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Clinical Observation to the Curative Effect and Probing to the Mechanism of the Repainring Effects to the Gastric Mucosa for Jianzhongyuyangpian(JZYYP) on Gastric Ulcer

Author: TongShaWan
Tutor: LiuYouZhang
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: Jianzhongyuyangpian(JZYYP) Gastric ulcer(GU) Gastrin(Gas) Electrogastrogram(EGG) Therapeutics of TCM
CLC: R259
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Gastric ulcer(GU) is a multifactorial deep necrotic defect lesioninvolving the entire gastric mucosal depth and the muscularisn mucosae.It’s maim clinical manifestations include epigastric pain, belching andacid regurgitation, having poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, body weightreduction, patient’s condition severity supervention bleedingperforation pyloric obstruction canceration, for it seriously threatenthe human health. It has been proved that Jianzhongyuyangpian(JZYYP) isan effective antiulcer prescription which increases gastric ulcer healingrate and decreases relapse rate clinically. This thesis includes threeparts: the literature research clinical observation and animalexperiment.1. Literature researchThe term, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of GU have been studiedand drawn some certain conclusions by traditional Chinese medieine(TCM).GU belongs to the fields of "epigastralgia". the research data show thatThe occurrence of GU is affected by invasion into the stomach of exopathgen,improper diet, emotional disturbance, deficiency of spleen and stomach. GUin the early stage of the disease, the location is in the Qi, and later inthe meridians, the nature of GU mainly belongs to coexistence of deficiencyand excess, namely, the deficiency of spleen and stomach is a pathologicalbasis and accompanied by damp heat, Qi stagnation, phlegm and bloodstasis. GU is located in the stomach and related to the liver spleen closely. Syndrome differentiation and treatment, base prescription modificationand the fixation form of prepared drugs, associative of traditionalchinese medicine and modern medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion are maintherapeutic methods. At present, the main pattern of TCM anddifferentiation of diseases of modern medicine. Generally speaking, theeffectiveness of clinical teatment is satisfactory. Meanwhile, thetherapeutic mechanisms of Chinese medicine herbs in treating GU have beenwidely investigated, the data indicate that Chinese medicinal herbs havethe following functions: inhibiting acid and pepsin secretion, killingHelicobacter pylori(Hp), decreasing reactive oxygen speciesdamage, increasing mucus secretion, increasing prostaglandin E2concentration, and stimulating mucosal cell proliferation, but be empty ofmolecular biology probe into GU gastric mucosa damage repairase of Chinesemedicine herbs regulation mechanism of Mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA)repairas.In modern medicine, the etiology, pathogenesis, mechanism of drugaction and quality of ulcer healing of GU is due to the imbalance betweenaggressive factors and mucosal defensive factors. aggressive factorsinclude Hp infection, gastric acid, pepsin, NSAIDs, bile salt. mucosaldefensive factors have barrier of gastric mucosa, cell renewing ofmucosa, volume blood flow of mucosa, prostaglandin and gastrointestinalhormone. Hp infection, gastric acid, and impaired gastric mucosa defensivefunction are the most important factors, therapeutic druge for GU In modernmedicine is inhibitory gastric acid secretion druge, neutralizationgastric acid druge, anticholinergic drug, eradication Hp drug and gastricmucosa protective druge. Although therapies by histamine H2 receptorantagonists and proton pump inhibitors can bring about rapid healing ofGU, but discontinuation of these therapies may result in significantrecurrence of ulceration.2. Clinical observation(1)Observation objectsObjective evaluation in differ country and race of the treatmenteffectiveness evaluation of Jianzhongyuyangpian on the clinical symptoms,gastrin(Gas) in blood serum, electrogastrogram(EGG),guanine DNA(mtDNA)Glycosylas oxydase, with deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcer, and investigated the possible molecular biology probe into of the therapeuticmechanisms.(2)Observation methodsThirty-six patients with deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcerwere randomly divided into three groups, collecting in Vientiane Laostwelve cases in Jianzhongyuyangpian one group, collecting in GuangzhouChina twelve cases in Jianzhongyuyangpian two group and twelve cases inFamotidingjiaonang group. Jianzhongyuyangpian one group and two grouptreated with Jianzhongyuyangpian, Famotidingjiaonang group treated withFamotidingjiaonang. three group whole treated for Thirty day. The clinicalsymptoms, mensurate Gas, EGG and 8- guanine glycosylas oxydase mtDNAbefore and after the treatment were evaluated.(3)Observation resultsThe result indicated that Jianzhongyuyangpian one group and two groupcould markedly ameliorate of deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcerthe clinical symptom, such as epigastric pain, belching and acidregurgitation, abdominal distention and fullness, anorexia, loose stool,fatigue and lassitude so on (P<0.01).while the symptoms of nausea andvomiting, manifestations of tongue and pulse condition were also lightened(P<0.05). two group same of ameliorate of deficiency of the spleen qigastric ulcer the clinical symptom (P>0.05).and in ameliorate epigastricpain Belching and acid regurgitation, abdominal distention and fullnessthan that of the Famotidingjiaonang group (P<0.05). Jianzhongyuyangpianone group and two group is also could increase the amount of the Gas inthe blood serum (P<0.05), increase EGG parameter (P<0.05, P<0.01). couldmarkedly heightened 8- guanine glycosylas oxydase mtDNA (P<0.01).symptomcurative effect 100%,gastroscope curative effect 91.6% and 83.3%.twogroup same of curative effect.(4) ConclusionThe results of clinical observation indicate that JZYYP can markedlyremove most of clinical symptoms of differ country and race of the laosand guangzhou for treatment deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcer, getgreat curative effect, its mechanism of action maybe regulation of Gas,excitation vagal accelerate gastric emptying, heightened 8- guanineglycosylas oxydase mtDNA. It is worth to widely applied for the outstanding clinical effects.3. Experimental research(1)Research objectsObjective probing deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcer in ratstreated with JZYYP influence of Gas in the blood serum, and amelioratedeficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcer in rats of the avoirdupois, indexof gastric ulcer, intestine turgor happen.(2)Materrials and methodsUsing Xiaochengqitang add Xiaoyantong execute deficiency of thespleen qi gastric ulcer in rats forty Sprague-Dawley rats, twenty male andtwenty female. Ten of normality control group, Ten of deficiency of thespleen qi gastric ulcer model group, superalimentation with Physiologicalsaline;Ten of JZYYP group superalimentation with JZYYP Suspension;Ten offamotiding group superalimentation with solution, thirty days after allbe observed rats movement diet etc, and balance avoirdupois, mensurate ratsof Gas in the blood serum, using Okabe mensurate rats index of gastric ulcerobserved rats of the intestine turgor happen.(3)Experimental resultsThe result indicated that Jianzhongyuyangpian could markedly hoistGas in the blood serum of deficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcerin rats, markedly debase index of gastric ulcer, markedly ameliorateAvoirdupois and the intestine turgor, apiece index be differ fromdeficiency of the spleen qi gastric ulcer model group (P<0.01).(4)ConclusionThe results Mechanism effect of JZYYP be likely to regulation Gas inthe blood serum, reduce index of gastric ulcer, ameliorate intestine turgoroffer experiment thereunder of generalize use JZYYP treatment gastriculcer.

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