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Design and Development on Visual Simulation System Based on ActiveX Component Technology for Logistics in Steel-making Process

Author: LiYun
Tutor: GaoXiaoQiang
School: Chongqing University
Course: Metallurgical Engineering
Keywords: Steelmaking Logistics Simulation ActiveX Software Development
CLC: TF701
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Steelmaking production is a key link in the steel manufacturing process. Steelmaking production logistics is accompanied by changes in physical properties of complex discrete - continuous hybrid dynamic systems. Rational organization of production and scheduling of the steel-making is to ensure the smooth flow of production logistics, efficient, high-quality, energy-efficient and low-cost production of important ways. System simulation technology is based on the model of the real system, the use of simulation technology of steelmaking production logistics auxiliary formulate reasonable the steelmaking production plan and scheduling policy. Based on the steelmaking logistics cellular automata simulation model, the use of ActiveX component technology development steelmaking logistics simulation system with computer modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities of the graphical. Panzhihua Steel Vanadium Extraction steelworks production simulation system testing, inspection and simulation case studies. The test results show that: ActiveX component technology, the use of object-oriented design and development methods can quickly build a steel plant production logistics visual simulation model, dynamic bundling the steelmaking logistics cellular automata simulation kernel algorithm. The system has a good model, simulation results, and logistics evaluation visual expression of functional, user-friendly, easy to use. Panzhihua Vanadium Extraction the steelworks full continuous casting transformation of production logistics simulation results show that: when the three casting machine casting cycle within the specified range, keeping the mean of 10 cans, fluctuations in the range of 9.29 to 10.23 cans converter former District of liquid metal online is the key to ensure that the three caster for a long time continuous casting. Converter before the amount of liquid metal online with the hot metal into the plant the accelerated pace of increase in the rhythm of the hot metal into the plant to a certain extent (≥ 3 cans / 40min) almost no effect on the amount of liquid metal online converter before. The rhythm of the hot metal into the plant, the combined effect of the converter against the iron rhythm the the three caster continuous casting production situation. In general, to accelerate the rhythm of hot metal into the plant and reduce the converter against the iron time are conducive to the continuous casting production. When the iron water resources are not adequate (3 cans / 60min), the rhythm of the hot metal into the plant to become a limiting factor in the impact of continuous casting production converter rhythm against the iron became affected with the rhythm of the hot metal into the plant improvement (≥ 3 cans / 40min) continuous casting production limiting factors. Converter against the iron rhythm with the accelerated pace of hot metal into the plant and increase the hot metal into the plant rhythm to a certain extent (≥ 3 cans / 40min) converter almost no effect against the iron rhythm. LF blast furnace area production bottleneck with the rhythm of rhythm and LF blast furnace area of ??hot metal into the plant production process. When the molten iron into the factory pace was slow (3 cans / 60min), or the converter against the iron to accelerate the pace (14min / furnace, 10min / furnace), the desulfurization process for the production bottlenecks, in other cases, the smelting process for the production bottlenecks. Even if the converter is not a production bottleneck, the average wait for rate only slightly lower than the bottleneck process, so the the smelting links still have an important impact on the entire production. The test results also show that: the steelmaking logistics simulation system based on ActiveX component technology development effective simulation lt; WP = 5 gt; the steelmaking production logistics situation, simulation systems have excellent scalability by extending the components of the station and select the appropriate simulation algorithm is expected for the simulation of the entire steel manufacturing process.

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