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Molecular Characterization of Photoperiod and Quality Genes in Chinese Wheat Cultivars

Author: YangFangPing
Tutor: ShangXunWu;HeZhongHu;XiaXianChun
School: Gansu Agricultural University
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Common wheat Photoperiod gene Ppd-D1 Phytoene synthase gene Psy-A1 High molecular weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS) Glu-B3 Low molecular weight glutenin subunits (LMW-GS) Molecular marker-assisted selection (MAS)
CLC: S512.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The adaptability of improved varieties and processing quality is an important goal of China's wheat breeding. Ppd-D1a non-sensitive genes in common wheat chromosome 2D glazing cycle, and is closely related to wheat adaptability; closely related to the appearance and color of the yellow pigment content and flour products, Chinese noodles, steamed bread requires color white, low yellow pigment content of wheat varieties; glutenin subunit gene is closely related to dough strength. Use of molecular markers above traits not only to understand the distribution of genes in different wheat growing areas of control-related traits, screening material containing high-quality genes, but also helps to study China's wheat breeding different wheat growing areas of adaptive mechanism and carry out high-quality genes polymerization . In this study, the use of molecular markers to detect the wheat planting area of ??9 926 cultivars (lines) photoperiod gene Ppd-D1a distribution law, and combined pedigree from the molecular level to analyze the source of derivation Ppd-D1a; Using Molecular Markers control of yellow pigment content of four winter wheat region 374 improved varieties (lines) and 197 core germplasm phytoene synthase gene alleles distribution were analyzed and improved varieties of yellow pigment content the correlation between the phytoene synthase gene, screened low yellow pigment material. The use of molecular markers of four winter wheat region 224 and 216 varieties (lines), low and high molecular weight glutenin gene clear detection of gene distribution frequency and effectiveness of genetic markers. The main findings are as follows: wheat varieties in China photoperiod non-sensitive genes Ppd-D1a average distribution frequency of 66%, which landraces and improved varieties of 38.6% and 90.6%, respectively; addition to the northwest high latitudes part of spring wheat and Gansu Xinjiang and other places of winter wheat the domestic promotion in 1970 after wheat varieties (lines) are carrying Ppd-D1a gene; increased gradually from north to south Ppd-D1a gene distribution frequency; combination of pedigree analysis derived from the molecular level Chinese wheat Ppd-D1a gene varieties sources, mainly the Japanese local varieties Akagomughi and the Chinese local varieties grasshopper wheat and scorpionfish son Jimmy. Ppd-D1 gene marker specificity, repeatable, and can accurately detect the presence of wheat varieties Ppd-D1a gene or not. Control yellow pigment phytoene synthase gene (Psy-A1) mark YP7A codominant markers in high, low yellow pigment content of wheat material were 194 bp and 231 bp fragment was amplified Psy-A1a and Psy-A1b corresponding allele (GenBank accession numbers were EF600063 and EF600064). 374 improved varieties of winter wheat (Department), containing allele Psy-A1a and Psy-A1b varieties (lines) accounted for 66.8% and 33.2%, the average difference of the two yellow pigment content reaches a significant level (P lt ; 0.01). Northern winter wheat region, the Huang-Huai winter wheat region, winter wheat region of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Southwest winter wheat region Psy-A1a allele frequency distribution of respectively 73.8%, 73.9%, 25.9% and 46.7%, respectively. The 197 the core local germplasm allele Psy-A1a and Psy-A1b distribution of frequency of 97.5% and 2.5%, respectively. Molecular markers to more accurately detect HMW-GS of wheat varieties (lines). HMW-GS subunit distribution frequency of 224 winter wheat varieties (lines) there is a big difference. Of these, 55 (24.6%) of material carrying Dx5, 80 (35.7%) carry have By8 of material such as Dx5 and By8 alleles No amplified bands generated Bx20 subunit; 5.8% of the varieties (lines) carrying . Contain the Bx14 By15 and Bx13 By16, subunits varieties were 1 and 2 parts; 4 (1.8%), and 5 (2.2%) varieties were carrying Bx6 and Bx17; 106 (47.3%) varieties (lines) containing the gene By9 . Molecular marker test results with the results of the SDS-PAGE conformance different subunits (consistency), some differences: Bx17 and Bx6 conform to the degree 100% Dx5 By8 and By9 consistent rate of 90.9%, 88.9% and 97.2%, mainly due to SDS-PAGE can not be well to distinguish between different functions, similar to the molecular weight of the subunit. 8 4. GLu-B3 point 10 molecular markers in specificity, good reproducibility, and can be used for molecular detection of LMW-GS of wheat varieties and assisted selection. 10 mark detection of 216 copies of the winter wheat varieties (lines) found eight kinds alleles, which, 34 (15.7%) were carrying Glu-B3g subunit; 34 (15.7%) the material carrying Glu-B3d subunit; 15 (6.9%) were contained gene Glu-B3b, four varieties contain the Glu-B3e gene; 13 species (6.0%) carrying Glu-B3f subunit; 8 the varieties carrying Glu-B3h subunit; 4 copies of materials containing of Glu-B3i subunit; 104 varieties carrying of Glu-B3j subunit Test results with the results of SDS-PAGE analysis of molecular markers have some differences, mainly due to SDS-PAGE technology due to the lower resolution of the LMW-GS subunit. This study clearly photoperiod non-sensitive genes Ppd-D1a, the yellow pigment content phytoene synthase gene Psy-A1 HMW-GS and Glu-B3 allele in Chinese wheat varieties (lines) distribution law, and verify the effectiveness and practicality of the corresponding mark for our high-quality, high yield and wide adaptability of new wheat varieties bred to provide the materials and methods.

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