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Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Study on the Subject Behaviors of Circular Agriculture

Author: ChenShiBo
Tutor: LiChongGuang
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Cycle of agriculture The behavior of the subject Farmer Government Agriculture-related enterprises Rural Intermediary Organizations
CLC: F323.22
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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With China's rapid economic development and increasing population, agriculture has been the first low-level traditional production methods, gradually transformed into high mining, low utilization, high emissions \The consumption of resources at the expense of agricultural growth, on the one hand to promote the rapid development of China's agriculture, on the other hand has also led to a huge waste of our natural resources and agro-ecological environment deteriorating. Changes in agricultural growth mode, taking resource conservation and environmental protection of the agricultural cycle of the road, is a top priority of China's agricultural development. Thesis aims to by the mode of development in different parts of the agricultural cycle, farmers, enterprises, intermediary organizations and different government entities behavior and influencing factors analysis to explore the circulation of agricultural development mode and the law, and provide a useful theoretical study and practical development of the agricultural cycle. Reference and suggestions. The thesis was completed on the basis of the research in the field of rural agricultural development cycle. Paper selected in Hubei Province Xuan'en (Mountain), Xiantao City (plains), Wuhan Jiangxia (suburban), of Xinzhou District (suburban) four provincial-level eco-agriculture pilot counties, and Honghu City, Hubei Province (Lake Reservoir ), two countries Jingshan County (hills) eco-agriculture pilot counties, Changde City, Hunan Lixian as the survey points, 25 villages, 515 households, seven typical leading agricultural enterprises, as well as survey points local government officials questionnaires and interviews, seminars, etc., to obtain the papers needed first-hand information and data, and through theoretical analysis and study of the formation of the basic content and perspectives. The main content of the thesis, including: a theoretical support for agricultural development cycle system, including: interactive coordination mechanisms between the endogenous mechanism of the agricultural cycle and industry linkage mechanism, participation mechanisms as well as the main body of the actors of the agricultural cycle. Second, the behavior of agricultural development cycle, including farmers involved in the agricultural cycle power factors and constraints; enterprises to participate in the incentives and constraints of the agricultural cycle, the organizational model; rural intermediary organizations involved in the agricultural cycle behavior and the incentives and constraints; government guidance of the need for agricultural development cycle, the conduct of the government and farmers to government behavior evaluation. Third, the development of the agricultural cycle each subject correlation analysis. Game between the cycle of agriculture, farmers, agribusiness, government and rural intermediary organizations, the use of stochastic frontier production function model (Translog model), factor analysis, and OLS method to establish the \the exogenous determinants regression model \Fourth, China's development of the agricultural cycle ways and suggestions. The survey results show that: (1) the development of the agricultural cycle is conducive to improve the economic and environmental benefits of the farmers, help to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, the development of the agricultural cycle must walk the road of industrialization of agriculture. The current lack of circular agriculture-related technology, the production cost is too high, the low level of farmers' organizations, the advantages and benefits of the market price of the circulation of agricultural products is not obvious, scale of enterprise development funds limited, leading to our farmers, enterprise development The lack of circulation of agricultural effective interests boot mechanism. (2) the establishment of a \The estimated results show: the effectiveness of the agricultural cycle in addition to the direct impact of the behavior by farmers invested, farmers as participating subjects, such as their own characteristics of the population, labor force and age, years of education, and social experience, will be through various acts of farmers, such as decision-making, investment have a direct impact and risk aversion, agricultural inputs and outputs, thereby affecting the practice and the effectiveness of the development of the agricultural cycle; same time, the external environment, such as market prices, products, sales channels, local species breeding environment and the level of technology, as well as government policy so bring direct or indirect impact on the development and efficiency of the agricultural cycle. (3) the use of the logistic regression model to analyze the willingness and influencing factors of different regions of the farmers involved in the circulation of agricultural projects. The analysis shows that the cycle of agriculture as a new thing in the promotion of rural remains to be deepened; in a non-traditional agricultural areas, compared to the traditional, mainly in farming and breeding areas easier to carry out, for example, in Honghu City and Xinzhou District should be accepted by the masses than traditional agricultural areas in such as Xuan'en Xiantao City easier. Meanwhile, in regions with a high degree of agricultural specialization and industrialization, farmers participating in the circulation of agricultural projects more enthusiastic This is mainly because of the closer relationship of household income and employment and agriculture. In addition, the government encouraged farmers to participate actively also have a significant impact. (4) agriculture-related enterprises, become a key entry point to promote the development of recycling economy by extending the industrial chain and industry driven. Studies have shown that the inherent power to encourage enterprises to participate in the agricultural cycle including: the development goals of the enterprise itself, the moral responsibility; the external motivation include: technical impetus, government-led force, demand pulling power and competition driving force, these The factors that together constitute the internal and external environment of enterprises to participate in the agricultural cycle. Changing external environment is the most important driving force to promote the enterprises to change their environment governance strategy. Therefore, while efforts to enhance their sense of moral responsibility, through the implementation of various environmental policy instruments should be the participation of enterprises in the agricultural cycle of strategic behavior have a direct impact. In addition, due to the lack of relevant systems, the cycle technology R \u0026 D lag, incomplete development of the shortage of funds and other main reason, also makes a serious shortage of enterprises to participate in the power of the agricultural cycle. (5) in the case of our farmers production scale is small, decentralized operation, agricultural sector service functions missing, the introduction of the development of the agricultural cycle dire need of intermediary organizations in rural areas. Intermediary organizations in rural areas through the state monopoly for purchase and reduce the production costs of farmers, protect the sales prices of agricultural products; help improve the degree of organization of farmers by the coupling of a single power, effective expression of the farmers' demands; provide all kinds of technical guidance for the development of the agricultural cycle the necessary technical support. The organization is not operating specifications, the development of a serious shortage of funds, and backward management system the internal factors constraining rural intermediary organizations involved in agricultural development cycle; lack of guidance and support of the government, farmers low participation, contact with the enterprise business does not close the constraints rural intermediary organizations to participate effectively in the agricultural cycle external factors. (6) \The survey shows that the Chinese government in the provision of public goods in rural areas, to create a good market environment, there are many problems, failed to effectively provide convenient conditions for farmers, enterprises and other related entities to participate in the agricultural cycle. As participating subjects, the behavior of government decision-making in the agricultural cycle will also be a variety of factors, the lack of local financial revenue, grass-roots government by the higher authorities to contain excessive and grassroots cadres and local governments, one-sided pursuit of performance lead government actions shortsighted and other factors are also important reasons to influence government behavior. (7) through the stochastic frontier production function and factor analysis, the establishment of the technical efficiency of farmers to produce exogenous factors econometric model is determined. The results show that, government, associations and enterprises level of farmers to produce technical efficiency has an important influence; especially the interaction of the three, the most far-reaching impact on the the farmers production technology efficiency; Association is the most direct impact on the technical efficiency of farmers, their role is very important. Very important to the Government of the parameter estimates in the three smallest indirectly affect the utility of the government, especially the government in promoting the industrialization of agriculture, support and promote the development of leading agricultural enterprises, support and promote the growth of the agricultural professional and technical associations and irreplaceable role. (8) in front of existing problems and shortcomings in the development of the agricultural cycle, combined with China's basic national conditions, the proposed \market service system, the information security system, the establishment of the incentive system and the legal system of the agricultural cycle, the building of the agricultural cycle \Thesis may exist a few innovations: First, the thesis clearly define the four main farmers, businesses, rural intermediary organizations and the government for agricultural development cycle, from the subject itself and running the internal mechanism of the agricultural cycle perspective, the establishment of the framework of theoretical analysis of the main decision-making behavior of circular agriculture research perspective than ever with the expansion and innovation. Use a structural equation model, the data field surveys of farmers, the establishment of a \the efficiency of production technology and government influence factor, enterprise impact factor, rural intermediary organizations impact factor and farmers characteristics factor calculated on; then various influencing factors as independent variables and to the farmers technical efficiency as the dependent variable, and established a \efficiency exogenous determinants regression model \

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