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Jiangsu Athletics' lead in the development of scientific development research

Author: SunLeLe
Tutor: ChengChuanYin
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: Physical Education and Training
Keywords: Jiangsu Province Competitive sports Project Taking the lead in development Scientific Development Olympic Games National Games
CLC: G812.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Since the founding of New China, the Chinese competitive sports career from scratch, from weak to strong, especially since the reform and opening up is achieved historic breakthroughs and achievements, both from the the domestic National Games, the Asian Games in Asia or the Olympics and various individual events worldwide competitive sports in China have continued to write their own history and brilliant, can not do without these brilliant behind the development of competitive sports as an important part of the motherland, provinces and cities, particularly the development of competitive sports in Jiangsu, has been doing outstanding contribution to the national development of competitive sports the Beijing Olympics unprecedented Jiangsu Corps of performance: the number of gold medals ranked first in the country, made a number of entries, entries, entries achievements national contribution to \Achievements can not be separated from the lead in the development of the Jiangsu competitive sports, to explore its lead in the development of competitive sports, summed Jiangsu competitive sports project pioneered the development experience, improve the competitive sports project in Jiangsu Science and Development Strategies, continue to improve Jiangsu competitive sports level of scientific development, the further construction of the grand blueprint of the proposed construction of sports province by the provincial government, where is the purpose and significance of the thesis. In this paper, the literature data, network search method, statistical method, induction and deduction method, expert interviews, comparative study, logical analysis and research methods, from nearly seven Olympic Games and Recent National Games Medals data compared Jiangsu competitive sports medals at the Olympics, the project; compared Jiangsu competitive sports in the Games medals, scores, items, based on the problems of project development, summarize Jiangsu competitive sports lead in the development experience for Jiangsu competitive sports science, coordinated and sustainable development of their suggestions. Study concluded: (1) This project fencing Jiangsu only all participate in nearly seven Olympic Games project; (2) the Jiangsu Olympic athletes, coaches successive increase in the number of, Jiangsu Corps to participate in the Olympic Games, the scale growing ; (3) compared to nearly seventh Olympic Games in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Liaoning Province, Shandong Province, the contribution rate of Jiangsu Olympic gold medal is the second of the Olympic Games; (4) of Jiangsu delegation advantages of the project : gymnastics, badminton, table tennis (5) the first session of the National Games to the Eleventh National Games Jiangsu National Games champion over Baihua 38 years, achieved the second hundred took only 12 years the time; (6) 7-11 National Games from the total number of gold medals alone, Jiangsu ranked third, but the total number of medals in fourth place; (7) since the eighth National Games, nearly four score situation, Jiangsu ranked fifth, but if only from the Tenth, Eleventh National Games, Jiangsu Province ranked second big score of the Tenth National Games in Jiangsu the inflection point of the development of competitive sports, Jiangsu competitive sports into the national top three, not just the total number of gold medals, and the total score also entered the top three. (8) Jiangsu Jiang advantages of the project: track and field, fencing; advantages of the project: weightlifting, gymnastics, handball, boxing, international wrestling, judo, tennis, badminton, bicycles, rowing, taekwondo, diving, basketball, trampoline, Wushu; latent advantages of the project: table tennis, shooting, archery, sailing, volleyball, martial arts Sanda, hockey, swimming, modern pentathlon, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, soccer, equestrian horse racing, softball, beach volleyball, figure skating; the backward projects: windsurfing, water polo, skating, kayaking, triathlon, baseball, slalom, freestyle skiing. Development countermeasures and suggestions: (1) to continue to adhere to the scientific concept of development, coaches, athletes, and to optimize the development of sports school project, a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, the fundamental approach is to co-ordinate the Jiangsu Province of competitive sports, taking into account the project regional development and personnel training, to do scientific development. (2) remain Olympics project gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, judo, weightlifting, shooting, diving, Jiangsu Province, to participate in the Olympic Games in staff size can be increased on the existing basis; (3) in the Olympic Games project gymnastics, badminton , Table Tennis to continue to fight for the gold medal; (4) fight for the national Olympic contribution rate to continue to maintain the lead in the development of the good momentum; (5) remain the gold medal in the Games advantages, expand won a silver medal, bronze medal Medals point, to narrow the gap in the total number of medals and Guangdong, Shanghai; (6) in the Games continue to maintain a strong dominance of athletics, fencing, increase the advantages of the project: weightlifting, gymnastics, handball, boxing, international wrestling, judo the medal-tennis, badminton, cycling, rowing, taekwondo, diving, basketball, trampoline, Wushu's capacity and ability to score; (7) Games mining and to improve latent advantages of the project: table tennis, shooting, archery, sailing, volleyball, Wushu Sanda, hockey, swimming, modern pentathlon, rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, football, equestrian horse racing, softball, beach volleyball, figure skating medal-level and ability to score; (8) for windsurfing, water polo, skating, canoeing, triathlon, baseball, slalom, freestyle skiing behind the project, can be concentrated in the north to seek development, personnel training

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