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Dynamic Numerical Simulation Analysis on the Surrounding Rock Mass Stability of the Huge Underground Cavities in a Deep Cutting Gorge

Author: HuBin
Tutor: ZhangZuoYuan;TaoLianJin
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Geological Engineering
Keywords: Dynamic Numerical Simulation Stability of surrounding rock Underground caverns FLAC3D The FLAC3D former handler Ground stress field Deformation field Plastic zone Surrounding rock quality Initial Stress Field for Excavation order Xiluodu hydropower project Deep canyon
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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Numerical simulation method to study the stability of underground caverns has obvious advantages, has increasingly become an integral part of the stability of quantitative evaluation method. This article closely integrated Xiluodu hydropower project large span, high sidewall complex underground powerhouse caverns, in the process of excavation and excavation surrounding rock stability study this major issue, detailed geological investigation work and a large number of basic geological collation and analysis of data on the basis of the latest international engineering geology profession recognized common software FLAC 3D 2.0 as the basic computational tools, starting from the ground stress field of the entire dam area, through the dynamic numerical simulation analysis of this new simulation ideas to study the characteristics and evolution of the stress field of multi-stage deep canyon area, and thus the whole process of excavation on the left, on the right bank underground powerhouse caverns surrounding rock stress, deformation field and plastic damaged areas of the variation, the whole process of dynamic numerical simulation study and detailed discussion of the quality of the surrounding rock, the initial stress field of the excavation sequence surrounding rock stability of large underground caverns. Through the study, we made the following new developments and understanding of: (1) to further expand and enrich the original idea of ??the numerical simulation methodology. Explicitly dynamic numerical simulation analysis of three basic components: the control and analysis of the simulation model - the simulation process design - the result output. Every part of the engineering-geological conditions and rock mass deformation and failure closely together, a dynamic simulation of the numerical simulation is a the entire geological process and the process of human engineering activities, the calculated results and continue to receive field geological information and rock mass interactive dynamic analysis of deformation and failure of signs of repeated coupling process. (2) the FLAC 3D the 12 initial unit network model (Primitive Mesh) based on software provided independently developed FLAC 3D former handler ( FLAC 3D Pre-processing Package), successful modeling automation, greatly improve work efficiency, and reflect the real topography, geomorphology computing model, greatly improving the calculation accuracy and reliability degree, a new breakthrough in the modeling technology, design ideas worth learn from similar software. New ideas (3) in accordance with the dynamic numerical simulation using FLAC 3D the software and FLAC 3D Pre-processing Package, the establishment of a deep canyon area simulation simulation, design a more reasonable simulation program, to control the output of the results, to reproduce the canyon stress field characteristics of the formation of four developmental stages of the process, and Canyon area of ??stress field evolution of a dynamic system of research and analysis, the research analysis to solve the problems that exist Xiluodu deep canyon area situ stress field, and provide a reliable basis. (4) in accordance with the dynamic numerical simulation of new ideas based on engineering geological conditions of surrounding rock in underground caverns and engineering design, system large span of surrounding rock after the the high sidewall underground caverns excavation completed secondary The variation of the distribution characteristics of the stress field, deformation field and plastic collapse, the stress field in the surrounding rock in the excavation process, the deformation field and the plastic damage zone. A comprehensive summary of the Xiluodu hydropower left, Right Bank Underground Powerhouse Caverns stress, deformation and destruction zone distribution characteristics and variation provides the basic data and the theoretical basis for the caverns stability evaluation and construction design. (5) closely integrated Xiluodu Right Bank Underground Powerhouse Caverns engineering geological conditions and engineering design, the first in-depth discussion of the quality of the surrounding rock, the initial stress field of excavation sequence surrounding rock stability of large underground caverns impact. (6) by a more in-depth analysis of the measured stress data, summarize the basic variation of the stress field of the Xiluodu deep canyon area. Think in the area of ??the canyon, the bottom of the valley of the river, the minimum horizontal stress magnitude generally increases linearly with increasing depth features, but its coefficient of linear equations a 1 , a 2 , b 1 , b 2 , with low high surface elevation or Chengdu University of Technology Engineering Doctoral Dissertation, 20 () valley erosion thickness shades varies; bank slope of the mountain there is only the stress decreases relatively smooth area and no obvious stress increased area of ??the zone and stress, and stress reduce the relatively stable area of ??the zone and the stress of the dividing line in the level of depth of between 135 ~ 165m. In the area of ??stress is reduced, the magnitude of ground stress increased significantly with increasing level of depth of; in the stress relatively smooth area in addition to a. The variation outside, a. ,. ; Magnitude is relatively smooth. Dynamic numerical simulation results have also been verified.

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