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Study on the Formation of the Doctrine of Epidemic Febrile Diseases of Wen Yi Lun and Zheng Zhi Xin Chuan

Author: WuShaoJun
Tutor: LiuXiaoBin
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Of Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Plague theory Treatment of heart mass The history of the development of febrile disease Febrile Disease ancient
CLC: R254.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2009
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Once upon research purposes, because antibiotics, hormones invention, so that people had a wrong impression that the infectious disease is conquered, TCM Febrile Diseases outdated. Severity of atypical pneumonia (SARS) in early 2003 in Guangdong Province, the epidemic subsequently spread to several provinces in the country, is also spreading to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the resulting many medical and social problems. Face burst from the epidemic, and later involved in the achievements of Chinese medicine, encourage people to reflect on, and trying to find TCM arsenal. Wu sexual plague theory is that Chinese academic source the Febrile Diseases said medical writings included in the commitment of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine National Key Basic Research Program (973 Program) content. Febrile Diseases said Qing Dynasty scholar, a major contribution to the contagious, febrile, infectious, epidemic disease prevention, in Febrile Diseases Research, scholars have paid more attention to mature in the Qing Dynasty febrile disease everyone leaves (days with disabilities), Xue (raw white), Wu (Jutong) (Bangladesh). Febrile Diseases formation of pioneers such as Ming Wu sexual Yuan class has paid little attention, especially Yuan Ban \Therefore, explore the the Wu Yuan Ershi academic thinking and writings Febrile Diseases of the formation and development of a significant impact, the main purpose of this thesis. Version of the research methods to determine: As a pilot basis in Hong Kong Libraries, Library of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical history of each Department Collection early data collection, focusing on the \version. Reference to ancient Chinese medicine Press, 1991 publication of the National union catalog of TCM Books, finishing two books ancient handed down version, that current industry visible version, such as the the plague theory of People's Health Publishing House issued in 1955 16 Folio \the plague theory recharge; 1976 People's Health Publishing House, Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine Research Institute commentary \On commentary \published by Mengshu Jiang, Yang Jin Point school \plague theory; same year by the the plague theory \The above versions are compared to determine the \The new engraved Yi Wei, the Yangzhou Wen Fu Tong Kuramoto) and various Department of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medical History Collection Tongzhi JiaZi new engraved, of Fan Chuanwen into the Church Tibetan board the \\the times work published in 1923 Hangzhou Three Medical Board thirty-three medical books Episode twenty-five \three medical books \Data collection: paper traced back to the Qin and Han, Jin, Tang, Song, Jin and Yuan medical Wu, Yuan Febrile Diseases surgery thinking, under, and Wu, the Qing Dynasty febrile disease physicians, medical Yuan inspired role, you need the support of a range of antiques. Consider the difficulty of data collection of ancient Chinese medicine, medical books, the fully remitted Series neighbor points school TCM published the books sets of books, such as Science Press, published in 1998, Qing Dynasty Jiang Tingxi original usurp the Past and the Present Integrated Department of Medical Xerox essence \: Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, published in 1999, Hu Guochen general editor of the Ming and Qing doctors Britannica Dacheng (13 reproduces the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty 17 physicians Testament); Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House in 1997, \Q \photocopy version of \Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, 2004 the \Press \At the same time, by retrieving the China Academic Journal (CNKI) were contained nearly 20 years in the core journals published about TCM Febrile Diseases theory, the dialectical method, treatment, drug use, in particular the promotion of major research projects of national achievements The application tracking analysis and evaluation summarized Wu Yuan two writings on the of Febrile Diseases formation and development impact. Finally, the reference to the Western epidemic etiology school literature, modern literature and historical documents collected, classified, analytical commentary focusing on reference books and related medical magazine. Felissa R.hashley, RN Jerry D.Durham \Press, 2003U.S.Department of Health and Human Services - National Institutesof Health \features, try a combination of cross-sectional study with longitudinal study mode. Cross-sectional study, study the Ming dynasty in the way of the study of the history of dating, two Febrile Diseases writings, namely Wu sex \temperature and disease development theory the Transcend and clinical contribution made; longitudinal study is divided into two parts, the first major finishing Ming academic achievements of previous febrile disease focus to tease out which Wu Yuan academic part, such as the \, \Explores Wu, Yuan Medical Qing Dynasty Febrile Diseases, especially febrile disease inspired by the famous role Ye Xue Wu, Wang and after four of Wu, Yuan Medical on to build a modern Febrile Diseases contribution. Contact Western Epidemiology, etiology theory discussed in Western medicine, infectious diseases have in common. Findings based on the research methods, thesis formed, the structure is divided into two parts: the first part was published in the Ming dynasty in the two TCM Febrile Diseases classics, focuses on sexual Wu plague theory, Yuan spots \governance heart mass academic achievement: 1, Wu sexual raised in the etiology of febrile disease, pestilence doctrine, and pointed out that the contagious pestilence, epidemic, partial (Ex), designed hair characteristics, febrile disease treatment \2, Yuan Ban proposed plague by the hostility in the sense of temperature evil more from the violations of the human body on the coke lung health, Wei Qi Ying Xue way to mass change of great importance in the differential diagnosis of the plague and typhoid and other non-epidemic febrile disease identification; stressed nursing based on the yin and yang of the actual situation of the disease in the treatment of plague. 3, analysis Wu, Yuan Medical common: usually up to change the treatment of febrile disease; fever diagnosis to focus on the tongue, pulse, and Senate combined, understand the nuanced; febrile disease dismount when and tongue diagnosis cooperative participation; febrile disease attack evil should be early, drug card congenial; conditioning are stressed after the illness and the importance of prevention and treatment of relapse. 4. General the Febrile Diseases contribution of Wu, Yuan Medical: pestilence, hostility concept on the etiology; sense of evil ways and by the evil parts \the table nine sexual preach and Yuan class \etc. Yuan class good at conditioning yin and yang of the actual situation and focus on disease after conditioning method. Second part, the NG sexual plague theory, Yuan spots \Ju Tong), Wang Meng British four academic links, such as of Ye Tianshi temperature evil by Wei Qi Ying Xue, saying discernible tongue experience tooth, Wu Ju Tong evil from the nose and mouth into the room, Wu Ju Tong chengqi soup side of the CD change, change card under analysis, drug use Coptis with rhubarb flavor, the Yin Qingzao and reinforcing and reducing and carrot. Wu sex, and if the Ficus raw white the \both have more or less associated to become an important part of the papers. Wu sexual plague theory, Yuan spots \renewed \Papers Attachment, traditional Chinese medicine the Febrile Diseases said to become a source of building a modern eco-epidemiological theory. The author has long been engaged in urban environmental planning work in Hong Kong, and medicine in the 20th century has been a great development, but the threat of the disease to humans has not diminished, diffuse disease incidence is high, newly discovered infectious diseases began to attack humans. This threat forced epidemiology to rethink the the inherent traditional methods and modern disease patterns contradictions, seeking new ways to deal with the enemies of human health in the 21st century. Ecological epidemiology (eco-epidemiology) is a new concept nearly a decade continue to be mentioned that the use and practice of epidemiology. I understand the TCM Febrile Diseases said pathogenic etiology theory, in common with Western ecological epidemiology formulation, but very immature and not fully demonstrated, so as for the reader is referred to the end of the Attachment column in the paper. Conclusions to the ancient knowledge today also; mirror, so the observed shape also. Papers through the study of the Ming dynasty in the two the Febrile Diseases writings that Wu sex \contribution, to confirm that they are TCM Febrile Diseases history of the development of important academic works, especially Yuan spots \Papers in the analysis of the the Ming Wu sexual plague theory \the the febrile disease four people as well as other the Febrile Diseases art masterpiece also have a significant impact. Febrile Diseases art history research focus in the 500 years of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as of Modern febrile disease masters Chen any gold says: \He alone, while Zoran Zichengyijia, medical or? Ming and Qing to till today, research febrile disease of Day method day precision, this five hundred years, the height of the era of febrile disease. \

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