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Research on China’s Direct Investment in Africa

Author: ShuiChengZhi
Tutor: MuLiangPing
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: World Economy
Keywords: Africa Foreign Direct Investment Assistance Subject Area Industry Choice
CLC: F125.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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With the continuous development of China's economy, China's opening level is getting higher and higher, the corresponding Chinese enterprises to go out more step and the greater the pace of China's foreign direct investment from scratch, from small to strong, obtained considerable development. Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Statistics, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly issued the \) $ 183.97 billion, more than 8500 domestic investors in the world's 174 countries (regions) the establishment of 12,000 foreign direct investment enterprises and foreign enterprises with total assets of over one trillion US dollars. At present, China's foreign direct investment is mainly concentrated in Asia and Latin America, the two accounted for more than 80% of the stock of foreign direct investment in China's foreign direct investment stock in Africa accounted for 3.8%, ranks third. Although a smaller proportion of share in China's foreign direct investment in Africa, but the rapid development of China's current foreign direct investment has become a hot spot regions, the majority of the market in Africa, rich in natural resources, increasingly stable political and economic environment are attracting a large number of Chinese companies flock to Africa. Fewer articles for direct investment in Africa and most of them are only involved a small aspect, so hope for China to further expand investment in Africa by a more comprehensive study of China's direct investment in Africa, can provide some useful suggestions. The text of this paper is divided into African investment environment, China's direct investment in Africa the status quo analysis, our select three parts, the following will make a brief introduction on the main content of this three-part strategy of direct investment in Africa: Africa investment environment analysis consists of two sections, the status quo and analysis of the investment environment in Africa Overview and absorption of foreign direct investment in Africa. Outlined in this section, the investment environment in Africa Africa's natural environment, economic environment, political environment, legal environment and the socio-cultural environment, simple introduction, respectively brief analysis of these investment environment for direct investment in Africa the benefits and possible problems. While a second is Africa absorbing direct investment as well as the basic analysis of this case, in this section, the first overall absorption of foreign direct investment in Africa is introduced, pointing out that in Africa in recent years, the foreign direct increasing the absorption of investment, has become the hot spots of the world direct investment; briefly introduces and analyzes the industrial distribution sector, followed by absorption of direct investment to Africa, pointed out that the most attracting foreign investment in Africa is still the resource extraction industry, but in recent years to other industries also have a longer sufficient progress; in this last section, the paper focused on the regional and national distribution of the absorption of overseas investment in Africa are discussed, pointed out that the absorption of overseas investment in Africa there are huge differences between regions and countries absorption of overseas investment on a regional perspective in northern Africa and southern Africa, the national point of view, a few countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco has absorbed most of the overseas investment. Analysis of this part of the status quo of our direct investment in Africa primarily for China's direct investment in Africa History, status and characteristics of China's direct investment in Africa, the significance of China's direct investment in Africa analysis, the main advantage of China's direct investment in Africa and its face The issues discussed. In China's direct investment in Africa Developmcnt this section, the historical division of our direct investment in Africa for four periods, that is, after the founding of the reform and opening up, from the early days of the reform and opening up to the early 1990s, from the last century the period of rapid growth in the early nineties the early twenty-first century, a further period of development since the beginning of the twenty-first century, and in respect of each period of review. Section II discusses the status and characteristics of the direct investment in Africa, this section first the status quo of China's direct investment in Africa were analyzed and discussed the overall situation of the Chinese direct investment in Africa, the main structure, industry distribution and regional distribution and discussed based on the characteristics of China's direct investment in Africa, expanding the investment scale, investment entities growing area of ??investment is expanding and growing investment areas. In the analysis of this section, the significance of China's direct investment in Africa, this article respective complementary resources, the transfer of industry, political interests, economic interests, trade barriers several ways to explore the significance of China to strengthen the direct investment in Africa, and pointed out that China's The results of the direct investment in Africa is a win-win-Africa. The last one of this section is a discussion of the main advantage of China's direct investment in Africa and its main problem facing pointed out the advantage of China-Africa friendly relations, the Chinese government on the strong support of the direct investment of Chinese enterprises in Africa, of both sides complementary resources, and political turmoil in China and Africa in the complementary nature of the economy, but at the same time the Chinese direct investment in Africa there are many problems, mainly African local point of view, the lack of infrastructure and backward imperfect legal system and regulatory regime, the lack of economic policy stability, financial support for the major problems in China itself, vicious competition, localization insufficient, these problems affect the further expansion of our direct investment in Africa. The last part of the direct investment in Africa strategy selection recommendations in this section in respect of investment entities, the investment industry, investment in the region, the government positioning as well as the five aspects of non-aid and direct investment relationship are discussed. The main terms of the future of direct investment in Africa is mainly played the role of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to further promote direct investment in Africa; play state-owned enterprises at the same time, to further promote the private sector's direct investment in Africa; view on the investment industry, our investment should focus on resource extraction, manufacturing, infrastructure, building development potential of the industry, taking into account the other industries; investment in regional perspective, China's investment focus should be on Economic Development in Africa in good condition or resource rich political and social stability, while the other countries is to have a choice, prudent investment; government positioning, the Chinese government should be possible for the Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa effective support, of course, this support is not rude interference, the more accurate it is placed in service by the position itself, to invest in African enterprises to provide a reasonable and effective help in creating investment environment, foreign policy implementation: Finally, it should correctly handle the relationship of non-assistance and direct investment, the effective combination of assistance and direct investment to Africa, in order to achieve both mutual promotion and mutual development to achieve sustainable development of non-assistance, making China and Africa can benefit. In the long run, to further strengthen the direct investment in Africa, can bring real economic and political gains, relations with China in the future on the international market competition, and of great significance to China, but also in favor of Africa development, the end result will be a win-win situation.

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