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Effects of Electrical-Acupuncture on SOD、MDA、T-AOC、Ca2+ and Telomerase Activity Due to Sub-acutely Aging Rats

Author: LiYe
Tutor: YangGuoJing
School: Jilin University
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Electrical-Acupuncture acute senile rat model SOD MDA T-AOC、Ca2+ telomerase activity
CLC: R245.97
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Ageing is the category of geratology medicine. And it was the foundation of various senile diseases. There were many hypothesis about aging mechanism. Among them free radical-induced ageing theory has important influence, and telomere theory has become a hot issue recently. Ageing is a progressive process, the mechanism is not quite clear so far, and there was no simple and effective treatments.Acupuncture is always the traditional method of health care. In clinical practices we found that Electrical-Acupuncture is effective and safe with senile diseases, such as senile habitual constipation、geroderma、atrophic glossitis、senile dementia and so on. And it has few adverse events and easy acceptted by patients.At present, research on mechanism of acupuncture anti ageing is focus on gene ageing theory and neuroimmunology. There are rare reports on calcium and telomerase related with aging. Our experiment study on Effects of Electrical-Acupuncture on SODMDA、T-AOC、Ca2+ with serum and liver and telomerase activity with liver due to acute senile rat model, and the structural change of liver and thymus was observed. We definite the mechanism of acupuncture anti ageing from free radical theory、telomere theory and calcium ion three view.Method:48 Wistar rats divided into four groups random: Model group, Electrical-Acupuncture group, VitE group are injected D-gal to build acute senile rat model, blank group are injected with saline of the same volume. Treatment was given meanwhile with build model. Electrical-Acupuncture group was pricked: baihui (GV 20) and guanyuan (CV 4), zusanli (ST 36) two sides, sanyinjiao (SP 6) two sides for three rotation, once daily,10min. VitE group received VitE oil daily. General conditions of rats were observed daily, body weight of rats measured weekly. All rats were sacrificed after 6 week that model establishment, observe and analyze SOD、MDA、T-AOC、Ca2+ with serum and liver and telomerase activity with liver. Pathological sections were dyed to observe the histopathological changes.Result: 1. The changes of rats body weight: Compared with blank group, the body weight grow slowly in model group, and it was significantly. Compared with model group, the body weight grow more fast in Electrical-Acupuncture group and VitE group, it was significantly. That is to say, Electrical-Acupuncture can increase the body weight of D-gal induced senile rat model. 2、The changes of SOD、MDA、T-AOC with serum and liver: Compared with blank group, the activity of SOD and T-AOC decreased significantly, the level of MDA increased significantly in model group. Compared with model group, the activity of SOD and T-AOC increased significantly, and the level of MDA decreased significantly in Electrical- Acupuncture group and VitE group. And T-AOC in serum can reach the blank group level in Electrical-Acupuncture group. Compared with VitE group, the activity of SOD in liver increased significantly in Electrical-Acupuncture group. That is to say Electrical-Acupuncture can anti D-gal induced decay process by enhance the function of endogenous oxyradical scavenging system, and it is more effective compared with VitE. 3、The changes of Ca2+ with serum and liver: Compared with blank group, the level of Ca2+ increased significantly in model group and VitE group; Compared with model group, the level of Ca2+ decreased significantly in Electrical-Acupuncture group, it was more significantly with serum. That is to say Electrical-Acupuncture can decrease the level of Ca2+ in serum and liver, so to delay aging. 4、The changes of telomerase activity in liver:Compared with blank group, telomerase activity decreased significantly in model group; Compared with model group, telomerase activity increased significantly in Electrical-Acupuncture group, though it did not reach the blank group level. That is to say, D-gal can decrease telomerase activity, and Electrical-Acupuncture could improve this situation. This maybe one of the mechanisms that Electrical-Acupuncture anti aging. 5. Pathological change: It was showed that in rats of the blank group, the hepatocyte cells lined up in order, there was no significantly swelling, and the central vein was clearly; The demarcation between cortex and medulla in thymus was clear, the cells lined up in order, and there were no necrosis. It was showed that in rats of the model group, hepatocyte cytoplasm was loose and swelling obviously, hepatic cell was fatty degeneration, spotty and focus necrosis; Cortex and medulla of thymus atrophic both, and demarcation was unclear. There were adipose tissue and fibrous proliferation, and a few karyopyknosis. Compared with blank group, there was little changes with fatty degeneration of liver and thymus in Electrical-Acupuncture group and VitE group, and it was better than model group obviously. It concluded that Electrical- Acupuncture can mitigate the cellular damage induced by D-gal.As a result, we consider that Electrical-Acupuncture can increase the activity of SOD、T-AOC both with serum and liver, can increase the telomerase activity with liver, can decrease the level of MDA and Ca2+. And also improve the histology changes of liver and thymus. The mechanism of Electrical-Acupuncture delay aging was by multiple ways: anti free radical, decrease the level of Ca2+,increase the telomerase activity.

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