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Study on the Performance Evaluate in the Organization of Technological Service

Author: LiWeiHua
Tutor: MaKeLi
School: Jilin University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Technical services organization Performance Evaluation System
CLC: F719
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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This thesis focuses on the performance evaluation of the technical services organization. By definition and analysis of technical services organization, based on organizational characteristics, employee behavior characteristics and organizational goals designed a complete set of technical service organization performance evaluation system. It must be pointed out that the technical services emphasize customer satisfaction and quality of service, efficient technical service organization to rely on a high degree of responsibility, to protect. Maintain a good mental state, and technical services organization with a good sense of service is the core protection of high-quality technical services. Should see the quality of the staff in the technical services organization, than the strong, self-confidence, self-esteem and independence, and how these features for technical service organization staff, reasonable incentives to keep employees and progressive, The aggressive good service mentality and attitude of a new hot research topic in the field of human resources research. Must see, and technical services belonging to the service of a technical service has a service outcomes difficult to examine, define the difficulties of responsibility for the accident, the effectiveness of the work is not easy to measure the characteristics of what effective means to outstanding members of the technical services organization incentive to punish non-conforming members, is also in urgent need of research topics. Effective means of rewards and punishments to procure technical services organization staff to maintain high efficiency, and show the good attitude of protection, which requires a complete, comprehensive performance evaluation system to protect. Effective performance evaluation system institutionally ensure that the work attitude of the members of the technical services organization and efficiency, in order to ensure the good operation of the technical services organization. Performance evaluation system for technical services organization in China has a very important significance. Technology organizations are often relatively weak scientific research strength in the face of foreign technology competition, often a disadvantage, in terms of core technology and provide technical services to improve technical services lt; WP = 81 gt; the organizational competitiveness effective ways. This technical services organization Performance Evaluation System of reality, so as to improve the competitiveness of the technical services organization. Therefore, the technical services organization performance evaluation of such a new and important subject carried out in-depth research. After a lot of research and independent theoretical thinking is proposed based on the system theory and methods of performance evaluation of the technical services organization. In the paper, the systematic exposition of the concept of the performance evaluation of the technical services organization, the meaning, analyze the importance of the establishment of the performance evaluation of the technical services organization. Design a performance evaluation of the theoretical framework of the technical services organization, in order to be able to provide theoretical guidance effective performance evaluation of the technical services organization. Technical service organization performance evaluation study, either in theory or in practice, are of great significance. Ripe theoretical research in the study of human resources, performance evaluation, in academia, there are a lot of different scholars from different angles own theory, performance evaluation theory has become an important part of the theory of the human resources. Technical services organization such a special organization for such a special class of employees in the technical services organization employees, there is no special incentive theory to guide the human resources management of the day-to-day work of the technical service organization staff. As a result, put forward a complete set of technical services organization performance evaluation theory, no doubt to fill the gaps in the research of the human resource theory, enrich and develop the existing performance evaluation theory. In this thesis focuses on the four steps of the technical service organization established by the performance evaluation system, including: a) clear goals of performance evaluation; 2) to determine the content of the performance evaluation; 3) Select the method of performance evaluation; d) design performance evaluation . lt; WP = 82 gt; addition, the paper combined with the characteristics of technical services organization put forward the idea of ??the future trends of the technical services organization and given empirical study on the performance evaluation system of Jilin Province Agricultural Technology Extension Station performance evaluation of the design and the actual effect. This thesis is in the process of writing, research methods combined theory extended with empirical research. The basic framework of the entire paper: the first chapter of the organization and its definition of technical services; second chapter discusses the role and characteristics of the performance evaluation in the technical services organization and management; Chapter technical services organization performance the design of the evaluation system; Chapter empirical study of the performance evaluation system of Jilin Agricultural Extension Station preliminary design. It should be noted that the performance evaluation of the technical services organization, today may be only a small number of more advanced management technology services organization attention, but in the near future, with the technical services industry itself, the growing competition in the market demand continues to improve, the requirements will continue to improve the management level of the technical services organization. Performance evaluation of the technical services organization will get more and more attention, and to play an increasingly large role.

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