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Institutional ontology

Author: YangWeiMin
Tutor: XuWeiXin
School: The Central Party School
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: the philosophy of institution the thinking style of ontology three kinds of social forces balance expression
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Institution is important. Under the transforming in system of current Chinese society, formulating essential rules and regulations and system study are very important. The mode of philosophical thinking carried out to the self-research of system and thinking of upper ontology of system have not only the the practical or immediate significance guiding system deeply to carry out a shape but build to system but the theory significance having the Marxist philosophy being innovative.The aim of System ontology studies is that a common character can be abstracted from all system phenomenon , researching It’s happening process, analysing whose nature location , discriminating whose definition , the analytical whose structure, characteristic property and function,and inspecting whose operation , develop and change in a shape but upper pure abstract studies tier,and answering the basic problem of" what are these system " and "system to be". the main body of a book is a core concept being a premise according to establishing a logic , refining , such a train of thought studying developing concept.First, establish logical premise. Of the Marxist historical materialism, the same logic premise - people in reality, is used in The text, with the reality of people’s needs as the beginning. People’s needs are divided into security needs, material and spiritual needs of three basic aspects. Meet the needs of human exchanges between the acts took place in the individual, collective and national social from three levels. Therefore, the human individual, collective and national security are three levels of social, material and spiritual needs of three areas.Second, refining the key concept. Human society in three categories is to meet their basic needs in the process of mutual exchanges between the inevitable acts. By acts of will and behavior acts of exchanges can be classified as three basic types: First, the use of coercive manner, the second is the exchange of contacts and the third is based on recognized exchanges and voluntary acts . We put these three kinds of human society in the way of exchanges called mandatory role, the exchange mode of action and recognition of the role, and compared with the four force kind of physical nature , known as the three social force, that is compulsory force, the role of exchange And recognition of the force. Abstracted into a core concept - three social role of means (force), is the biggest innovation in the text. Just like the friction of The physical force of nature ,the social interaction of the three social forces have friction - exchanges cost (transaction costs). The three social role of means (force) is not alone in the role, but in the same or different levels of weaving, and mixing together to form Engels, the so-called "edge of the parallelogram" and "historical force together", three social forces of the infinite combination of a rich and colorful world of human social interaction.Finally, launched the concept of movement. According to the core concept of social role of the three ways (of) the interaction in the process of gradually produce relatively stable and orderly balanced state. These include mandatory balanced strength of the balance, cost-benefit balance and sharing of meaning and values of balance, and reality is the formation of a balanced portfolio of the social role of three ways .With a balanced state of constant repetition, people will be able to sense and awareness to such a state of balance, and such perception and awareness to the balance to a certain form of expression. These expressions include personal habits, and the collective customs, practices and the practice of countries or endorsement by the constitution, laws and regulations are made between people of various contracts, leases and so on. In our daily life in the Context of Chinese, which are often drawn up in the formal rules, written law called the "system."Therefore, the system is the expression of social forces and the social forces of standardization. System is the essence of the balance of social forces. the image is written rules system in daily life. Use of history and logic of the process of integrating description - Comprehensive abstract way, the system occurred in the course of that system and the abstract, to extract the essence of the system,and to give the definition, this is another innovation.The concept of movement to continue the process, the text of the system were made a static structure, features, functions and dynamics of the operation, development, and changes in the areas of research, and three kinds of social forces to be implemented in the system in the end. Three social forces in different areas, different levels of the system, played different leading role.the changes in the development of the system was decided by the three social forces.Conclusionly, the text of that system is a balance of social forces of the standardization system, including the role of balanced and the rules of the two. thus building the system of social force should be started from balanced development and standardization of the two parts.In particular, we should point out is that development and standardization of the sound will become a mere scrap of paper, a system failures and system virtual home phenomenon without a balanced force.

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