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Carbon Stocks of Harvested Wood Products in China

Author: BaiYanFeng
Tutor: ZhangShouGong
School: Chinese Academy of Forestry
Course: Forest cultivation
Keywords: Wood forest products Carbon stocks Method Service life Carbon mass Wood consumption intensity Uncertainty
CLC: S718.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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Forest harvesting and wood forest products use natural carbon balance between the forest and the atmosphere changed, wood forest products carbon accounting is included in the international climate change negotiations, land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) issues, and LULUCF carbon flow the countries an important part of the greenhouse gas inventory. In order to improve the quality of our national greenhouse gas inventory preparation and understanding of our wood forest carbon stocks variation, through access to the published literature and field surveys, as well as determination of the method of combining the samples collected to obtain wood forest products carbon reserve estimates need basic measurement parameters such as basic density, carbon content and service life as well as the different sectors of the wood consumption intensity. Papers to clearly define the scope of the negotiations wood forest products, highlighting the principle of fairness; first proposed the concept of carbon mass and its evaluation of carbon storage effect. Carbon stock estimates based on different classification ways. Thesis based FAO definition Classification ways, IPCC methodological framework, the application reserves data method and gradually recursive equation to estimate carbon stocks of wood forest products in China as well as import and export wood forest products carbon reserves; using Monte Carlo simulation analysis of carbon reserves the uncertainty of the results. Then on the basis of product use classification pathway, using gray system model to predict the future development trend of China's construction industry and the coal industry, timber consumption intensity projections of different industries wood consumption by using national specialized approach to analysis of the different departments consumption of timber carbon stock changes in the law. From the data to get the perspective of ease of product use classification ways superior to the FAO definitions pathway. Wood forest products in China is a growth from carbon reserves estimation results, carbon pool; wood forest products net importer, therefore the application of stock changes more favorable to our country. The main conclusions are as follows: (1) our wood forest products is a carbon pool, and this carbon pool carbon stocks growing faster and faster. Annual wood consumption in the industrial and construction sectors growing carbon stocks. Our country is a net importer of wood forest products; from wood forest carbon stocks and average annual carbon stock change results, higher than the results of the other two methods to estimate carbon stocks and stock change method to estimate the carbon stocks followed by the atmospheric flow estimation results, minimum production method to estimate the carbon stocks results. Wood forest products in alternative building materials products emission reduction potential. (2) of our species carbonaceous rate and basic density with different species differences; the measured the Panel products carbonaceous rate average of 0.466 average basic density 0.670t · m-3; the average moisture content of 5 %; Paper carbon ratio is 0.34, significantly lower than the 0.5. (3) The product life of less than 20 years is limited, compared to the quality of wood products carbon results were building templates lt; paper and cardboard lt; mine timber and pillar lt; decorated with wood lt; wooden tables and chairs lt; wooden doors and windows lt; a wooden cupboard lt; wooden bed lt; wooden frame houses. (4) stock changes, the production method and the atmospheric flow estimate of all-wood forest products (including fuelwood conversion part) carbon stocks in 2020 will reach 1436.18MtC 1057.48MtC and 1347.80MtC carbon stocks in products 1199.65MtC, 869.20MtC 1095.07MtC. Carbon reserves are projected to consume wood forest products in the industrial and construction sectors in 2020 were the 2373.57MtC, 1279.22MtC and 1437.33MtC. (5) stock changes, the production method and the atmospheric flow estimate various types of carbon stocks in wood forest products overall upward trend. Paper and cardboard, and wood-based panels in carbon stocks are basically the same growth trend, sawn timber and other products of industrial logs the carbon reserves growth trend is similar. Sawn timber, plywood, paper and cardboard, and other industrial logs carbon stocks in wood forest products carbon reserves contribution was no significant difference between the accounting methods, and 1990-2008 contribution rate trends. (6) China's import and export wood forest products carbon stocks as a whole showed a rising trend, and is a net importer of wood forest products. Logs is a net importer of carbon reserves accumulated from 1900 to 2008, net imports of industrial logs 141.09MtC. The overall performance of sawn timber, plywood, paper and cardboard products and other industrial logs for net imports from 1900 to 2008 net imports of carbon reserves total 57.43MtC. (7) Monte Carlo simulation results show that the production method to estimate the carbon stocks in the results of the highest uncertainty; carbon reserves result of wood basic density and product life sensitive. (8) Jianzhuyongcai carbon reserves predicted on the basis of the gray system model and the buildings housing wood consumption intensity Buildings Completed in 2020 amounted to 3.8 billion m2 consumption for 156 million m3 of timber and timber construction industry consumes carbon reserves accumulated 674.62 MtC. (9) predicted to consume wood furniture industry in 2020 approximately 354,120,000 m3 wood furniture industry consumes carbon reserves will reach 363.96MtC. 2008, domestic consumption of furniture carbon stocks 50.52MtC, and forecast to 2020 is the domestic consumer Furniture carbon reserves are 354.38MtC. (10) based on the production elasticity coefficients and the consumption of wood strength forecast to 2020, China's paper industry timber is approximately 440.90 × 106m3, carbon stocks 442.26MtC wood consumption of paper and cardboard. Changes in carbon stocks forecast 2020 domestic paper and paperboard timber consumption is 57.08MtC · a-1. (11) According to the economic development of the demand for coal, predicted China's coal industry output will reach 4.57 billion tons in 2020, when the wood consumption will reach 16 million m3, growing reserves of coal industry consumes wood carbon, carbon stocks in 2020 reach 39.51MtC.

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