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Study on the Cytoarchitecture of Tectal Layer Ⅰ and Distribution of Some Neuropeptides Within Its Related Nuclei in Chick

Author: ZhaoLiJie
Tutor: HuMan
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Basic Veterinary Science
Keywords: Chick The tectal I layer Cytoarchitecture Neuropeptide Gap nuclear Ventral lateral geniculate body
CLC: Q42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Accept 90% of the contralateral projection of retinal ganglion cells and the optic tectum of birds is very important to the visual center. Tectal optic lobes the lateral part of a layered obvious structure, under the roof as the lobe area, including the pretectal nuclear Gap and midbrain reticular. Tectal arrangement constituted by the cells and fibers and white layered structure, and, as the roof Ⅰ layer is the the most thick SGFS sublayer, poultry visual information via tectal I layer cells (I cells) passed to lateral geniculate body of the thalamus ventral nuclear (the nucleus geniculatus lateralis ventralis GLv) is used for color vision, pupillary reflex and visual motion while GLv and fiber projection to the optic tectum. The Gap-core (nucleus isthmi) small cell portion (nucleus isthmi pars parvocellularis, Ipc), large cell (nucleus isthmi pars magnocellularis, Imc), and a half-core (pars semilunaris, SLu) accept the same side of the top cover input, Ipc accept very strong from the projection of the cover I layer neuron circuit projected onto the top cover of the retina while formation inhibiting receiving layer 2-5 layers. In this study, using the Golgi-Cox method, perfusion fixation after the Nissl bodies (Nissl bodies) staining, carbocyanine fluorescent dye DiI (1,1 '-dioctadecyl-3, 3,3', 3'-tetramethylindocarbo-cyanine perchlorate) Reverse The neural marker technology, the morphology of of chick tectal I layer thickness and the layer of cells, the size of the observational studies and mathematical statistics, I layer thickness and different day-old chick embryo Mathematical Statistics and Analysis. The majority of in Ⅰ layer cells were fusiform, as well as a few were round, oval, tapered, triangular and irregular shape. Thick of Ⅰ layer outer part compared to the dorsal part of the ventral part. Cells were divided into four categories: giant cell, large cell, in cells and small cells, I layer dorsal, ventral and lateral cytomegalovirus least according to the size of the cell body, which the dorsal and ventral small cell, outside in the number of cells. The Ⅰ Cell having 2 to 6 primary dendrites, and wherein there are two primary dendritic cells up to (60.7%, n = 128). I layer thickness of the 14-day-old chick embryo 11 days old or less, 17 days and 20 days of age or less, and 14-day-old and 17-day-old changes, the thickness I suddenly increase. Immunohistochemical study of GnRH, GABA, VIP, β-EP and SP tectal I layer nucleus in different photoperiod (11L: 13D, 13L: 11D, 15L: 9D, 17L: 7D) group in the distribution. The results show that several neuropeptides in the different photoperiod hens brain Gap nuclear Imc, Ipc Ministry, and hypothalamus GLv Ministry has a different distribution. GABA-like immunoreactive product distribution in the egg 11L: 13D photoperiod chicken brain Imc, Ipc, chicken hypothalamus GLv; the egg after 11L: 13D photoperiod chicken brain the Imc, chicken the hypothalamic's GLv; 17L: 7D photoperiod chicken brain Imc. GnRH-like immunoreactive product distribution in the egg 11L: 13D and laying 13L: 11D photoperiod chicken brain Imc, Ipc. distribution of β-EP the egg before 15L: 9D photoperiod chicken hypothalamus GLv; the egg after 11:13 D photoperiod chicken brain Imc, chicken hypothalamus GLv, 11L: 13D photoperiod chicken hypothalamus GLv. VIP-like immunoreactive product distribution in the egg before 15L: 9D photoperiod chicken brain Imc, Ipc, 17L: the chicken the hypothalamic's GLv 7D photoperiod; egg 13L: 11D photoperiod chicken brain Imc 17L: 7D photoperiod chicken hypothalamus GLv. SP-like immunoreactive product distribution in the 17L: 7D photoperiod the brain GLv chicken egg 15L: 9D and laying. The results showed that, GABA may be the Gap nuclear and GLv nuclear major inhibitory neuropeptide, VIP,, SP, and of β-EP is also involved in the regulation of GnRH secretion, the optical information may be provided by adjusting the Gap nuclear - cover passage and cover-GLv passage in GABA, VIP, SP, and the distribution of β-EP several neuropeptides regulate GnRH secretion, thereby regulating the production performance of chicken.

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