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Effect of Several Nitrogenous and Potassium Fertilizers on Availabilities of Plumbum and Cadmium in Plumbum or Cadmium Polluted Soil

Author: YangMao
Tutor: HuChengXiao;ZhouJianMin
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Plant Nutrition
Keywords: Lead Cadmium Nitrogen Potassium Validity Bioavailability Rhizosphere
CLC: X53
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Indoor culture conditions, nitrogen, potash impact on the effectiveness of two moisture conditions 60% of field capacity and waterlogged soil heavy metals lead, cadmium; pot experiment was conducted to study the different nitrogen, potash Rape, small cabbage, rice, lead, cadmium bioavailability, a preliminary discussion of the impact of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash red soil rhizosphere lead, cadmium bioavailability. The main results obtained in this test are as follows: 1. Lead, cadmium polluted paddy soil, 60% of field capacity of Cl ~~ - can significantly inhibit the conversion of ammonium and nitrification, but flooded conditions, this inhibition is greatly reduced. The waterlogged conditions inhibit the conversion of ammonium and nitrification serious, cadmium significantly inhibited the conversion of ammonium nitrogen and nitrification. 2. Lead, cadmium polluted paddy soil, 60% of field capacity, nitrogen fertilizer processing organic acid capacity ≧ ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate> urea> control; flooded conditions compared with ammonium chloride ≧ ammonium sulfate> nitrate the calcium> control> urea, waterlogged conditions, the soil pH were higher than 60% of field capacity. 3. Two moisture conditions, ammonium chloride and ammonium sulfate significantly promote the water-soluble cadmium content under flooded conditions, urea significantly reduce the water-soluble cadmium content. Investigated various nitrogen treatments available lead and cadmium content is basically the same, 60% of field capacity, nitrogen treatments promote the ability to turn as ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate> urea> control ≧ calcium nitrate, chlorine flooded conditions ammonium> ammonium sulfate> control ≈ calcium nitrate> urea. Flooded conditions available water-soluble cadmium, lead, cadmium extraction were lower than 60% of field capacity situation. 4. Two water conditions, nitrogen treatments soil pH and water-soluble cadmium, available lead and cadmium content showed a significant negative correlation. The different nitrogen affect soil pH affect heavy metal availability is one of the mechanisms of the impact of the heavy metals validity. Stages under 5.60%, potassium chloride treatment always promote the water-soluble cadmium content, potassium nitrate treatment significantly reduced the content of water-soluble cadmium; flooded conditions, potassium sulfate and potassium chloride treatment has always been to promote a water-soluble cadmium content. The amount of soil water-soluble cadmium extraction as a whole is far less than 60% of field capacity situation. Two moisture conditions, culture 60d, potassium chloride are significant promote effective state cadmium content, other treatments were no significant differences between the three potash are significantly reduce the effectiveness of the lead, but no significant differences between the potash varieties. 6. Different absorption of nitrogen fertilizer on canola, cabbage, rice and cumulative lead role of ammonium chloride treatment> ammonium sulfate treatment urea calcium nitrate treatment. The role of different nitrogen fertilizer on canola and cabbage absorption and accumulation of cadmium ammonium chloride treatment> ammonium sulfate treatment calcium nitrate processing> urea processing. Rice urea can not only guarantee yields but also to reduce the harm of cadmium pollution. 7. The potassium nitrate significantly reduce rape, Chinese cabbage, the cadmium content of rice plants, and accumulation. Potassium sulfate significantly improved rice biomass and its cadmium content in the body is also low. The different potassium bioavailability of lead is not significant. 8. Increase of P red soil rhizosphere available lead, cadmium activity decreased. Different NPK fertilizer processing red soil rhizosphere available lead content higher than non-rhizosphere available lead content available cadmium content rhizosphere were lower than non-rhizosphere.

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