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Diversity and Phylogeny Analysis of Vicia Sepium Rhizobia Isolated from the Northwest of China

Author: ZhangMeiLing
Tutor: WeiGeHong
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Microbiology
Keywords: Vetch Rhizobium Phenotypic diversity Genetic Diversity Numerical Taxonomy Phylogenetic studies
CLC: S154.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
Downloads: 109
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In this thesis, multiphase classification techniques including phenotypic analysis ( 105 physiological and biochemical tests , numerical taxonomy ) and genetic analysis of gene fragments (16S rDNA, IGS, nodA and nifH 4 fingerprint analysis ) , isolated from Xinjiang , Gansu , Shaanxi and Ningxia region of 49 wild pea rhizobia diversity analysis and phylogenetic studies . 16S rDNA PCR-RFLP analysis showed that three kinds of endonuclease combination of patterns, a total of 12 . IGS PCR-RFLP analysis, restriction map type combination of a total of 21 , reflects the rich diversity of the Northwest Territories vetch Rhizobium . 16S rDNA sequence phylogenetic tree the six representatives strain distribution in the three systems development branch which represents strains CCNWSX0050 , and CCNWGS0055 Rhizobium (Rhizobium) branch , and CCNWGS0059 located them with the reference strain R. leguminosarum ( USDA2370 ) the sequence homology was 99.6% , 99.5% and 99.4 % ; CCNWGS0061 CCNWGS0062 located Sinorhizobium branch , wherein CCNWGS0061 reference ratio strain S. fredii and S. xingjiangense , , located in a small branch , the sequence homology between them . 95.9% and 99.7 % ; CCNWGS0062 reference in another small branching ratio strain S. meliloti , S. medicae , and S. arboris sequence homology between them were 100% , 99.7% and 98.1% , respectively . The nodA gene fragment RFLP analysis of the five genotypes , RFLP analysis of nifH gene fragments were obtained 16 genotypes . Tested isolates nodulation gene nodA sequence - based phylogenetic tree and nitrogenase gene nifH sequence based phylogenetic tree of the 16S rDNA sequences phylogenetic tree is consistent , tested strains are mainly distributed in Rhizobium and China Rhizobium two branches , but also some differences . Physiological and biochemical test results showed that the strains tested for the similarity level of 80% is divided into four phenotypic subgroup : group I , group II , group Ⅲ and group Ⅳ . Group Ⅰ including 23 bacteria , 89% level can be divided into two subsets ; the group Ⅱ including The five strains reference strain M. septentrionale the 89% level to get together ; Group Ⅲ including 10 strains in the level of 87% with S. fredii poly to together; the group ⅳ including three bacteria , to get together the 81% level . The nodulation tests show wild leguminosarum has a high rate of nodulation and significantly promote the growth of the role of the host plant .

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