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The Love Narration of War Novels of Chinese Contemporary Literature

Author: ZhaoQiPeng
Tutor: ZhuDeFa
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: war novel love narration modernity literature of Seventeen Years literature of the new era
CLC: I207.42
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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War and love are the most state of human being and important theme of literature. The expresses both particularity of each nation’s literature and human cultural psychology as a whole, tells life experience of individual and macroscopical survival fable of human, demonstrates the obvious feeling and subconsciousness of society, so it has grate values of thoughts and academy. This dissertation took love-narrative of war-novels which wrote about the modern war in 20th of contemporary China as object of study, it want to quest the complicated entanglement of war, love and literature.With thinking the literature of the“Cultural Revolution”as interim, this dissertation researched war-novels of Seventeen Years and new era. Taking anthropology, socillogy, psychology, narratology, archetypal criticism, Culture Studies and comparative studies as theory resource and research approaches,it combined macroscopic exploring and microcosmic scrutinizing from socio-cultural aspects and liter- esthetic. So it can make grand modernity and abstract human nature ascertained concretely on special period literature texts in many dimensions.This dissertation is divided into three major parts, altogether has eight chapters. Part one: exordium. It did the job on objects of study and conceptual boundary: war, war-novel, narrative, love-narration; brought forward the problems need to be solved. It elaborated the framework, method, and basis of theory, set forth the value and innovation on academy of the whole dissertation.Part two: main body. It is composed of two parts, which discussed the pattern of love-narration in war novels of Seventeen Years and the new era respectively. Each part resorted to the structure of“from result to cause”to Construct and demonstrate. This is its trace: narrative mode→narrative tactics→construct of aesthetic discourse→culture analyses and value deciding, such it formed symmetrical structure and interweaving between the two parts.Chapter 1 of first section: By analyzing to large amount of concrete texts, it summed up such revolutionary/war-companion style, male hero-folk woman style, class/ nation surpassing style, and licentious-forcible style of adversary as several representative and leading war/love styles narrative patterns, and then demonstrated the value stipulations effect of“class-determinism”political theory in them.Chapter 2: Based on analyzing following narrative policies:“limit situations”, love/ politics double enlightening relation, mulatto-cleaning narrative, triangle and polygonal love pattern, positive and negative mapping effect of mirrorimage, it pointed out how classism control over subject building, pattern establishing,plot developing of war/love narration in war novels of Seventeen Years literature, then it expounded how does the“class-determinism”decide the displacement between eros and politics of war/love narration.Chapter 3: Implying political indoctrination in love and good in beauty, is the traditional characteristic of Chinese culture aesthetic thought. Activated by Chinese historic cresses situation, and combined with the revolution poetics of Marxist, it promoted the local value orientation of aesthetics on war/love narration in war novels of Seventeen Years, construct up local war/ love aesthetic system, which took proletariat class conflicts, nation manner, and local utterance as core and important characteristic.Chapter 4: In philosophy cultural view, it studied on the repelling and assimilation tactics by which the current culture of Chinese and Western treated love utterance, from religion, sociology and psychology aspects. Analyzing conflicts between individual love and war regulation concretely in reality, it showed the deep appeal of society that how does main current want to construct modernity project with class struggle theory in radical mind-set. Taking Cultural Revolution as sums and transit, it told the significant effects on love narration war novels of 1950-1970 age and new era by radical trend of thought of class struggle theory and went down next part.Chapter 5(second section):This chapter expounded many-party talk context and pluralism state mainly. By perusing and scrutinizing a great amount of works, it summed up these types of love narration from the new era war novels: continuous writing, deconstructing writing, de-reconstructing writing, and philosophic rethought writing. On the basis, it probed into deep correlations and similarity in spirit and narrative mechanism between Seventeen Years and new era’s literature.Chapter 6: The most universal phenomenon on narration of new era war novels is politics desalting and body coming on the scene. The emerging of body ethics’narration expressed people’s eagerness to re-explain modernity.Chapter 7: Compared to political ethics aesthetics of“class-determinism”in Seventeen Years literature’s war/love narrative, the love narrative in war novels of new era showed Virtual and individual features of esthetics. This is Ontologization and aestheticization of literature utterance. It concreted in these area such as: deconstruct and washback to linearity notion of west modern space-time, namely the modern return cyclical theory and sadness of Chinese traditional culture; the polyphonic narrative about good and evil of human nature under rational view; the aesthetic participation of mysticism of region culture.Chapter 8: Combining the society situation and the writers’state, this chapter told that there are such contents in war novels of new era: reaffirmation about People’s justice in the name of class rationalism in the coming-back mind-set; the acclaim of individual desire under the influence of modern enlightening and lebensphilosophie; the expandation of nationalism feeling in public and mainstream ideology; liberalistic respecting to life caused from human being circumstances etc. These trends of thoughts impingemented and fused together, made the new era literature display“motley modernity face”.Part three: Epilogue. Compared altitude on aesthetics and deep extent on anthropology significance in framework of world-national literature, it reached characteristic of love narration of Chinese contemporary war novels, and pointed out its merit and shortage.In brief, the modern wars in various occasions since Chinese Revolution of 1911 played important role in the constructs process of modern national states and modern individual. It provided rich creative material and vast imaginary space for Chinese literature. Love narration of Chinese contemporary war novels made its own way on constructing trajectory and circumstances of Chinese modernity with literature utterance. The main current of Seventeen Years stipulated the course of China and Chinese modernity a simple linear development and ego demonstration of history nature. It looked upon this course as war result of Marxism that embodied social development nature in China, and it also was the revolutionary result of integrating and establishing on Chinese society by CCP who is an advanced strength and absolute truth representing.The love narration in war novels of this period was deemed perceptual certificate for the socialism class struggle theory. So that individual appeals for love were given secondary value by“class-determinism”. They can’t be other things but case for legitimacy of class struggle theory, or chips which existed in fragment or dogleg way in the gap of politics utterance after ideological forming, together with self complexity, vagueness and Irrational of history.Reform and opening in globalization context in the new era, stimulated new modernity anxiety of“presence”of China. This led personal love, life and death become preferential value which were oppressed before. Such, various thought cognition pattern and speaking mechanism accepted on significance of existence. Therefore, the love narration in new era war novels appeared reflection on radical trend of“class-determinism”, and aspiration for re-defining the modernity system in narrative state, tactics and aesthetic construction etc aspects. This indicated the transformation from Eutopia socialism of revolutionary age to worldly socialism of now in present Chinese society.

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