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A Study on Stability Reliable Degree of Anchoraged Rock Mass & Soil Mass and Its Application

Author: PengWenXuan
Tutor: LiuDongYan
School: Chongqing University
Course: Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords: Anchored in rock mass Anchored Soil State function Reliability of Stability
CLC: TU457
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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This paper studies the the geotechnical stability ANCHORED state reliability. Given the conventional geotechnical stability analysis methods, such as slice method, the limit equilibrium method, are built on the basis of a large number of assumptions and simplifications, the same time, according to the study on the bolt mechanism, anchor slip body eventually anchoring The performance of the role is to change the slip plane of the stress and strain state analysis of bolts on the sliding body anchoring For Bolting state of rock and soil from stress, strain angle plays prestressed anchor shaft additional stress to the role, rather than the prestressed anchor The landslide anchoring role is mainly to provide axial strain constraints. Such of prestressed bolt and prestressed anchor will greatly limit state function, thereby determining the overall reliability of the supporting rock will also be different. Therefore, according to the conventional deterministic theory to determine the limit state function is not accurate; numerical analysis calculations are more accurate, but must go through a very tedious calculation process is directly applied to the reliability analysis is not ideal. Therefore, the focus of this study is to determine a more reasonable rate anchor rock and soil stability calculation model, the model must be more accurately simulate the stress-strain characteristics of the rock and soil plus anchor state must be able to guarantee between rock and soil anchor deformation coordination BOLT the prestressed state or non-prestressed state must fully reflect the impact on the reliability index, on the other hand must be easier to facilitate reliability analysis and calculation. (1) This article will anchor the reliability index as a separate mechanical body bearing reliability, and bolt bearing reliability index is divided into the design phase and construction phase. Bearing reliability study of the anchor in the design phase, the first from the point of view of the bearer status with the destruction process analysis anchor anchorage mechanics mechanism, the study focuses on the simulation of the bolt within the anchoring segment of the contact interface stress transfer partial destruction relative slip this construct a nonlinear contact model and numerical analysis is based on the anchor sector, analysis of the mechanical mechanism of the bolt from the point of view of carrying state and failure process, according to the analysis of the results, determine bolt method of calculation of the bearing capacity of soil anchor and rock bolt and bolt bearing reliability function of the state established on the basis of this analysis, the reliability calculation of specific examples of projects; construction the stage anchor bearer reliability, less actual test samples on the basis of the analysis of the field test data, the introduction of random - fuzzy theory and limited comparative KS (Kolmoglov) test method was established to determine bolt carrying capacity mathematical probability model. (2) of Anchored Soil, taking into account the limit equilibrium stability analysis stable anchor in a simulated soil analysis in theoretical deficiencies: (1) can not simulate the relationship between the soil load support variable bit ② can not simulate The relationship between the soil displacement and bolting force, the article identifies a comprehensive theory of limit analysis method of slices, block limit equilibrium method theory stability calculation model. The model soil may slip and failure modes can be, and the extension of the bolt and the displacement of the supporting structure coordinated by Powell (Powell) method to optimize search Anchored Soil limit state reliability index. Established model can be more reasonable simulation plus anchor soil stress - strain model fitting with the the Sarma method and Coulomb theory also can easily simulate layered soil the I lt; WP = gt; Chinese Summary (3) plus anchor rock mass of the rock mass is divided into apparent slip plane exists and there is a disjoint structure surface of the rock mass analysis, there are obvious continuous slip surface of the rock mass plus anchor, the paper studies the this type of rock mechanical shape, pointed out that the conventional deterministic analysis model is not reasonable simulation of the stress of the rock mass structure surface uneven distribution of slip surface damage gradient state. On this basis, according to the principle of minimum potential energy to determine a comprehensive consideration of the displacement of the sliding surface local gradient of the sliding surface damage and slip plane displacement and bolt anchoring force to coordinate the reliability analysis model. Rock mass containing discontinuous structure surface plus anchor, we did not build a new mechanical calculation model, but the conventional model based on the appropriate adjustments to the reliability calculation, plus anchor on rock stability and reliability indicators. (4) plus anchor state, including rock and soil destruction and instability, including rock and soil is a whole system, geotechnical instability, the destruction of the bolt, the paper proposes a \concept, plus anchor geotechnical progressive destruction of the body, and stable reserves for further analysis. (5) Ditlevsen method to analyze a variety of failure modes, failure mode, its reliability plus anchor geotechnical overall stability.

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