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Harmonic Analysis on Low Latitudinal Climatological Wind Field

Author: WuXingZuo
Tutor: WangPanXing
School: Nanjing University of Information Engineering
Course: Meteorology
Keywords: Low-latitude climate wind farm OLR field Lorenz decomposition Complex Fourier harmonic analysis
CLC: P425
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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In this paper, a month average wind farm complex Fourier analysis program for 850hPa, 200hPa low latitudes ( 30 ° S to 30 ° N ) and Asia regional climate wind farm (? ) Spectrum analysis of the structure , combined with the outgoing longwave module square of the harmonic analysis of the radiation field (OLR) As a result, meaningful results below : (1) the climate field ( ?) is concentrated in a few (3 to 5 ) on the harmonic component of the lower wave number , and thus (? ) low-dimensional low-level features . ( 2 ) ( ? ) 0 wave components (?) 0 is the most important , it gives the zonal wind [ ( ? ) ] Structural features . 850hPa , the trade winds throughout the year mainly followed the edge of the westerlies ; great northern, southern hemisphere trade winds and hot equatorial quasi- synchronous north southward retreat with the seasons , respectively, with the two hemispheres of the Hadley circulation center and public rising branch position corresponding basic . 200hPa on annual east , westerly with the main the tropical easterlies significantly higher than the westerly weak ; their seasonal north southward retreat to the North , the southern hemisphere differences . (3) given often wave ( ? ) * < / Sup > 80 % of the modular square concentrated on the low wave number ( at 850hPa | m | = ( ? ) And 200hPa | m | = ( ? ) ) , With these wave component can be given (?) * main circulation system . Where | m | = 1 wave component side of the mold fitting rate (?) | 1 | * is much higher than other wave components , they are given near the equator Walker circulation , and shows the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) north into the southward retreat with the seasons . | m | = 3 and | m | = 2 wave components were 1,7 months important component . Climate the OLR field have the same spectrum structure , and the results of its analysis to verify the accuracy of the harmonic analysis of the wind field . (4) The most important two pairs of wave components ( 1 ± 1 , ± 3 wave in July , ± 1, ± 2 waves) can be given the main features of stationary waves in the Asian monsoon region . Winter , cold air along the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau east side of the south , East Asia northerly flow at low altitude , the altitude is consistent with the southwest wind , the region there is a strong Hadley circulation . South Asia , East Asia summer monsoon are subject to the control of the west and southwest airflow . The OLR field corresponding component analysis to support the above conclusion .

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