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The Experimental Research on the Use of Learning-theory in the Table Tennis Teaching

Author: WangJun
Tutor: ZhangXueZhong
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords: learning-theory use table-tennis experiment practicing strategy
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Up to today, the history of learning-theory is over 100 years. During this process, in order to prove existence of learning rules , those scholars who work for the study of learning-theory experienced countless failures of experiments and spent so many nights working in the lamp.They are creating precious fortune for human beings in order to make people know the learning rules of organism body, hoping we human beings to take advantage of these rules of learning to guide the practice of learning, which will makes them learn faster, better and easier.Nowadays learning-theory has been widely focused and used. Its system of theory is developing forward. Meanwhile many schools of theory formed. Those theories which are relatively representative are the school of Action learning-theory, the school of Cognizing learning-theory, the school of Eclecticism learning-theory and the school of Humanism learning-theory. In these schools there appeared some learning-theories which are represented by different characters.This research puts the learning-theory into the teaching and learning of table tennis to guide the practical learning of table tennis. The long term development and research on the teaching and learning of table tennis trends to teaching, and the teaching and learning methods come from the sum-up of the practical table tennis experience. So it is lack of the guiding of theory behind practice. Through using the rules of learning posted by learning-theory sufficiently in teaching and learning of table tennis, this research will improve students’ learning efficiency with the help of guiding of theory.The specifically used learning-theories are Thorndike’s, error-tried learning-theory Pavlov’s conditioning learning-theory, Watson’s learning-theory, Guthrie’s neighboring learning-theory, Estes’s sampling learning-theory, Skinner’s manipulating learning-theory, Wertheimer’s learning-theory, Wulf’s learning-theory, Lewin’s surroundings cognizing learning-theory, Piaget’s constructing learning-theory, Bruner’s cognizing structure learning-theory, Ausubel’s assimilating cognize learning-theory, processing information learning-theory, Tolman’s signal learning-theory, Grgne’s accumulating learning-theory, Bandura’s society learning-theory, Rogers’s learning-theory. Through the analysis of these theories, the writer picks the theories which have important meaning of guiding to the teaching and learning of table tennis, and puts it into the practical teaching and learning through practicing strategy.This research tests that if it is efficient to use learning-theory in teaching and learning of table tennis. The research adopts the way that makes comparison between a tested boy group and a collated boy group, as well as a comparison between a tested girl group and a collated girl group. It compares the skill level between tested group and collated group, as well as the difference between interest in table tennis class and learning methods, with which it analyses the effects on students given by the using of learning-theory.Through the analysis on the testing result of teaching experiment, it is found that using learning-theory in practical teaching has a positive effect on students’learning. Learning-theory has an apparent improving effect on students’ learning the basic skill of table-tennis. In the comparison between tested group and compared group, an obvious difference appears; it also has a positive effect on students’ learning interest, for it can make students keep more interest in learning; using learning-theory is able to improve students’ learning method of table-tennis. Based on the similar initial learning level of tested group and compared group, and through a one-term teaching experiment, apparent difference of learning method between tested group and compared group arrears, and the learning method of tested group is better than that of compared group.

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