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The Research in Formation and Attribution of PTSD and Intervention Experiment for Medical Students

Author: YangXiaoYun
Tutor: YangLiZhu;JiangChao
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords: medical university students PCL-C post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) influence factor intervention experiment
CLC: R749.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the mental disorder caused by extreme,irresistible events which individuals have experienced or witnessed when they feel theoverwhelming fear, helpless or horrible, resulting in persistent reexperiencing of thetraumatic event, persistent avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma and numbingof general responsiveness, and persistent symptoms of increased arousal. PTSD is onlyapplied to mental trauma and stress, excluding physical trauma and stress. Such responsesoccurring relatively long time after stressful events are also called delayed stress reactions.The occurrence of PTSD has a great effect on the individual psychology and socialfunction. Especially in the furiously competitive modem society, with the increase ofstress-related events, the occurrence of PTSD is on the rise evidently. The research inPTSD can reduce the occurrence effectively and promote the health for people with stressphysically and mentally.The mental response of PTSD is because happenings are beyond the limits of senseof safety which has already been established by past experiences, individuals can notexplain that the brain loses control of bad results of happenings, thus resulting in mentalstress response. Traumatic stress research can be divided into the research of acutetraumatic stress and the research of chronic traumatic stress. Great disaster events canresult in acute stress disorder. The consequent response with delayed onset to traumaticevents and traumas caused by other life events can result in post trauma stress response.This research mainly explores post trauma stress response caused by traumas in daily lifeand stressful life events.From the viewpoint of developmental and educational psychology, taking medicalstudents as samples, this research, which combines qualitative analysis with quantitativeanalysis, has finished the standard measuring of PTSD for medical students, describing thedistribution features, and studying influence factors, especially the factor of personality,and intervention for medical students by the methods of questionnaire, experiment, interview, intervention, applying correlation, regression, factor analysis etc. This researchprobes the features of PTSD, influence factors and intervention experiment approaches foruniversity students in their daily life background.This dissertation consists of five parts:Part 1 is the literature summary and theoretical research concerning PTSD; Part 2 isabout the general thought, research issues and research significance; Part 3 deals with theformation, attribution of PTSD and the intervention experiment for medical students; Part4 is the comprehensive discussion; Part 5 displays the results and conclusions of theresearch. Among these, Part 3 is made up of the following 4 branch researches:Research 1. Revision of PCL-C. This research has revised The PTSDChecklist-Civilian Version, PCL-C. First of all, through the translation from English intoChinese, words of PCL-C are analyzed in order to make the Chinese version of PCL-C fitfor Chinese culture, language and value. Then by the method of groping factor analysis,the reliability and validity of PCL-C are tested and the structure of PCL-C is confirmed, sothat the Checklist is made sure to be reliable and valid. This offers effective measuringtools for the study of PTSD of Chinese medical students, and lays a foundation for furtherstudy of medical students’ PTSD.Research 2. The probe into the occurrence and features of PTSD for medical students.First adopting open questionnaire, with qualitative analysis, this research has studied thestressors and influence factors of PTSD for medical students. By using the revised PCL-C,the occurrence and distribution features of PTSD for medical students were investigated,providing the basis for the study of the relationship between medical students’ PTSD andtheir personality.Research 3. The research of the relationship between medical students’ PTSD andtheir personalities. Based on the investigation of traumatic events for medical studentsthrough open questionnaires, according to the results of PCTD-C, this research has usedmultiple linear regression to probe the relationship between medical students’ PTSD andtheir personalities, thus providing grounds for the intervention experiment for studentswith positive PTSD.Research 4. The research in intervention experiment for medical students with positive PTSD. According to the results of PCL-C, this research first determined thestudents with high scores as the objects in the intervention experiment. Then based on thedesigning principles of intervention experiment and the occurrence features of medicalstudents’ PTSD and influence factors, this research has designed the factors in theintervention experiment. Finally mainly in form of group intervention, and individualintervention as auxiliary form, the research of intervention experiment has been carriedout for those medical students with positive PTSD by cognitive intervention andbehavioral training. Thus the state of stress of students with positive PTSD has beenimproved; their health level has raised; and healthy personalities have been developed.Through the test of medical students’ PTSD, the description of distribution, the studyon the relationship with personality and the research of intervention experiment, we cancome to the conclusions as follows:1. The revised PCL-C has high reliability and validity. It can be used as a reliable andeffective measure to research in university students’ PTSD in China. PCL-C includes fourfactors: increased arousal response, avoidance response, persistent reexperiencingresponse, and absence of social function response, which are consistent with symptomdescription in the concept of PTSD and the checklist structure in researches abroad. Therange of reference value for clinic medicine is set down with the upper limit of P90 andcut-point of 38.2. Stressors come from the traumatic and stressful events that medical studentsexperience in their life which result in PTSD. By screening score of 38, the occurrencerate of PTSD among medical students is 13.3%, among whom the male account for 17.6%and the female account for 10.6%. The occurrence of medical students’ PTSD shows thegender difference as a whole. The occurrence rate of males is a little higher than that offemales. There is a significant gender difference between Grade 4 and Grade 5; theoccurrence of PTSD for medical students shows difference in grades as a whole. There is asignificant difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, with the highesttotal scores for Grade 2.3. There are many factors that influence the occurrence of PTSD among medicalstudents. Personality and social support can worsen or postpone the occurrence of PTSD. 4. In the study of influence factors of medical students with positive PTSD includingdemography, trauma, stressful events and personality, by using multiple linear regression,we discover that the major factors are as follows in turn: neuropicism-stability,psychopicism-superegofunctioning, adaptation to environment, extraversion-introversion,abuse and violence experience etc. There is a high correlation between the occurrence ofmedical university students’ PTSD and their personalities. Neuropicism-stability andpsychopicism-superegofunctioning in personality play an important role in the positiveoccurrence of PTSD.5. Cognitive and behavioral intervention methods can help to effectively improve thesymptoms of medical students with positive PTSD.6. With the method that combines test, correlation analysis, intervention traininginterview etc, the systematic research in measurement of medical students’ PTSD, thefeatures of occurrence, influence factors and intervention experiment makes for theprofound comprehensive understanding of basic regularities and features of PTSDoccurrence for common people, especially university students in their normal daily life.

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