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Fusion of Marxism with China 's traditional culture

Author: JinZhongYan
Tutor: DongDeGang
School: The Central Party School
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: Marxism traditional Chinese culture integration
CLC: A811.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2011
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The integration of Marxism and the traditional Chinese culture is an essential theoretical problem, which should be deeply studied to further the development of Sinonization of Marxism in China.Establishing a scientific view about Marxism and the traditional Chinese culture is the prerequisite of promoting the integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture. What is Marxism and how to regard Marxism are the themes of the view of Marxism. However, the public has many wrong understandings about Marxism and has much vague and even wrong recognition of the meaning, the subject of Marxism and how to stick to Marxism. In China, the only right attitude toward Marxism is the Sinonization of Marxism, which includes two fields: practical and academic. Whether practical or academic Sinonization of Marxism, it implies the integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture. The essence of the traditional Chinese culture is humanism; the core is the traditional Chinese philosophy; and the main content of is the philosophy of life. Discarding the dross and selecting the essence is the basic principle toward the traditional Chinese culture. But the right and the wrong are the two extremes and lots of contents are the mixture of the right and the wrong. So, we should treat the traditional Chinese culture according to its actual state of affairs.The integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture is to explain the essence of traditional Chinese culture in the Marxist way. Virtually, it is to inherit the traditional Chinese culture in a developmental way. This inheritance includes three kinds: that of thinking form, thinking content and the synthesis of thinking form and content. According to the two fields of the Sinonization of Marxism, the integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture can be distinguished into practical and scientific integration respectively.The integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture has many necessities: first, to solve actual problems of Chinese society; second, to promote the sound development of Chinese people; third, to promote the Sinonization of Marxism; and fourth, to modernize the traditional culture of China. The integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture is not only necessary, but also possible. The development history of Chinese culture and the world culture reflects the integration of different cultures, which is a universal law. In China, philosophers before the Qin Dynasty, Han Confucianism, Wei and Jin Metaphysics, Sui and Tang Buddhism, Song and Ming Confucianism, Ming and Qing Confucianism, Modern Neo-confucianism are all the integration of different cultures. From the world perspective, the Christian culture integrated Judaism culture and Ancient Greece culture. The bourgeois culture created in Enlightenment and Renaissance merged the philosophy of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Marxism combined with German classical philosophy, British classical political economy and French Utopian socialism. Furthermore, there are consistency and complementarity between Marxism and the traditional culture of China, such as the conception of matter, dialectics, epistemology, history, and social ideal, and so on. At the same time, understanding of thinking, accomplishments of the subject, and philosophy of life in the traditional Chinese culture can enrich and develop Marxism.The integration of Marxism with the traditional Chinese culture is an objective historical process which has its own contradictions and laws. From the perspective of contradictions, the basic contradiction in the integration of the two is between the actual degree of the integration between the two and the need of Chinese social development. In the very long period of time, the principal contradiction of the integration is between its requirements of subjects’qualities and the subjects’lack of the requirements which is the main facet of the principal contradiction. At the same time, there are some secondary contradictions in the integration, which can be shown in the following aspects: First, the adverse effects on the integration brought by the negative factors of the traditional culture; second, the negative consequences of two criticisms of traditional culture in modern times; third, the negative factors of“the traditional culture craze”. From the perspective of laws, there are four laws: First, the integration must adapt to the actual needs. Second, Marxism is in the dominant position in the integration. Third, the subjects’qualities must adapt to the integration. Fourth, the style of the Communist Party of China affects the integration.Currently, to promote the integration, we should try hard in five aspects. First, in the practical field, we should fully use ethics, the views of righteousness and profit in pre-Qin period, the essence of golden mean, harmony and integration, perfect and harmonizing, benevolent government, and the essence of man and nature as one, to solve the contradictions between people and themselves, people and people, people and nature. In the academic field, we should use philosophy of life in the traditional Chinese culture to establish Marxist philosophy of life, especially the Marxist viewpoints on human, realm of life, life and death, and filial piety. We should make use of Marxism in excavating the Chinese national spirit. To create a good circumstance for the integration, we should spread among the people the knowledge of Chinese history and traditional culture. Finally, we must raise our guard to prevent the effects of the negative factors of Chinese traditional culture on the integration.

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