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Psychological Effects and Countermeasure of Spaceflight Simulation Environment on Small Group

Author: JingXiaoLu
Tutor: MiaoDanMin;WuBin;LiuFang
School: Fourth Military Medical University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: space simulation isolation confinement sleep deprivation small group interpersonal interaction mental adjustment
CLC: B845
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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There are great development since several years ago, the space launch vehicle and adaptation of craft have been improved very much. However, the human spaceflight are fill with stresses still, and which will stay there in foreseeable future . The main stresses include that narrow and confined cabin, isolation, lonely from human, monotony life, dissimilar cycle of day and night, sleep disorder, and multicultural in international spaceflight. The interaction of these stresses will endanger flight crew’s mental health, interpersonal relationship and space flight mission.In this study, we investigated the crew’s emotions and interpersonal interactions in short stage spaceflight simulation environment, in which subjects suffered from sleep deprivation, narrowed and confined, and continual task. The change trend of emotions and interpersonal communications were explored in long-term confined, multicultural, and lack of social information situation, which is an analog of long-term human spaceflight. Then, we investigated some relevant countermeasure against these stresses. In addition, we have done a experiment to examine the effects of mental relaxation technique in urgent stress of space flight.This paper mainly used psychological questionnaire, behaviour observation, and text content analysis to collect data. The design of experiment is combined with comparison and single cases study. We employed quantity and quality analysis to explore the data.The main results and conclusions are listed bellow.On the whole, there are some negative changes in mood states of subjects with 72 hours confined, sleep deprivation and continuous tasks. The intercommunication and interactions have been lessen in crew with time. And the environment have a negative impact on some individual external and state characters of personality, such as attitude, thinking trend, interpersonal relationship, etc. We have found that the collective life may improve the accepting and adopting each other between subjects in narrowed and confined environment.Small group resource integrate and organized, mental compatible training, and intercourse skills training may alleviate anticipate anxiety and depress of subjects. These countermeasures may be help to form and maintain benign group atmosphere and interpersonal relationship, and may avoid the form of subgroup and the isolated of crewmember.For long-term spaceflight, the past occupation and sociality experience must be considered to select in more emotion stability crew members. Due to the lack of social information and separate from culture, subjects may have more aloneness and negative moods. With the confinement and isolation, the affection and body language were increasing in group. In particularly for the cultural separated subject, who were inclined to make up verbal by body language.Guided imagery relaxation technique nay decreaseing tension, anxiety, heart rate, and sympathetic nervous system activity during centrifuge acceleration training.

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