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Construction of the Care Mode on Teacher-Student’s Relationship in Secondary Vocational School

Author: LiuWeiQing
Tutor: XieDengBin
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Education and management of
Keywords: Secondary Vocational School Care mode Teacher-Student’s Relationship Noddings’Education Theory On Care
CLC: G715.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Secondary vocational education is the integral part of Vocational Education .It shoulders the significant responsibility of raising billions of high quality workers, it is also the important basis of our economic and social development. Since the Party’s 16th National Congress, the Central Party Committee and the State Council takes the vocational education as the strategic significance. It also formulated a series of special policy to speed up the development of vocational education .Now, grasping the opportunities and seeking the development become the top priority of all kinds of vocational schools.Therefore, with the social restructuring and the upgrading of high education favoritism, students of vocational school used to be selective, but now are collective. Also these cause the school to become staff collection centers of“marginal students”,“the base camp”of“trouble students”in elementary education. Most of the vocational school students excessively withstand the disappointment of failure and social discrimination. They are the victims of simple and tough education. They are a special crowd of failures and frustrated groups. Facing the students who are congenital deficiency, teachers still use the traditional educational concepts to conduct their teaching. They ignore the individuality and feeling, the development of personality and the spiritual needs of the students. They love and care the students but lack of enough respect. All these made the present teacher-student’s relationship to be the indulgent, the tough and sovereign, system-binding, the tough and sovereign mode which is popular in reality. The teacher-student’s relationship is the basic and main public relation that establishes the thoroughfare of the education process .How to deal with the relationship is the resultant effectiveness, the realization of targets, the student’s health and fully development. Nowadays, with the secondary vocational education is becoming more and more significant, for such a special group who is lack of caring, in the new era when we take“learn to care”as the object that we should try our best to realize, it is becoming imminent and necessary to construct a new mode of teacher-student’s relationship. The caring mode is the effective trial.Nel Noddings’Caring Education Theory emerged in 1980s in the United States, which is affected greatly by Care Rogers’Humanism Theory. She quoted its main ideas as the theoretic foundation of her own. In the early 90’s, with high regards to the educational thoughts of worldwide, the important“learn to care”has drastic influence to the school education all over the world. Recently, the research in our country has developed rapidly. The Caring Education Theory takes“To educate a person who has ability to care, cares human and is worth loving.”as the main purpose of education. It pays much attention to the individual’s value and needs. It stresses that students’life should be respected; the students’experience and the feeling should be valued. It specially stresses the relationship of caring, that is the mutual and the interactive.“The most significance of caring is its relationship. One gives the care, another accepts the care.”This research profits from the characteristics of Noddings’Caring Education Theory, which mainly utilizes the empirical study method, such as interviews, questionnaires, case studies and so on. The research analyzes the reasons for the lack of caring in the current teacher-student’s relationship, and proposes the strategies of constructing the care mode one. It is expected to solve the general difficult problem, serve well to vocational schools’teaching practice, motivate the development of secondary vocational schools and cultivate the high quality workers with caring character who are needed by modern society, and then open up the new aspect of secondary vocational education.This whole paper is divided into five parts.The preface: Introduce the reasons, the significance and methods of the dissertation. Then introduce the current study situation of the teacher-student’s relationship and Noddings’Caring Education Theory. At last expound some relative concepts.Chapter 1: Expound the theory for the construction of the care mode teacher-student’s relationship in secondary vocational school. One originates in Noddings’Caring Education Theory, the other originates in Carl Rogers’Humanism Theory.Chapter 2: Find out the present situation relation between the teachers and students in secondary vocational school with the help of questionnaires. Analyze the causes for the serious caring absence in teacher-student’s relationship, which are: (1) The“congenital deficiency”students in the secondary vocational school. (2) The teachers’traditional educational concepts on the teacher-student relationship. (3)The unhealthy evaluation systems of schools worsen the contradiction between the teachers and the students. Then, prove the significance of this new kind relationship. It is beneficial to (1) achieve the goal of the secondary school.(2) promote the students to be the accepted public with caring quality.(3) encourage the development both teacher and student.Chapter 3: Suggest that the constructing should follow the“Eight- Word Principle”----love, respect, communication and equality. Demonstrate the strategies for it in the four aspects: (1) Improve and renew the quality of the staffs. (2) Reform the courses and teaching. (3) Reform the moral education. (4)Provide a humanism situationFinally: Have a brief summary of this paper, point out the limitation and insufficiency

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