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Hierarchical treatment of Parkinson's disease clinical research

Author: MaLong
Tutor: MaYunZhi
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medical science
Keywords: parkinson’s disease(PD) Stratified treatment Senile Tremor clinical study Xi feng ding chan Pill(XDP) nourishing liver and kidney
CLC: R277.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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ObjectThe thesis is to study the feasibility of Chinese medicine treatment for early parkinson’s disease(PD). For patients with advanced PD, we adopted combination of Chinese and western medicine to observe the synergistic and attennated effect of Chinese medicine.MethodsThe tentative research was followed up in stratified, randomized and single-blind way. The patients were divided into the A, B and C three categories according to Hoehn & Yahr scale and clinical symptoms. The early patients(A)were given Xifeng Dingchan Pill(XDP) and madopar was used as a contrasting to treat UPDRS score, Tcm symptoms, quality of life and some other complicating disease. It was used to evaluate efficacy of single Chinese medicine and its side-effect. Medium-term patients(B)were given Xifeng Dingchan Pill(XDP) and madopar, and chose single madopar as a contrast to evaluate the result of Chinese medicine’s posion-reducing and increasing effectiveness from their UPDRS score, Tcm symptoms, quality of life and madopar usty. The later-term patients(C)were given Xifeng Dingchan Pill(XDP), madopar and Tai Shu da,at the same time used Mei Duo ba and Tai Shu da as a contrasting to treat to evaluate the advantage of combination between Chinese and western medicine from UPDRS score, Tcm symptoms, quality of life and some other complicating disease madopar and pilribedil sustained-release tablets. UPDRS score, TCM symptoms, quality of life.ResultsExperiment 1:Concerned with the movement symptoms,the efficacy of the two groups are equal. In TCM symptoms, the team of Chinese medicine is superior in general validity. In quality of life,the two groups are obviously different in general health status. In the treatment of complicated symptoms, the score of Chinese medicine was less than madopar group. The treatments of the two groups are safe.Experiment 2:In the movement symptoms, efficacy of combined group is superior to wester medicine group. In treatment group was better than the control group. Compared with the madopar simplely group,the score of UPDRS(ⅡⅢ) of combined group were better significantly. In terms of TCM symptoms, there was significant difference in the two groups, efficacy of combination of Chinese and western medicine was superior than western medicine simplely. The quality of life had improved obviously in combined group than in wester medicine group. The usage of madopar and treatment complications score of combined group were decreased, but western medicine group were increased. In evaluation of safety, The treatments of the two groups are safe. Experiment 3:In the movement symptoms, efficacy of the combined group was better than western medicine group. In terms of improvement of TCM symptoms, combination of Chinese and western medicine has obviously advantages over combination of western medicine. In quality of life, the combined group has obviously improved the patients. The treatment of combination of western medicine didn’t give any statistical meaning in patients’ache of body, vatality and improvement of psychological health.There is no statistical meaning in body function difference between the two groups. Treatment complications of treatment group was reduced. On the contrary, control group was rised.Conclusion1 The usage of Chinese medicine simply was safe and effective in the treatment of early PD patients. XDP has less side-effect than madopar.So the early PD patients(A)should use Chinese medicine instead of the western to treat.2 To medium-term patients(B), efficacy of combination of Chinese and western medicine was superior than western medicine simplely in motor symptoms, TCM symptoms and QOL. Madopar usty and treatment complications were decrease significantly in the combined group.3 TO patients with advanced PD(C), the treatment of combination of Chinese and western medicine is superior to western medicine simplely in increasing efficacy, improving the patients’symptoms and quality of life, at the same time it can decrease the side-effect. Chinese medicine intervention can not only nourish the patients’liver and reduce treatment complications but also improve their mental health.

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