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Author: WuTaNa
Tutor: HeXiGe
School: Central University for Nationalities
Course: Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords: the Romance of the Blue History the source of historical materials literary quality
CLC: K206
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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This piece of dissertation by the ways of historical materials’ analysis in the science of documents and the study in the influence of comparative literature, on the basis of the reference of the achievements in the studies of the predecessors, took the Romance of the Blue History as topic, picking up its feature that inherited and developed the national tradition of science of history, absorbed some Chinese historical materials and views of science, to analyze and distinguish the sources of the historical materials in it, this book and some relative works’ literal characteristics, and determined the value of this book from the views of historical materials and literature.The Whole piece consists of 5 parts.Preface, the significance of choosing this thesis, the general situation of the research in this field, theory, methods of study and explanations to the text studied. Romance of the Blue History is the first work of full-length novel in the Mongolian literature history. It inherits the Mongolian historical documents from the 13th century to the 17th and 18th century. This work is a new chapter in the Mongolian literature history. Romance of the Blue History inherited and developed the tradition of Mongolian historical documents and, on the other hand, absorbed the Chinese historical sources and literature legacies. All these made it a book of new form of literature in the Mongolian literaturehistory.Nowadays, Romance of the Blue History has been the most important part of the study of Injanashi. The spots of study of predecessors were chosen in mainly the editions, literature characteristic, philosophy thoughts and the Mongolian and Chinese literature relationships, but hardly any researcher studied it in view of the science of historical documents. The author thinks that studying in this field can make the sources of the historical materials in this book clear, and that we can penetrate the history and literature characteristics of this novel easily. So they tries to do something that haven’t been done by others.Chapter 1, the Romance of the Blue History and the Secret History of the Mongols—the Mongolian annalistic history in the 13th century. Section 1 described Romance’s inheriting from the Mongolian tradition of science of history embodied in the Secret History of Mongols from view of legitism and the form of history. Section 2 compared the significant affairs and campaigns described in the two books and tried to discuss the inheriting relationships of the Romance from the History. Section 3 went on to discuss this topic from the view of the folklore literature materials and ways of telling stories.Chapter 2, the Romance of the Blue History and the Mongolian annalistic histories of the 17-18th centuries such as The Golden Summary by anonymous, The Golden Summary by Lubsangdanjin, The GreatYellow History, The Precious Summary, The Thousand-spoked Golden Wheel, discussed the influence of Buddhism, the honorary title of Chingis Khan and the fairy tales and poems in the works.Chapter 3, the Romance of the Blue History and the Chinese historical works : the History of Yuan, the Great History of Yuan and Continuation of the Summary of the Comprehensive Mirror in the Aid of Governance, discussed the absorbing from the Chinese historical works from Confucianist tradition and its view of history, form of annalist history and the way of remembering the years, and then analyzed the absorbing from the Chinese historical materials from the view of the affairs of the great persons of the period of the Great Mongolian Empire including the campaigns against the West Xia and the Jin kingdoms.The end part summarized the sources of the historical materials in the Romance, the material values of them and the literature characteristics of the work from the two views of the Mongolian historical biography literature and the Chinese historical works.

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