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Effects of Conservation Tillage on Saving Water and Increasing Yield in Sloping Land of Heilongjiang Western Sandy Area

Author: LiYueXing
Tutor: WeiYongXia
School: Northeast Agricultural University
Course: Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords: Western Heilongjiang Sandificational Conservation Tillage Measures Soil moisture content Biological traits Water use efficiency Grey Relation Projection Method
CLC: S345
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The aeolian sandy area of ??western Heilongjiang Province, located in the Songnen Plain is an important part of the dryland of northern China, is an important grain production bases in China and high-quality corn production and export base. This region has long been re-developed light management, the heavy output light invested, most of them to a single mode of production, especially in recent years, the gradual deterioration of ecological environment, natural disasters occur frequently, and the desertification of the increasing phenomenon of a substantial decline in land productivity, seriously affecting stability and sustainable development of the agriculture of the region. The This paper plot experiment conducted in 2008 and 2009 in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, Du Mengxian western Heilongjiang Sandificational sloping land conservation tillage measures (including: the covered measures ridge between the lines to the district Tian measures Tian Jicheng measures between the coating and the ridge to the district and the straw mulch measures) on soil moisture, soil water storage, corn and various biological indicators (including leaf area, plant height, stem diameter, dry matter accumulation, yield and elements) such as the impact of different conservation tillage measures were comprehensive evaluation of slope farmland of western Heilongjiang Sandificational conservation tillage program of measures. The results show that: the different conservation tillage measures on soil moisture, water use efficiency, as well as the biological traits of corn indicators and yield. Different conservation tillage measures on soil moisture significantly improve the effect more obvious, especially on the 0-40cm below the surface soil moisture, improve soil moisture: covering film between furrows and ridges to the area Tian integration measures, laminating measures, of straw mulch measures and ridge between the lines to the district Tian measures. Apart from the straw mulch measures 0.29 percentage points lower than the control in the efficiency of water use, conservation tillage measures higher than that of the control treatment, Tian Jicheng measures and between the lines of covering film between furrows and ridges to the area coated measures respectively compared with the control 23.41% and 24.88%, significantly different ridge to the District Tian measures than was increased by 3.7%. Biological traits in corn leaf area index, plant height, stem diameter and dry matter accumulation, conservation tillage measures showed a similar degree of order of the line between the coating and ridge to the District, Tian Jicheng measures gt; between the lines overlying The film measures gt; the ridge to District Tian measures gt; routine actions gt; straw mulch measures. Tian Jicheng measures and between the lines of the coating of the ridge to the area between the line laminating measures performance excellent yield increased by 26.38% and 24.41%, respectively, compared with the control, yield significant results. Ridge to the District Tian measures than the CK 4.33% general increase yield. The straw mulch measures but cut effect, it is early in the growth of maize straw mulching on the inhibition of the ground temperature, affecting the growth of the corn, causing its yield was reduced by 1.18%. Comprehensive analysis of the test results can be seen, different conservation tillage measures in addition to measures of straw mulch different measures of corn growth and yield improvement have beneficial effects, Tian Jicheng measures covering film between furrows and ridges to the area and between the lines The most significant effect of the coating measures. The straw mulch measures has slightly cut the effect, but this measures to improve soil moisture more obvious, there better Xushuibaoshang effect. Gray relational comprehensive evaluation of different conservation tillage measures unit of input values, output values, and water consumption and other factors, the combined effect of the different measures: covering film between furrows and ridges to the District, Tian Jicheng measures gt; between the lines overlying film measures gt; the ridge to District Tian measures gt; straw cover measures gt; conventional measures. These results can be drawn therefrom comprehensive, covering film between furrows and ridges to the District, Tian Jicheng measures for the Heilongjiang western water-saving Sandificational to yield the most effective conservation tillage measures.

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