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Linear collider four-body final state QCD corrections research process

Author: GuoLei
Tutor: MaWenZuo
School: University of Science and Technology of China
Course: Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics
Keywords: Infrared divergence Standard Model Renormalization Lap Point function Phase space Gauge bosons Quark Radiative corrections Generating process
CLC: O572.214
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Although the current standard model has achieved great success, but it is theoretically still exist problems such as poor grades and many other issues, which we believe is a more basic standard model theory approximation at lower energies. Unfortunately, given the standard model gauge bosons and fermions mass Higgs boson so far has not yet observed experimentally. These problems need to rely on higher energy collider experiments under. Future International Linear Collider (ILC) is designed as a landmark in the TeV energy run under positive - negative electron, photon - photon and electron - photon collision modes such collider. Running with the upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) compared, it can provide a cleaner signal. Therefore, the ILC can accurately verify the standard model theory and the search for new physics phenomena. Since Higgs boson has not been found, so the Higgs particle is the ILC direct observation of the most important goals. The top quark due to its great quality, some of the top quark physics phenomena related to the new physics is very sensitive, so the ILC top physics research is another important task. In this paper, we study the ILC t (?) B (?) And W Wb (?) Generation process. t (?) b (?) generating instances of the probe includes an important process Yukawa coupling t (?) H generated in the signal and the background, and W Wb (?) generation process contains HZ signal, t (?) The bottom of the signal as well as other. These two processes for Higgs physics and top physics research has important implications. We calculated these two processes leading order and NLO QCD contribution. In this thesis, the main innovation of the study are as follows: ● In the high energy of the collision, the future colliders will have a large number of physical processes in the s channel down effect, these processes will be the main contribution comes from the t or u Tao Tao . To our knowledge, the general four-body phase space points calculated by Monte Carlo procedures are based on the repeated use of factorization formula four-body phase space factor into multiple two-body phase space approach to product integration, this method s Road can be a good deal dominant situation, but for t u Road Road or dominant process is not very effective. In the latter case, we have established a new four-body final state phase space integral Monte Carlo method to calculate t u Road Road or dominant process. ● In our complete four-body final state processes lap correction calculation will encounter six scalar and tensor integral function calculations. Prior to this only in Germany A.Denner, who had given the following six functions include third-order calculation. As a result, we will be extended to six four-order functions, and also independent deduced another six scalar and an order to the fourth order tensor function is calculated and tested two methods to do with each other, the result is consistent. Ultimately we focused on different regions of phase space that combines two approaches developed a complete six scalar and tensor (an order to the fourth order) function calculations. ● In the multi-body final state (n> 2) the calculation process, people often encounter unstable particle resonance problems. For the treatment of unstable particle resonance, there are many traditional methods such effective Lagrangian method and the narrow width approximation and so on. But in the NLO contribution included in the calculation if the direct use of these treatments will not be able to protect Wang gauge invariance. So we used in the calculations in one-loop order gauge invariance of the complex on the quality assurance program (CMS) to handle the unstable particle resonance problems. And we need to be based on CMS programs lap integral function expression analytic continuation to the complex plane quality, and the development of complex calculations include the quality of lap integral function procedures.

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