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Research on the Government Procurement Theory and Practice

Author: LiGuoQiang
Tutor: XuChuanZuo
School: Jilin University
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: Government procurement system reform Theory of government procurement Practice Research Governments of developed countries Process Management Supply of public goods Government macro-control International rules on government procurement Procurement process Government Procurement Law
CLC: F811.4;F812.45
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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This paper is divided into seven parts: The first part of the introductory section. Including issues raised, the theoretical basis of this study and the research methods and theoretical innovation. January 1, 2003 the \Practice shows that our reform progress has yielded great results, but with the implementation of the requirements of the Government Procurement Law, there are still a considerable gap. If these problems can not be resolved, it will affect the government procurement system reform's healthy development. After the implementation of the Government Procurement Law, the country should establish what kind of government procurement system, and how to effectively implement this system, related to China's government procurement system reform work in its totality, is currently the most important issue that must be addressed. I once worked for many years in government procurement, government procurement profound sense of the drawbacks and shortcomings. The author believes that the government procurement system developed to study and learn, explore building for China's socialist market economy, the government procurement system is a pioneering work, has important theoretical and practical significance. Government procurement is part of government expenditure, therefore, expenditure theoretical research for government procurement are applicable. Meanwhile, government procurement because of the characteristics of a public nature, so the rent-seeking public economics theory and externality theory also applies to government procurement of research. In this paper, the use of comparative law, positive law, icons, France and other analytical methods, the empirical analysis and normative analysis of the combination. The theoretical innovations are the following: 1. Choice of perspective innovation. The author from the public choice perspective to examine the implementation of government procurement; with public spending growth theory to explain the constant expansion of government procurement; through public goods lt; WP = 231 gt; analysis of externalities to illustrate the implementation of government procurement play the role of government macro-control is an effective means and ways; using rent-seeking and rent-setting theory to analyze corruption in government procurement produces and presents through institutional innovation to curb corruption. These research perspectives in the study of domestic and foreign government procurement are cutting-edge, but also conforms to China's reality. 2. I believe that the merits of the effect of government procurement can be defined as the quality of government procurement, while the government procurement understood as a process (Process), this process involves determining procurement requirements from forecast procurement risk, selection and implementation of procurement methods to conclude and performance of the procurement contract, acceptance, settlement, benefit assessment, audit and supervision processes and procedures constituted. The government procurement management is the management of the government procurement process, which is a kind of process management, process management and the pros and cons of this decision is good or bad quality of government procurement. The second part, government procurement overview. Brief understanding of the concept of government procurement and define the characteristics and types of government procurement, government procurement functions and principles. The third part, government procurement and public expenditure management. Starting from the analysis of public goods, come to the government is the main supply of public goods, and government procurement of government to achieve public goods supply main way of conclusion. This section also analyzes the economic benefits arising from the implementation of government procurement. Government procurement is an extension of government functions, government procurement activities must be emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency of government procurement activities should be an important principle to follow. As an important tool in the government's macroeconomic regulation and control, the pursuit of efficiency of government procurement market sector are pursuing the same benefits are essentially different. The effectiveness of government procurement with other public sector efficiency, as both internal efficiency, there are external benefits are economic, political, and social benefits of unity and diversity and variability characteristics. This is our evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of government procurement basis. During the inspection of the market failure and government failure, you can conclude that the market play the role and efficiency of the implementation is under certain conditions can be established. Therefore, public choice theory suggests that, in the actual economy, the need for government intervention. Government intervention also exists a loss of efficiency and transaction costs constraints. Government procurement practices in government spending is an important part of its use of market means to play the role of government, to avoid the blindness of the market and the government lt; WP = 232 gt; bureaucratic resistance, is an effective mode of operation . In recent years, government procurement growth year after year, which triggered the growth of public spending. The reason is due to social changes in demand, changes in the organization of production of public goods, public goods quality, demographic changes, changes in the price of various inputs such as the impact caused. The fourth part, government procurement management system. I believe that the merits of the effect of government procurement can be defined as the quality of government procurement, while the government procurement understood as a process (Process) and government procurement management is the management of the government procurement process, which is a kind of process management, which species merits of the decision process management The quality of government procurement. How to build a sound quality management system for government procurement as well as the evaluation of this system is that we pay attention to the issue. The fifth part, government procurement and anti-corruption. Ours is market economy countries, government procurement in non-standard behavior, due discretion and rent-seeking exist, it is easy to produce a kind of \In the government procurement activities, the government ordering itself is a scarce resource, because not every vendor can purchase to get government contracts. If at this time the competition is not market-oriented, so some companies it is possible to achieve the government capture: setting is not conducive to competition or barriers to, or artificially improve market access standards, or to capture some aspects of those businesses convenience in order to gain a great deal. Which will lead to the occurrence of corruption. I believe that the solution to this problem lies in the government procurement system innovation, the establishment of clean and efficient government, to reduce opportunities for corruption. Part VI, developed comparative study of government procurement. Through the world's developed countries comparative study of government procurement, government procurement draw improve our management system the general idea. Part VII, international government procurement and the Chinese government procurement strategy and practice. After joining the WTO, government procurement is facing the challenges of globalization, the globalization of government procurement is accompanied by economic globalization and international trade integration and globalization of business acquisition and development arising. And with the development of information technology, the Internet between the government and the society in general applications, networking and government procurement increasingly electronic, the government procurement?

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