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Preparation of High-Performance Ceremsite and Application in the Anaerobic Filter with Anaerobic Micro-Organism

Author: ZuoYanJun
Tutor: LinBo
School: Nanchang University
Course: Environmental Science
Keywords: Unburned ceramic Fly ash Anaerobes Specific surface area Anaerobic filter
CLC: X703
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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This study attempts to proceed in both directions from the the biological carrier - fillers and microbial anaerobic biological treatment of wastewater in order to achieve good results . Fly ash completely replace the clay, add nano and other special materials , preparation of large surface area, high porosity, good biocompatibility , has a the high performance ceramisite of adequate strength , reached by Waste , turning waste into treasure , saving resources and energy , protection of arable land , and protect the environment . While cultivating obligate anaerobes , to further reduce the biofilm time and improve processing efficiency , stable operation . Ceramisite preparing the test , The optimized formula : fly ash 50g, lime 20g , gypsum 1.5g , cement 15g the DT - 51g , gamma - Al the 2 < / sub > O 3 1.5g, 15 g of sodium bicarbonate . The ceramsite the physical and chemical properties testing and electron microscope photos show the specific surface area of the filler of 27.2350 m 2 / g, than the the traditional clay firing of ceramic surface area of ??4.11 m 2 / g increased 6.6 times ; than unburned clay ceramisite than the surface area of ??16.17 m 2 / g increase of 1.7 times . Surface roughness, porosity, sessile organisms large , light weight , acid and alkali-resistant , not easy to aging , long life, entirely suitable for biological carrier to do anaerobic filter ( AF ) . Application experiments show that : using cultured obligate anaerobes and high-performance ceramisite fill in the AF tower , biofilm only eight days , two days shorter than the ordinary sludge biofilm , biofilm time than domestic ceramic shorten 25 days. Obligate anaerobic biofilm the AF tower, influent COD of 5214 mg / L , hydraulic retention time of 96 h the COD removal rate reached 97.3% ; influent COD of 2074 mg / L , hydraulic retention time of 48h COD removal rate reached 86.1% ; influent COD of 423 mg / L , hydraulic retention time of 6h COD removal efficiency of 64.8% . Ordinary sludge biofilm under the same conditions , the AF tower COD removal rate were 92.6% , 81.2% and 48.9% , respectively . Kinetic studies have shown that , the AF tower COD degradation rate of COD concentration for a reaction . Influent COD concentration of 423 mg / L of experience rate equation for the r COD < / sub > = - ( dC of COD < / sub > ) / ( dt ) = 0.152C COD

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