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Conflation of Elite and Popular Cultures

Author: YuanXiaoMing
Tutor: ChenAiMin
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: Salinger Elite culture Popular culture Cultural field
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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1950s, World War II, just shortly after the end of the rapid economic development, but with the continuing escalation of the Cold War, the domestic political air conservative entire society was filled with a to suppress individuality publicity materialistic atmosphere, a time to pay attention to the consumer and material comfort to become fashionable. The popular culture has been greatly developed, slowly become a huge social impact forces dominate Americans' choice and thought. Headed to Faulkner In this context, the cultural elite called writers in the creation describing the feelings of the human mind of which essentially should not blind pursuit of commercial success, being addicted to the popular culture, so he was in high culture and draw a clear line between popular culture. It is during this period, the contemporary American writer Jerome David Salinger published his masterpiece, \the works included in the high culture. However, ironically, the novel full of popular culture, popular culture despicable at the same time, has become popular with American teenagers love the number one best-selling book, therefore define this works is as high culture and popular culture have difficulties. Some critics have argued that the works called the following the \, in many states at the same time as a classic literary works included in the secondary school students required readings; Some critics think the book vulgar language, content false, suspected to meet the public and therefore not appropriate for young readers, some states in the United States banned books were classified in the column. In China, on the Salinger novel \The boycott is false a critique of the dominant discourse in society, and thus its inclusion in the context of high culture. The author believes that in the comment when a writer or a work, not elegant or popular, this simple division, both of which in fact does not have clear boundaries. In this position, the paper uses contemporary French thinkers Bourdieu's cultural field theory, the new interpretation and analysis of Salinger and his work \cultural choices and writers through the works of small and medium-sized hero manifested by Salinger himself in the cultural field domain specific location decision, since Salinger has been accepted for the elite culture Group, he of course will be to maintain the high culture discourse legitimacy and defense, in order to safeguard the cultural order is not destroyed, to the exclusion of popular culture at the same time, in order to more cultural capital in the cultural field domain; Second, Salinger cultural choice in the cultural field also habits continuous dynamic adjustment results in the exclusion of popular culture at the same time, therefore the writer can not get rid of the influence of popular culture. In view of this, I believe that \contemporary works in the digestion after an excellent example of the process of gradual integration between the popular culture, which we can better understand the nature of the efforts of centrism. This paper is divided into five parts, the first part of the research status at home and abroad in the works of \The second part of the first of Bourdieu's cultural field and habits \Cold War popular discourse, he either its lack of field or critical, positive attacked Hollywood art and commercial culture, in order to seek the author's own elegant in the Culture Field. The third section attempts to explain Salinger emotion of popular culture is not so simple, in fact, many cases childhood hero who we can clearly see the shadow of the Hollywood movie heroes, the other showing the values ??of the small hero and then popular culture values ??are not the same, which we can see Salinger strongly defend its elegant identity in the cultural field, but he is impossible to get rid of the influence of popular culture. The fourth part of the Contact writer writing experience as well as novel content writer position in the cultural field domain and its reason. In the concluding section, the author first summarizes the content discussed before, and then the writer Salinger cultural position occupied by their work in the Culture Field decided, at the same time, the writer of \. \

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