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Study on Adsorption and High Gas-stream Oxidation in the Treatment of Dye Wastewater

Author: ZuoQiang
Tutor: ChenMengLin
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: Attapulgite Adsorption High-temperature air oxidation Regeneration efficiency Dye wastewater
CLC: X703
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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High-temperature air oxidation regeneration method attapulgite regeneration , high-temperature air oxidized regenerated Dye Wastewater Treatment adsorption - basic and applied research , the main content of the study and the conclusions are as follows: 1 . Methylene blue attapulgite adsorption Asia adsorption behavior research . Effects of attapulgite granularity , adsorption time , the dye solution pH , the initial concentration of the dye solution , temperature of adsorption . Suitable adsorption conditions in this experiment : the adsorption time , 2H ; without pH of the solution was adjusted ; temperature, room temperature . The temperature and concentration range studied , with the Langmuir equation can be well on the adsorption isotherm fitting, the adsorption is an endothermic process . 20 ℃, 30 ℃, 40 ℃ under saturated adsorption amount to 76.92mg / g , 84.03 mg / g , 86.96 mg / g . Kinetic studies showed that the adsorption process can be used Lagergren first-order rate equation to describe the adsorption process is mainly external diffusion function . Investigated the influence of the the dynamic adsorption flow rate of the water quality , and the experimental results show that the flow rate is less than 5BV / h as well . 2 using the high-temperature gas flow oxidized regenerated regenerated adsorption the methylene blue attapulgite study the regeneration temperature , regeneration time , air flow and other factors on the regeneration efficiency . The higher the temperature, more oxidation decomposed organic matter , the higher the regeneration efficiency ; greater the flow , the higher the regeneration efficiency and regeneration efficiency when flow increased 1.5L/min , little change ; With the increase of the reproduction time , reproduction increasing efficiency , renewable 15min more , regeneration efficiency changes little . With increasing regeneration times of Attapulgite the regeneration efficiency decreased slightly , from 13 regeneration , regeneration efficiency stabilized . Attapulgite stable performance, and can be used repeatedly . Methylene blue adsorbed on attapulgite lose crystal water below 100 ℃ , 100 ℃ -250 ℃ pyrolysis carbonization air oxidation above 250 ℃ and generate CO2 , CO , 330 ° C -630 ° C to produce CH compounds about 490 ℃ containing nitrogen group is oxidized to NO. The whole process of regeneration than 600 ℃ CO2, CO, NO2, NO, SO2, CH compounds and other substances . The 500 ℃ regeneration is not complete degradation compared to 600 ° C to 700 ° C completely . Optimum conditions for regeneration of high-temperature air oxidation : a regeneration temperature of 600 ° C to 700 ° C , the regeneration time of 10min air flow 1L/min .

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