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The Placed Analysis Method of Sr~90 by Phosphate Ester Extract Color Layer in Soil

Author: ShiYanHua
Tutor: GeLiangQuan
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Radiation protection and environmental protection
Keywords: Strontium 90 Activity concentration Chemical recovery Placed law
CLC: O658.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Strontium-90 content analysis of environmental radioactivity detection project, the soil is more cumbersome and poor stability results, usually through measurement and 90 Sr in the sub-body the balance 90 Y activity projections 90 Sr's activity. 90 Sr separation process, the key is the mutual separation of the separation between the strontium with the same family of elements such as calcium, barium and radium, particularly strontium and calcium. The second is the from 90 Sr and other radionuclides isolated radioactive pure 90 Y determination for β activity. This topic has combined the the State standard GB/T6764 G 1986 and GB/T1222.1 1989 B/T6766 water and bio-gray radioactive 90 Sr chemical analysis method of Jiangxi Province of national surveillance point soil samples 90 Sr place the method of determination of 2 - (2 - ethylhexyl) phosphate extraction 50g soil suitable for determining, based on the results of previous studies kind in 90 Sr activity concentrations measured analytical procedures, and generally more rapid method used chemical yield of strontium, yttrium chemical recoveries, spiked experiment, blank test, as well 90 < contrast verification / sup> Y detection efficiency, achieved the following results: 1 generally placed the law of the strontium in the soil - yttrium separation, remove soil itself with 90 Y, the 90 Sr preserved placed more than 14 days of the the new decay 90 Y with which to achieve radioactive equilibrium, then yttrium separation measurements derived 90 < / sup> Sr activity concentration. The subject after a rapid method for the separation of strontium, yttrium and twice strontium yttrium separation, chemical yield of yttrium and placed law analysis point of view the loss of the excellent pillared yttrium, making it more thorough separated The solution 90 of Y is generated again by the interference reduction. 2, twice spiked verification experiment, the standard activity concentrations of strontium, yttrium 8.693Bq/ml, standard activity concentrations of strontium, yttrium Determination of the method of analysis procedures for 7.514Bq/ml 7.823Bq/ml spiked activity recovery of 86.44%, 90.00%; strontium recovery was 67.95%, 61.40%, yttrium chemical recovery was 53.02%, 58.25%, and the relative error of 13.56%, 10.01%, and the average standard deviation of 11.74%, and generally fast the law strontium yttrium activity 5.938Bq/ml 4.098Bq/ml spiked activity recovery was 68.31%, 47.14%, yttrium chemical recovery of 34.57%, 30.79%, relative error is 31.69%, 52.86%, average The standard error of 43.40%, showing the experimental results placed the law better than generally rapid method and accurate. Jiangxi national monitoring point soil sample analyzed 90 Sr activity, compared with rapid method placed law measured value is large, this is due to the rapid determination of Central Plains and some soil 90 Y and the the 90 Y content in the separation of the chemical pre-treatment greater loss placed method measured again generate 90 Y to generate to the instrument for the determination of the process is relatively simple and easy to deal with less loss of yttrium content. These two methods the accuracy of the matching degree of the measured value of the recovery of yttrium rapid method with strontium recoveries can be seen from Figure 51 placed. 4, low background α, β measuring instrument the on 90 the Y detection efficiency verification experiment, placed the method detection efficiency all the way, Road were 0.2707,0.3120, fully meet the requirements of the instrument. 5, in the final soil strontium concentration calculation, the subject placed predecessors prepared formula introduces a correction value β standard source efficiency involved in the calculation, which is based on the different instruments for the detection sensitivity of the β particles and the modified modified β standard source efficiency, the experimental Road low background α, β-measuring instrument (BH1216 Ⅲ type) were 0.2833,0.3126 This is also in line with the requirements of the instrument to reach 0.2500. After the introduction of the value so that the spiked test the standard activity closer to the true value. 90 Sr placement analysis program, from the determination of surface activity recovery hair made to obtain satisfactory results, and to verify the feasibility of the method, and the soil achieve a better precision and accuracy.

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