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The Clinical Study of Jiaoai Siwu Decotion in Treating Anovulatory Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding with Asthenia-cold Syndrome

Author: CaiXiaoChun
Tutor: ChengLan
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: Jiaoai Siwu Decotion Asthenia-cold Syndrome Anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding clinical study
CLC: R271.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Background and ObjectiveAnovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding(ADUB)is a frequently encountered and stubborn disease among females,which results from a dysfunctional hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis(HPOA),but is not because of the structural disease,It can cause bloodloss anemia,secondary infection and even dysgenesia.According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding belongs to "mentrorrhagia and metrostaxis","hypermenorrhea" and "bradymenorrhea".It is because of a dysfunctional "kidney-tiangui-thoroughfare and conception vessels-the uterus axis",which results in the deficiency of thoroughfare and conception vessels,so it can’ t securing and containing menstrual blood,and the menstrual blood flux with indeterminate time.Followed by the principle of the concept regarding the human body as a whole and determination of treatment based in pathogenesis obtained through different of symptoms and signs,the Traditional Chinese Medicine has the good clinical curative effect to the ADUB,the function is lasting,the side effect is small,and does not have the dependence.The main pathogenesis of ADUB is deficiency and cold of thoroughfare and conception vessels.As the therapy for women who with blood deficiency tends to cold,Jiaoai Siwu Decotion has achieved the good clinical effect for several thousand years.Purpose This study abides by the principal of circulate syndrome medicine、clinical epidemiology/DME.To discuss the validity of Jiaoai Siwu Decotion from the circa change of patients’ total curative effect、the situation of vagina bleeds、symptom curative effect,the hemoglobin and the sex hormone,and from the situation of ovulation after stopping taking the medicine for 3 menstrual cycles.Then provides the scientific and objective A/W for the clinical curative effect of Jiaoai Siwu Decotion.MethodThis study follows by the method of trabant control study,It randomly divides the out-patient service patients which consistent with the diagnostic criteria into the experimental group(30 examples)and control group(30 examples).Selecting who takes Jiaoai Siwu Decotion orally as the experimental group,the others who takes Marvelon is the control group.Treating 3 monthes later,observing the difference of clinical curative effect and the improvement situation of the related symptom between the two groups.ResultThe results are as follow:The total effective rate of Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group is 83.3%,while the Marvelon group is 86.7%,the comparison between the two groups prompts that there is no statistical significance between the differences(P>0.05).After treating 3 monthes,the curative effect rates of improving integrated syndrome and region sign of Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group and the Marvelon group are 93.7%and 73.3%,after stopping taking the medicine for 3 monthes,the curative effect rates of improving integrated syndrome and region sign are 86.7%and 80%.Both comparisons between the two groups prompt that the differences have statistical significance(P<0.05).We can think that the Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group is better than the Marvelon group in improving integrated syndrome and region sign of the patiens.As well as the rectification in anaemia,Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group is better than the Marvelon group. Treating 3 monthes later,both groups can low LH,the comparison between them prompts that the difference has no statistical significance(P>0.05).On the other hand,Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group is better than the Marvelon group in raising E2(P<0.05).Observing the situation of ovulation for 3 menstrual cycles after stopping taking the medicine,we can see that Jiaoai Siwu Decotion group is better than the Marvelon group obviously(P<0.05).The total effective rate of this study has no obvious dependability with the patients’ condition. ConclusionJiaoai Siwu Decotion has a efficacy of expelling cold by warming the meridian、nourishing blood and stopping bleeding.It has the same effect as Marvelon now using commonly in treating ADUB with Asthenia-cold syndrome,but it has no obvious side effects,It is better than Marvelon in improving the patients’ rational symptom,to adjust the function of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis,to regain the normal menstrual cycle, and recovering the normal ovulation as well.As a result,the curative effect can last iong.It is worth the clinical promotion.

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