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Professor Liu Yunpeng the Febrile Diseases art thinking , clinical experience finishing

Author: ZengChuHua
Tutor: LiHanZuo
School: Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: TCM History and Philology
Keywords: Liu Yunpeng Febrile Disease Academic Thought Clinical Experience Literature Research
CLC: R254
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Liu Yunpeng(1910—),who was born in Changyang Hubei Province,is a Well-known doctor of TCM,The first batch of instructor of inheriting the old TCM experts academic experience,a contemporary well-known TCM doctor of Hubei Province.He Engaged in medical work more than 70 years,saved numerous lives, and trained a large number of students,all of what have made tremendous contributions to the development of pharmaceutical cause.He was good at treating Febrile Disease in the early years,and was famous for it in Jingzhou and Shashi.But his academic thought and clinical experience have not yet finishing and researched.In recent years,China suffered repeated outbreak of "ECM","SARS" "avian flu" and other diseases,which can be attributed to Febrile Disease of TCM.TCM has proved that a combination of Western medicine in the prevention and treatment of those diseases can achieve a better effect.Therefore,the finishing studies to Liu Yunpeng’s literature about the treatment of Febrile Disease,is of important practical significance.This paper introduces Professor Liu Yunpeng’s experience in the medical activities,study the literature about the treatment of Febrile Disease.Now the main content of briefings are as follows.1 Biography of Professor Liu Yunpeng:Liu Yunpeng was generations in the professional doctors,he left school to follow his father Liu Zheren to study medicine when 18-year-old.During the Anti-Japanese War period,He returned to his hometown Changyang,study toured in Songzi,Yidu.After the founding of the PRC,came to Beijing Chinese Medicine College of Technology to study.He founded the Chinese medicine hospital of Shashi City in 1956,and served as president.The following year he founded Shashi school of Chinese medicine(predecessor of Hubei TCM College), concurrently heads.In the 1960s,he successively served as province’s and citie’s people’s deputies,CPPCC members,the Municipal Public Health Bureau deputy director and other staff.He was promoted to chief physician in 1981,and won the title of "the National Health advanced workers" in 1983.In 1991,he was appointed as the first successor of guiding teachers of inheriting the old Chinese medicine experts in the academic experience,and began to enjoy state department special allowance the next year.In the early years he always use "Shanghan" prescriptions to treat seasonal diseases,and achieved unexpected results.Because Shashi where he was living is in hot and humid climate,he studied much about Febrile Disease,especially Shi Wen and Shu Wen.2 The road to success of Professor Liu Yunpeng:(1)Focus on classics,widely absorb and draw upon.When he was 18 years old,he began to study Nejing and Nanjing with his father,what lay a solid theoretical foundation for Chinese medicine. Then familiarized "Shanghanlun" and "Golden Chamber",also refer to different people’s comments and other writings.Then studied the "Wang Mengying’s five medical books"," Febrile Disease Tiaobian" and other works.During anti-Japanese war,he studied tours in Songzi,Yidu.After the liberation,he regularly exchange of experience with counterparts and learn from each other.(2)Apply what he had learned and diligent clinical.He Studied TCM since 18 years old,and began to work as a doctor 2 years later.After the 1950s,Shashi became the country’s famous textile industrial city.Because many patients sufferred from gynecological diseases,he deliberately studied gynecology and quickly became well-known expert.In the 1960s, he insisted on diagnosis although as variety of administrative posts.It is through repeated "temporary permit-learning-to the provisional certification-and study again," he continue to grow up and eventually become a generation of doctors.3 Professor Liu Yunpeng’s contribution to the cause of clinic and education of TCM:Liu Yunpeng committed to the development of the clinic and education of TCM.Through founding hospitals,schools and clinical teaching,he had made great contribution in TCM’s clinic and education.He founded the Chinese medicine hospital of Shashi City in 1956,and served as president.The following year he founded Shashi school of Chinese medicine(predecessor of Hubei TCM College),which training a large number of teachers,doctors and pharmacists and other professionals of TCM,concurrently heads.In addition,through his clinical treatment,diagnosis, prescription,he passed his clinic experience to students without reservation.4 Professor Liu Yunpeng academic thought of Febrile Disease:His academic thought stemmed from Neijing,and subjected to the influence of Zhang Zhongjing, and inherited family and the academic thoughts of Febrile Disease school at the same time.This paper will introduce his academic thought from the following aspects: (1)The awareness to various types of Febrile Disease,including the ChunWen, ShuWen,ShuShi,ShiWen,FuShu.(2)His understanding to "Shu must co-exist with Wet":Liu Yunpeng consider that Shu not co-exists with Wet.5 Professor Liu Yunpeng’s clinical experience of treating Febrile Disease: (1)Diagnosis accurately,prescription flexibility:Liu Yunpeng puts great emphasis on BZLZ,often prescribes flexibility with different stages in accordance with the patients’ practice,and change the prescription in accordance with the different conditions at any time.(2)Comprehensive analysis pulse,tongue,and symptoms:Liu Yunpeng thinks that pulse,tongue,and symptoms are objective,we can judge the changes of diseases by them in clinic.Only by identifying with combined pulse, tongue and symptoms,can we understand the nature of pathogens,and the severity of the disease in different.(3)Focuses on regulating Qiji:human Qiji must maintain a balanced state and that the life movement can maintain normally.Otherwise,the imbalance between yin and yang will be disrupted,and lead to a variety of diseases. Liu Yunpeng attaches great importance tO regulating Qiji in the treatment of Febrile Disease.(4)Good at treating Shiwen disease:Attach equal importance to Huashi and Hingre,and both the material and dosage of the herbals are always light.(5)Treatment of different diseases:To introduce Separately Liu Yunpeng’s experience of treating ChunWen,ShuWen,ShuShi,ShiWen,FuShu mainly in the form of cases.

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