, or weak kidney and evil with lung. So treatment principle is to clear lungs, supplement lungs and supplement kidney, and at the same time remember to get rid of evils with lungs. For Progressive muscular dystrophy, at the beginning it shows weak spleen and kidney and weak Qi and blood, so we should strengthen spleen and kidney, fine-tune Qi and blood. When disease get worse and deeper into spleen and kidney, we should consider to protect Yang Qi. At the final period, there are Stagnation of phlegm and blood stasis. We should attention to Activate blood circulation, resolve phlegm, and smooth whole body network. For Multiple sclerosis, we focus on mild treatment on Spleen and kidney, and adjustment on Qi and blood. Based on this, we release wind and cold, relieve heat and moisture, relieve evil and poison. We also analyzed a case for a patient with schizophrenia, and made a summary on experience.3. clinical study:1) For SS, Pro. Zhou normally uses recipe of Si Jun Zi Soup (plus/Minus). The key components include 10 items, like Shengqi (Dangshen), Fuling, Baizhu, Gancao, Guizhi, Baihuasheshecao, Danshen, Shashen, Shihu, Huangjin.2) For SS, the principle of Pro. Zhou is to strengthen spleen and smooth Qi. and based on this, there are variants like creating body liquid by strengthening spleen and smoothing Qi, smoothing Yang Qi by strengthening spleen and smoothing Qi, relieving poison by strengthening spleen and smoothing Qi, and stimulating blood by strengthening spleen and smoothing Qi.3) Root cause of SS:it usually happens with spleen, spreading to lungs, liver and kidney. The cause is mixture of excess and deficiency (or strong and weak), including weak Qi, weak Yin, weak Yang. Excess includes toxin and phlegm. Longer time, more serious phlegm. Simultaneously consider treatment on liver.4) The characteristic of recipe is, with base on strengthening spleen and smooth Qi, apply ingredients of sweet taste, mild effects or little cold or warm effects, but not bitter cold or warm dryness. Emphasizing component match, preventing too much greasy or warm dryness, leveraging balance of Yin and Yang.5) Adjust recipe accordingly for Accompanying Syndrome.Significance: This research more comprehensively summarizes Pro. Naiyu Zhou’s academic thoughts and clinical experience in the treatment of rheumatism diseases, and enable people enhance and glorify it. It has provides more comprehensive treatment methodology for Chinese medicine on SS disease, and will relieve pain and improve quality of life of patients.

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