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Research on Rapid Loading and High Precision Automatic Operating & Aiming System of a Certain Canister Multiple Rocket Launcher

Author: ZhuYuChuan
Tutor: MaDaWei
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords: Multiple Rocket Launcher Container Fire Rapid Loading Electro-hydraulic Proportion Sliding Mode Control Compound Control
CLC: TJ393
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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To cater for the development of multiple rocket launcher (MRL) and the demand ofmodern warfare, the present dissertation starts from the endeavor to meliorate themaneuverability and the precision strike capability of MRL and tackles the problems of itsrapid loading and its highly precise automatic operating & aiming system. By means ofsystem design, theoretical analysis, computer simulation and experimental research, etc.,the dissertation applies the contemporary electro-hydraulic proportion control technologyand non-linear sliding mode variable structure control(VSC) theory to the rapid loader andthe high precision automatic operating & aiming system of a certain container rocketlauncher. This results in an improvement of the loading speed and accuracy of MRL by abig margin and makes it possible to ensure the positioning and tracking accuracy when theMRL positioning servo-system is under such circumstances of strong disturbance and widerange of parametric variation.The dissertation sets forth the design scenario of holistic container loading usingcontainer fire technology against the contradiction between the MRL loading speed andreliability; and carries out a three-dimensional study of the tough points that the loadingsystem covers; nullifies the contradiction between the fast movement of the hydro-cylinderand the highly accurate positioning by way of the PLC-based electro-hydraulic proportioncontrol technology; realizes the reliable shift and locking of the container usingpneumatic system; and realizes the programmed actions of the container and thevisualization of the system operation in the loading process using the touch-screentechnology.In the dissertation, the author conducts a detailed analysis of the load characteristics ofthe MRL positioning servo-system and a qualitative analysis and a quantitative computationof the laws of its parametric change and load moment actuation; and designs on this basisthe drive controller of the MRL system and puts forward the control scheme of the MRLAC positioning servo-system.The dissertation puts forward the unified slide mode control scheme of the velocityloop and position loop in the MRL AC position servo-system and applies the optimal slidemode VSC with integral to the effort of the applied design of MRL high precisionautomatic operating & aiming system; testifies by theoretical analysis that the controlscheme may well enhance the control accuracy of MRL in the circumstances of theparametric change and disturbance; and validates the robustness of the method viacomputer simulation. In the view of switch control characteristic of VSC and control retardation, the existence of chattering inflicts a notable adverse effect upon the systemactual application. The dissertation designs the disturbance observation and conductsfeed-forward compensation to weaken the switch control amplitude and thus weakens thechattering of the slide mode VSC; and verifies its validity via the computer simulation. As aresult, the contradiction is nullified between the MRL positioning servo-system’s widerange of parametric variation, the existence of strong disturbance moment and the highlyprecise gun positioning.The dissertation puts forward the cascade compound control scheme of velocity loop andposition loop for the MRL AC positioning servo-system. This scheme makes it possible toactuates the current control, velocity control and position control separately and toconstitute a three-loop cascade control structure; studies systematically in detail the fourtypes of the cascade compound control structure via the valid combinations of the PIcontrol, feed forward control and slide mode control; zeros the positioning error in dynamictracking by the feed forward control; and levels up the robustness of the system in dynamictracking in the circumstances of the parametric variations and disturbance by way of theslide mode control. Against the chattering of the cascade slide mode control, thedissertation weakens effectively it via the integral and compound control, whose validity istestified finally via computer simulation; and thus solves the problems of the MRLpositioning servo-system wide range of parametric variation, the existence ofstrong-disturbance moment and the highly accurate dynamic tracking of the target.Finally, the dissertation conducts a model machine experimental research on the entiresystem and an experimentation on the loading speed, the loading time span, the operationalstability and reliability of the varied loading modes. The results of the experimentationshows that this loading system has not only realized the designed objective, but alsoachieved high reliability of loading; an experimentation of the automatic operating &aiming system in terms of classical control, compound feed forward control and compoundslide mode control. The experimental research proves effectively that the designed indexesof the system are reached and at the same time correctness of the system design scheme andthe effectiveness of the control arithmetic. In result, the instructive theoretical directions aremade possible for the further manufacturing of the system model machine.

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