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Preparation and Study of Cu/ZrO2 Catalyst in the Dehydrogenation from Diethanolamine to Iminodiacetic Salt

Author: YeHongPing
Tutor: DuanZhengKang
School: Xiangtan University
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: Diethanolamine Imino diacetate Cu/ZrO2 Catalyst
CLC: TQ426
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Imino diacetate (IDA) is a very wide application of organic intermediates , especially in the synthesis of glyphosate on great demand , also a lot of the production method thereof , wherein the catalytic dehydrogenation of diethanolamine (DEA) generating the iminodiacetic acid costs low pollution , high yield , is a promising approach. The issues around the the diethanolamine catalytic dehydrogenation catalyst used in the imino diacetate conduct research . Through access to literature data , the analysis of the reaction mechanism , and that generates an acid in the dehydrogenation of diethanolamine was composed by the two-step reaction ─ alcohol dehydrogenation of an aldehyde with an aldehyde disproportionation, the catalyst performance is to affect the reaction conversion, selectivity and reaction rate of the main factors that determine the catalyst prepared by precipitation Cu/ZrO2 do . Through the combination of orthogonal experimental design with single- factor experiments , to come prepared catalysts optimum conditions coprecipitation : precipitate zirconium copper atomic ratio of 2 , the precipitation pH value of 12 , the zirconium salt concentration of 0.3 mol / L , zirconium copper hydroxide in the 500 ° C calcined 4H , zirconium copper oxide at 230 ° C with hydrogen and nitrogen gas mixture restore 4h; papers in the test of catalyst performance , derived by single factor experiment catalytic Dehydrogenation of optimum process conditions : reaction temperature was taken to 165 ℃, to control pressure at 1.6MPa , the percentage of the quality of a base of 30% ; Finally, catalyst prepared by BET , XRD , SEM, characterization , preparation of the catalyst particle size is 6 to 15 μm irregular massive particles , the specific surface area of ??116.53m2 / g, the catalyst carrier ZrO2 tetragonal phase . In the catalytic dehydrogenation of diethanolamine , when the amount of catalyst is 20% (mass percentage) of diethanolamine , the initial reaction so that the yield of the product iminodiacetic sodium 2.1h can reached 96.6% , the catalyst 9 repetitions the product of the average yield of 87.8% .

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