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Study on Geophysical Feature of Slope Failure and Its Application

Author: ZhangYuChi
Tutor: WenPeiLin;ZhangZhaoJing
School: Central South University
Course: Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords: Slope failure Geophysical model Geophysical feature Feature of resistivity response Feature of Rayleigh-wave dispersion curve response Tube wave Slope boundary detection Forecasting of slope failure
CLC: P642.22
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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The research of slope failure, which is one of the main types of naturaldisasters, has become a hot topic. Now geophysical method is mainly used forthe detection of slip plane or structural plane. Based on a new geophysicalmodel related to slope failure, the paper is devoted to geophysical fieldcharacteristic of slope failure and its application for the goal to extend itsapplication field from detecting in slip plane or structural plane of slope failureto evaluating and forecasting in stability of slope failure mass. This research hastheoretical and practical significance on scientific guidance of preventingdisaster.Referring to predecessors’ research results of slope engineering geologicalcharacteristic, the main physical properties and influence factors of slope werestudied. According to previous geophysical model, the evolution process ofgeophysical model about the slope from steady to deformation and to unsteadywas discussed, and new geophysical model of slope failure was proposed.Using resistivity as index and referring to the law about effecting of slopeto resistivity, the apparent resistivities of geophysical model concerned withunsteady soil, soil-rock and rock type slope failure have been calculatedsystematically by using the boundary integral equation method. After studyingto the feature of resistivity response of three types slope failure, the variety ofresistivity during evolution of slope from steady to unsteady was found and the characteristic marks of resistivity response about slope failure was concluded.These lead electrical exploring method (such as the distributed multi-electroderesistivity imaging method) for detecting the slip plane or structural plane ofslope failure, evaluating the stability of the slope, and forecasting slope failure tobecome true.The formula of fast scalar quantity transfer arithmetic of theRayleigh-wave dispersion curve has been calculated in the paper by the use oftransverse wave velocity and wave equation. The rationale of the fast scalarquantity transfer arithmetic is converting the matrix operation into scalarquantity operation, which can improve greatly the count velocity of theRayleigh-wave dispersion curve. The imitative calculation has been carried outin order to study the velocity and thickness of flabby stratum in slope and theinfluence of up-down straturh’s velocity to the Rayleigh-wave dispersion curve.These are establishment for studying the feature of Rayleigh-wave dispersion ofslope failure.The velocity and quantity of waves of primary phase Rayleigh-wave ofsoil, soil and rock, rock type slopes to slip have been calculated systematically.The feature of Rayleigh-wave primary frequency dispersion of three type slopesand the evolution law of Rayleigh-wave frequency dispersion of slope fromsteady state to unsteady state have also been concluded. Then, the phase velocity,wave number and frequency dispersion curve feature of Rayleigh-wave in theprocess of slope to slip were extracted. All these lead the method of Rayleigh-wave not only be used to detect the slip plane or structural plane ofunsteady slope, but also to evaluate slope’s stability and to forecast the situationof slope to slip.The influence factors of tube wave were analyzed by theoretical analysisand numerical computation, and the responses of tuber wave to sandstone,limestone, marl, and clay were studied. After simulative test in drill hole, thetube wave characteristics of sandstone, limestone, marl, and clay wereresearched, and the tube wave characteristics of a weak interstitial lay wasconcluded. The detection method by tube wave to weak interstitial lay inunsteady slope was first proposed.The good geologic result, validity of the theory and effect of the methodwere justified by practical application of single and synthetic methods, andremarkable social and economic benefits were achieved.

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