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The Study on Biological Function of Four AP2/EREBP Transcription Factors

Author: LuYan
Tutor: ChenYaoFeng
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Transgenic Transcription factor Salt tolerance Drought Disease resistance
CLC: Q943
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The existence of a complex signal transduction system in plants, it will biotic and abiotic stress signal progressively pass, triggering a variety of physiological and biochemical reactions in order to adapt to the adverse environment and resist damage caused by pathogens infringement. Transcription factor plays an important role in the growth and development, signal transduction, and gene expression regulation function. AP2/EREBP a class of transcription factors unique to plants, play an important role in plant defense reaction. Our childhood white wheat cDNA library (dry processing) obtained the four AP2/EREBP class the transcription factor ERF1/ERF2 and DREB3/DREB4. Sequence analysis showed that these four genes are the newly discovered AP2/EREBP of class transcription factor. Expression Analysis of expression of ERF1/ERF2 by biotic and abiotic stress-induced, DREB3/DREB4 expression by abiotic stress-induced. The reported four gene function is yet to be seen, therefore hope that through this study, analysis of the biological function of the four genes. This experiment mainly through various biotic and abiotic stress, to study the biological effects caused by overexpression in transgenic plants. The test achieved the following progress: 1. The turn ERF1/ERF2 gene tobacco salt tolerance identification: ERF1/ERF2 transgenic tobacco vegetatively propagated T0 generation transgenic lines for 50 days of salt treatment trial, found turn ERF1/ERF2 gene able significantly enhanced salt tolerance in transgenic tobacco. 2 Identification of Disease Resistance the turn ERF1/ERF2 gene tobacco: tobacco vegetatively propagated of revolution ERF1/ERF2 gene T0 generation transgenic lines of tobacco wildfire disease vaccination trials, found ERF1/ERF2 gene can improve the disease resistance of transgenic tobacco and with a high degree of resistance to transgenic tobacco lines. Of 3. ERF2 transgenic tobacco stomata: found through experiments ERF2 accelerate the the transgenic tobacco stomatal closing speed of the drought and ABA treatment. Drought resistance identification. To turn DREB3/DREB4 gene wheat: water control drought treatment trials Wheat Drought Resistance Identification turn DREB3/DREB4 gene. The results show the transgenic wheat turn DREB3/DREB4 gene drought related physiological indicators changed DREB3/DREB4 genes to improve drought resistance of transgenic wheat. In summary, this study ERF1/ERF2, and DREB3/DREB4 gene preliminary functional verification, confirm ERF1/ERF2 biotic and abiotic stress signaling; DREB3/DREB4 gene can improve the drought resistance of transgenic wheat and has good drought resistance of transgenic wheat materials.

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