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Implementations for Quantum Remote State Preparation and Logic Gates

Author: WangDong
Tutor: LouPing
School: Anhui University
Course: Materials Physics and Chemistry
Keywords: Quantum entangled states Quantum teleportation Quantum phase gate Remote state preparation POVM measurement
CLC: O413.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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Quantum Information is a science emerged in the 1980s, it is based on the combination of quantum mechanics and information sciences disciplines. So far, the rapid development of quantum information science, a considerable number of important theories have been proposed, and experimental research has made tremendous progress. , There are two basic concepts: quantum logic gates and entanglement in quantum information science. Quantum logic gate is a unitary operator to describe the quantum state of evolution. Quantum computing can be seen as a series of basic quantum logic gates role in the initial state of a standard, then for some standard measurement process. In other words, the basic unit of quantum logic gate is in the process of quantum computing. We know that the entangled state to play its important role in quantum information processing. It not only can be used to test the theory of quantum mechanics, or quantum information processing core resources. It has many important applications, such as we are familiar with quantum teleportation, quantum remote state preparation, quantum cloning. It is quantum logic gates and entanglement in quantum information processing, causing widespread research and concern. The main object of this paper is the logic gate remote and remote state preparation. Text is divided into seven chapters, IV, V and VI of my work, the framework of the whole thesis is as follows: The first chapter introduces the research background of this paper, which outlined the proposed development of quantum information given the structural arrangement of the main object of study and the full text of the Ph.D. thesis; second chapter of this paper introduces the basic concepts and theory, including quantum bits, quantum no-cloning theorem, quantum unitary operations, projection measurement POVM measurement, as well as an overview of quantum information, quantum concept of parallel computing and quantum communication; Chapter focuses on the concept of quantum entanglement in judgment, classification and measurement, and its important applications - Quantum Teleportation The concept of teleportation, quantum remote state preparation, quantum remote cloning and quantum dense coding. The fourth chapter details the theory program - remote multi-qubit phase gate program. And a series of discussions on the characteristics of our program, and compared our program and other programs at the same time. Chapter described in detail based on the non-maximally entangled channels, and POVM any two particles entangled pure state theory of remote preparation program. The analysis and the experimental feasibility of the program, there was some discussion and comparison of the special nature of the program. Detail in Chapter 6 Remote preparation of single-particle and two-particle entangled pure state bit theoretical scheme for the four-level system. Maximally entangled channel and classical communication, we are able to achieve a probability of remote state preparation (RSP). In addition, we analyze the program the particularity and experimental feasibility. Finally, we make a summary of the full text, prospect and future research work.

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