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The naphthyl selective hydroformylation

Author: WangShuang
Tutor: HuWangMing
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: Ionic liquids Naphthalene Hydroformylation Selective Molecular sieve
CLC: O643.32
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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2,6 - naphthalenedicarboxylic acid is the main raw material for the preparation of the novel polyester PEN. Naphthalene as the starting material, 2 - bit selective carbonyl, 6 - bit positioning carbonyl and limited oxidation step synthesis of 2,6 - naphthalene dicarboxylic acid is a competitive process route. Research, study of naphthalene selective carbonylation [bmim] Br / the AlCl 3 ion liquid [bmim] Br / AlCl 3 ionic liquids - Zeolite Composites in Friedel-Crafts reaction in the catalytic performance. Synthesis of [bmim] Br ionic liquid, effects of reaction temperature ionic liquid yield. [Bmim] Br ionic liquid yield of the reaction at 100 ° C to 110 ° C for more than 96%. Measured the equilibrium solubility of CO in [bmim] the BR / AlCl 3 -ion liquid, the effects of temperature, pressure, ratio of ionic liquid the CO equilibrium solubility. CO better than [bmim] BF 4 ionic liquid [bmim] the BR / AlCl 3 -ion liquid solubility. CO [bmim] the BR / AlCl 3 -ion liquid equilibrium solubility With the AlCl 3 / sub> content increased with increasing decreases with increasing temperature , increases with increasing pressure. Of naphthalene the selective carbonyl Friedel-Crafts reaction in ionic liquids. [Bmim] Br / AlCl 3 catalyst system, naphthyl can be effectively converted to the alpha-naphthalene formaldehyde. After 2h the reaction under the optimal reaction conditions (CO pressure of 1.5MPa, at room temperature, [bmim] Br / AlCl) 3 (1:2) as the catalyst), naphthyl conversion rate reached 40% alpha bit naphthalene formaldehyde, and obtain a single product, the selectivity 100%. [Bmim] Br / AlCl 3 (1:2)-ZSM zeolite composite system, naphthalene carbonyl products to beta-bit Naphthaldehyde. At a CO pressure of 1.5MPa, reaction at room temperature for 2h, the product was more than 50% beta-bit naphthalene formaldehyde selectivity. HyperChem software simulation analysis of the reaction intermediate, combined with experimental results obtained the following conclusions: [bmim] Br / the AlCl 3 -ion liquid active group Al 2 Cl < sub> 6 , which not only have the role of activated carbonyl reagent (CO), but also activation of the aromatic ring, a naphthalene conversion rate. The catalytic properties of ionic liquids than conventional anhydrous aluminum chloride better and green is a good catalyst for the Friedel-Crafts reaction, but it does not have beta-bit selective catalytic performance. Dealuminated ZSM-type zeolite dispersed in [bmim] the BR / AlCl 3 ion liquid formed composite catalyst system with beta-bit selective, more than 50% selectivity.

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