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Study on the Sky Luminance Distribution Model by Information Methods

Author: HeZuo
Tutor: ChenZhongLin
School: Chongqing University
Course: Building Science,
Keywords: The sky luminance distribution Information Act Ant Colony Algorithm Sky Categories Sky brightness measurements
CLC: TP399-C3
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The growing tension in the energy, make full use of natural light, and the pursuit of Ecology and Sustainable Development, to save electricity for lighting, has a very important significance. Buildings take advantage of natural light is the most important factor is the sky brightness distribution of the sky brightness distribution law became the main object of study of natural lighting. The systematic analysis predecessors about the sky brightness distribution model based on the use of information law to study the sky luminance distribution model theoretically sky brightness distribution model only with the zenith brightness conversion factor, the zenith luminance conversion factor only depends the size of the solar elevation angle, has nothing to do with the geographical universality. That theoretically requires only one data can provide a new approach and a new way of thinking, this is for us to study the sky brightness distribution, and the result will be the architectural lighting design, building energy efficiency and fully rational The use of solar energy to produce a great impact. Important conclusions starting from the basic theory of atmospheric radiation, sky brightness from the scattering and absorption of solar radiation in the atmosphere and the dominant parameters that affect the sky brightness is the extinction coefficient (or optical thickness), the single-scattering albedo, and phase function , which laid a theoretical foundation for the study of the sky brightness distribution. The sky is sky type as little as possible on behalf of numerous changes in the real sky, to facilitate the lighting design and lighting, a comparative analysis of various climate state reference sky with the actual sky conditions, a clear reference to the sky with real The relationship between the sky. Affect the atmosphere of the sky brightness optical parametric analysis, and based on the atmospheric the equivalent model assumptions, the mathematical expression proposed of Information Act sky brightness, and at the same time to determine the characteristics of the expression parameters and climatic conditions, changes in the scope and trends. This provides the basis and premise for sky classification and the use of the Information Act sky brightness distribution. In this paper, the multi-city accumulated over the years, large-scale optical test data of climate observations through the sky brightness distribution of the sky meteorological parameters proposed reference sky classification standard, namely through the solar day surface conditions, sky conditions (cloud cover) and horizon to the zenith luminance gradient condition, the sky type is divided into six categories. This classification method is easy to observe, and easy to distinguish, can be more accurately reflected in the sky type, and avoid the the existing CIE Usually sky brightness standard classification obscure defects. Information Act reference sky model adjustment factor a, b, c, d and e of the sky brightness distribution, research and analysis, approximate range under different sky type conditions, provides the basis for the sky brightness model of Information Act parameters. In this paper, a new heuristic algorithm - ant colony algorithm for solving complex optimization problems to study the sky brightness model, ant colony algorithm with intelligent search, global optimization, robustness, distributed computing, and easy to combine with other methods advantages. Analysis of the impact factor of the sky brightness through the ant colony algorithm optimization sky brightness relative distribution coefficient values ??of expressions. Also developed a handy set of sky brightness model calculation software, providing intuitive and convenient means of computing. Also studied the the digital the camera tests sky brightness test methods; octopus-eye lens use after calibration of digital cameras on the the sky hemisphere shoot test, and the self-developed image processing system of record Sky luminance data information extraction. Are compared of Information Act to obtain the theoretical model calculated by actual measurement data, the error is small, this is undoubtedly the use of natural light, architectural lighting design, high accuracy and standardization work provides both theory and use valuable results. The paper's innovation lies the: ① paper proposes a new classification standard sky type is divided into six categories, the new classification standard to solve the fuzzy classification of languages, to facilitate the practical application of existing CIE standard used to describe the sky features. (2) for the first time the use of a new heuristic algorithm - ant colony algorithm for solving complex optimization problems to study the sky brightness model, optimization solving the sky model parameter values, and on this basis to develop a the sky model calculation system, experience permit the model has a high accuracy. ③ Research using a digital camera and the luminance of the octopus lens meter composed of the image processing system, can be easily measured sky brightness Get sky brightness test the distribution of brightness values. The system is easy to use and high accuracy.

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