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Measurement and Analysis on the Dynamic Characteristics of the Automatic Weapons

Author: WangChuanZhong
Tutor: LiaoZhenQiang
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Muzzle flame image Fire rate Ballistic trajectory coordinates Image-based measurement Image segement Level set method Stochastic differential equation
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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The paper was supported by one pre-research of an important national researchproject. The systematic study on the image-based measurement and analysis of thedynamic characteristics of the automatic weapons has been conducted. At the same time,the corresponding solutions, such as image-based measurement and analysis on the muzzleflame, the fire rate, the movement of the recession of tubes, the circumgyration of the tubegroup of Gatling weapon, the ballistic trajectory coordinates, the density and distribution ofthe shot of Gatling weapon are provided in the paper. The basic theory of imagemeasurement and analysis of the dynamic characteristics has been established and tested inthe research project. The multi-parameter and synchronized measurement based on theimage sequences has been proposed and testified. Furthermore, the Stochastic differentialequation (SED) model has been established and applied to the small sample test in thegun’s approval. The achievement of the paper:(1) The quantitative measurement and image segmentation of the muzzle flameimage based on the humane vision was proposed. The Mumfond-Shah active contoursegment is used in this method to segment the color distance image of the flame image,which is the application of the level set methods on the CIEL~*a~*b~* color space. It istestified to be effective and consistent in the automatic segmentation of the muzzle flameimage. The quantitative measurement includes the consideration of the intensity and thearea of the flame in the image, which can describe the difference on humane visionbetween two images. It can be used to in the quantitative measurement and evaluation ofthe property of the muzzle flame.(2) With the consideration of the same periodicity of the flame and the gun’s firingrate, the measurement of the fire rate, based on the image sequences of the flame has beenprovided which included the time-frequent analysis and the time-scale measurement of thewavelet analyzed signal. The measurement of rotary speed of Gatling gun’s barrels at themoment of first shot based on the image sequences has been included in this measurement.This measurement was applied to the estimation of the fire rate of the connected gatlingweapon, and then used to analyze the distribution caused by the characteristic of rotarybarrels.(3) A multi-parameter and synchronized measurement of gun’s fire characteristics onthe series of image sequences has been provided, which can be used in measurement of themovement, the fire rate, the muzzle flame, and so on. At the same time, the parameter measurement on varying boundaries based on the level set methods has been studied. Themeasurement of the movement has been applied to test the bi-dimensional movement ofthe recession of muzzles and recession of guns. The result of the parameter measurementtestified the dynamic model of Gatling weapon, which is a new method to testify thedynamic model of Gatling weapon.(4) During the dispersion test of automatic weapon, especially when non-fullsuperposition of ballistic trajectory holes happens on the small caliber ammunition, theseparable measurement of ballistic trajectory coordinates is one of the key problems in theautomatic dispersion measurement. Following the solution of this problem, theimage-based automatic measurement of the ballistic trajectory coordinate of the automaticweapons was proposed, including sequential-image-based measurement of the ballistictrajectory coordinate of the automatic weapons, and the group-hole-image-basedmeasurement of the ballistic trajectory coordinate of accumulated shots. The former can beused to test the high fire rate ballistic trajectory coordinate, and recognize the order of arunning fire shots, which provides an effective measurement on the dispersion and densityof a running fire with high fire rate.(5) An SDE model has been established for the test of the properties of automaticweapons, including the SDE for integral probability measure and probability measure. Themodel for small sample of automatic weapon’s approval test has been provided which isinitial used in the small sample tests of the reliability of automatic weapons and grenade’sproperties.

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