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The Effect of Surfacetants on the Electrooxidation of 3-picoline to Nicotinic Acid

Author: GaoYangYan
Tutor: ZhangYuMin
School: Jilin University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Surfactant Niacin 3 - methylpyridine Electro-oxidation
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Niacin is the most simple structure , physical and chemical properties of the most stable vitamin , pharmaceutical , food and beverage , feed additives and chemical additives . Synthesis of chemical oxidation , air oxidation and electrolytic oxidation . The direct electrochemical oxidation method has many advantages , only consume power without oxidant pollution . 3 - methylpyridine low solubility in water , and significantly alkaline 3 - the conduct of the electro-oxidation of methylpyridine , and only be conducive to higher acidity , and the higher the better . The increase in acidity in turn will be isolated and purified bring certain difficulties , and produce large amounts of inorganic salts, it is difficult to handle , and therefore can have a substance can make 3 - methylpyridine can lower the acidity of the higher solubility . surface active agent is such a substance , it has a unique amphiphilic structure , can easily be formed on the electrode surface a thin film layer of aligned , so that the organic matter to be well dispersed in the electrolyte solution , thus affecting the organic matter in the electrode surface of the electronic exchange process. In the electrolytic system , PbO2 electrode , 3 - methyl - pyridin- electron oxidation, through the measurement of cyclic voltammetry curves investigated surfactant : CTAB, AES , SDBS , Lycine , Span60 , Tween60 , Tween80, and TX-100 on 3 - the methyl pyridine electricity from oxidation of niacin . Determine of of CTAB, AES, SDBS, Lycine and Span60 significant role in promoting the process of anodizing , Tween60, Tween80 , and TX-100 no positive effect . Add the Span60 3 - methylpyridine electro-oxidation the electrosynthesis system designed the orthogonal experimental program to determine the optimum reaction conditions were added electrolytic system for Span60 when can . Selected experimental range , Span60 3 - methylpyridine electro-oxidation obvious role , there has been a marked improvement of the current density , selectivity and current efficiency , application prospects . This paper studies the feasibility of niacin chromium niacin and chromium nitrate as raw materials . Determine the optimal reaction conditions for the the raw direct electro-oxidation continuous synthesis of niacin chromium 3 - methylpyridine , such separation , but without the electrolytic oxidation product of the trivalent chromium salt direct investment in the next step of the reaction , reduce the experimental procedure , the operation is simple .

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